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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 2, 1791 Knox discusses post bank notes with Sargent Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses post notes for pay of army.
July 21, 1794 Post Notes and Remittance of Money Jonathan Dayton Joseph Howell Methods of payment addressed in detail. Post notes remit in lieu of branch bank notes.
April 11, 1798 Missing Letter Containing Post Notes Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Willing Hodgdon is trying to find a letter, containing post notes and addressed to Thomas Holt, that appears to be missing. It now appears necessary to apply to the bank for payment of the amount of the notes.
January 3, 1800 Preference for Post Notes Instead of Checks Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Since he has had no difficulty in obtaining cash for post notes, Williams expresses his preference for receiving post notes for his department rather than checks on the Bank of New York. He asks that the notes not exceed five hundred dollars because of the difficulty in getting large bills changed.
August 1, 1800 $1000 in Post Notes Received One Day Late Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams declares that his anxiety was much relieved when he broke open the letter which enclosed one thousand dollars in post notes on account of the Armory. The letter was one day late because it was routed through Boston from the southward.
July 26, 1793 Post Notes and Arms Forwarded Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Per request, post notes forwarded. Requests communication on receipt of money. Arms and armaments forwarded. Cartouch boxes forwarded with all speed.
September 25, 1795 Acknowledged Receipt of Post Notes John Park Samuel Hodgdon In absence of Maj. Craig, Park acknowledged receipt of post notes in twenty dollar increments for use by Quartermaster's Department.
May 11, 1798 Missing Post Notes Samuel Hodgdon John Steele Hodgdon encloses the bank's answer to his inquiry regarding missing post notes.
August 28, 1795 Delivery of Post Notes Isaac Craig William Simmons Charles Anderson delivered post notes appropriated for the troops stationed at the upper posts of the Ohio river. Enclosed receipts.
September 12, 1800 Safe Arrival of Post Notes Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon $2000 and $700, both in post notes, on account of the Armory have safely arrived.
August 13, 1800 $2000 in Post Notes Received Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Two thousand dollars in post notes on account of the Armory have come to hand.
April 27, 1798 Payment of the Missing Notes Samuel Hodgdon Directors of the Bank of the United States Hodgdon asks the Directors to provide the specific reasons why they refuse to make payments for the missing post notes.
June 13, 1800 $1600 in Post Notes Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams has received sixteen hundred dollars in post notes on account of the armory. Hodgdon's letter of notice referred to as being put into the post office has not arrived.
May 5, 1799 Enclosed Receipts for Post Notes Isaac Craig Samuel Lewis Enclosed receipts for post notes issued. Duplicate copy sent to Accountant of War Department.
December 9, 1796 Use of Post Notes or Silver for Currency Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Post delivered five packages from Fort Franklin. Believed it best not to intervene with Treasurer issues relative to the money in the hands of Gen. Nevill. Suggested making exchanges of post notes for silver. Coffee and sugar on its way.
May 10, 1793 Delivery of Post Notes; Articles Wanting; Wabash Indians Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara Send $5000 in post notes, part of $40,000 in requisition. Asks for articles wanting, so as to prioritize the shipments. Wabash Indians under Captain Prior, left Philadelphia for Pittsburg in two four horse stage wagons.
October 7, 1800 Post Notes May Have Been Stolen Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon The two thousand dollars, sent in four post notes of five hundred dollars each, should have come to hand if they were routed through Boston. Williams is apprensive that they may have been stolen and recommends checking with the bank to stop payments should they have been presented for that purpose.
November 26, 1793 Letter to Quarter Master General with money enclosed Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Encloses letter to the Quarter Master General containing $10,000 in post notes. Directs that it be quickly transported to destination.
November 17, 1791 Enclosed Post Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig By order of Secretary of War, post notes from the Bank of America enclosed for use by Quartermaster Department.
November 4, 1800 $2000 in Post Notes Samuel Hodgdon George Simpson $2000 in post notes should be drawn in the name of Joseph Williams and payable fifteen days after November 4, 1800.
February 16, 1800 Certificate of Post Notes of 500 dollars each Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Two Post Notes of 500 dollars each in the name of Joseph Williams payable in seventy days. Signed by Samuel Hodgdon
April 16, 1800 Request for Post Notes for Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon George Simpson Request from Samuel Hodgdon to prepare $1000 in post notes for Joseph Williams payable twenty days after date.
January 27, 1792 Enclosed Post Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Per orders of Secretary of War, Howell enclosed $500.00 of post notes for the Quartermaster's Department. Request receipt.
October 2, 1800 Fear of an Accident Respecting the Post Notes Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams is alarmed that he has yet to receive the two thousand dollars in post notes and fears there may have been an accident.
December 2, 1791 Pay Enclosed Joseph Howell Jonathan Cass Post notes enclosed for one month pay of Cass and detachment under his command.