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April 2, 1791 Return of Brass Ordnance and Implements George Fleming Henry Knox Captain Fleming's return of Brass Ordnance and implements, sent to the Honorable the Secretary of War by his order.
September 10, 1794 Illegal shipment to West Indies Isaac Holmes Alexander Hamilton Informs Secretary Hamilton that the American schooner "Hawke" cleared Charleston port on May 16 for the port of St. Mary's during the period of the embargo, but instead of proceeding to her place of destination, she altered her voyage and illegally proceeded to a foreign port in the West Indies. Discusses the trial.
March 21, 1798 Articles Sent to Port Tobacco Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Dyson Letter, directs acknowledging receipt of stores sent to Port Tobacco.
September 4, 1800 Remit Sum by Treasurer William Simmons Archibald Creary Simmons notified Crary that the treasurer will send him a sum for the fortifications at New Port, RI.
February 17, 1798 Recommendation of Perth Amboy, New Jersey for Naval Port Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Judge Rattoone advised on depth of channel in Perth Amboy. Truxtun gave additional justification for the use of Amboy as a port for both commercial and military ships.
January 25, 1799 Fortifying the Port of New York John Jay Alexander Hamilton Governor Jay awaits Hamilton's advice before contacting the New York state legislature regarding fortifying the Port of New York.
August 9, 1789 Appointment as Collector for the Port of Boston Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln expresses his gratitude to Washington for his appointment as Collector for the Port of Boston and promises to execute the duties of this post in a manner that will make the president proud.
April 1, 1794 Engineer to fortify the harbor of New York Henry Knox John Lamb Writes General John Lamb - the Collector of the Port of New York - concerning the appointment of an engineer for the purpose of fortifying the harbor of New York.
November 6, 1793 French Privateer Taken into Port at North Carolina Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Knox discussess the French privateer captured and brought into a port at North Carolina.
February 20, 1798 Notification of Advisement on Perth Amboy as a Port Captain Thomas Truxtun Jonathan Dayton This is the notification by Captain Truxtun of his advisement on Perth Amboy as a potential port.
August 4, 1789 Lincoln appointed as Collector of the Port of Boston Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox notifies Lincoln of his appointment as the Collector of the Port of Boston.
October 13, 1800 Simmons Writing Creary on Monies for the Fortifications at New Port William Simmons Archibald Creary Simmons writes Crary to inform him that the Treasurer of the United States will send him $5000 for the fortifications being erected in New Port, Rhode Island, and asks Crary to forward the requisite receipts.
May 30, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Archibald Creary Simmons informs Creary of a disbursement of funds to the Branch Bank at New Port. These funds are at Creary's disposal for expenses related to fortifications.
February 17, 1798 Enclosed Letter from Judge Rattoone Regarding Use of Perth Amboy as Port Captain Thomas Truxtun Jonathan Dayton Copy of letter from Judge Rattoone regarding the depth of the channel at Perth Amboy for the use of the city as a port. Believed it would be a suitable port for ships of war. Contains testimony from Captain Angus.
August 1, 1793 [COPY] Specifications for Removing Guns Henry Knox Phineas Bond Repairs and modifications made to the merchant ship must be removed. Guns and port holes specified.
February 20, 1795 The Pay of John Boss Joseph Howell John S. Boss The Treasurer has remitted to the Supervisor at Providence a sum to be transmitted to John Boss, being his pay as Superintendent of Fortifications at New Port.
September 18, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Archibald Creary Simmons balances the accounts of disbursements made by the agent of fortifications at New Port. Simmons notes missing vouchers.
February 14, 1797 Request to deliver kentledge to the collector at Port of Philadelphia not exceeding 20 tons [not available] John Harris John Harris, storekeeper directed to deliver kentledge to the collector at Port of Philadelphia not exceeding 20 tons.
April 22, 1786 Customs permit for shoes John Graff Samuel Hodgdon Port of Philadelphia customs permit for Samuel Hodgdon to have landed from on board the Dolphin, 100 shoes from New York
February 27, 1798 Request for Issue of Military Stores for Troops at Port Tobacco James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of clothing, equipment, arms, and instruments for troops at Port Tobacco, Maryland.
November 5, 1798 Fortifying the Port of New York John Jay Alexander Hamilton Relative to the plan for fortifying the port of New York, Jay has provided $500 for the perfecting of a survey of the shores and waters. After the survey is completed, General Clarkson, Colonel Burr, and Colonel Stevens should be consulted as to the specifics of the plan.
October 22, 1796 Explanation of Expenses Incurred on Furlong and at New Port John Lovell William Simmons Lovell accounts for expenses incurred while at New Port, he is upset Simmons denied claims for reimbursement related to his duties, pursuing deserters, etc.
February 12, 1799 Survey of the Bay below the Narrows to Sandy Hook Alexander Hamilton John Jay In providing for the defense of the port, Hamilton expresses the need for a survey of the bay below the narrows to Sandy Hook and observes that such a survey has been done by the British. Mr. Hill owns a draft of that survey and will sell it for $800 which appears to be a reasonable price.
August 31, 1797 Invoice of Timber for Algiers. Mr. Govett [not available] An invoice of timber sent to Algiers.
December 26, 1798 Request to Purchase Surveys of Port and Harbour of New York Alexander Hamilton William MacPherson Captain Hill former British officer offering surveys of New York City port and harbor for sale. Hamilton requested MacPherson to find out if the Sec. of War already procured the surveys.