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December 10, 1800 James O'Hara's charges for pork William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Discusses James O'Hara, who exhibited a charge for 20 barrels of pork.
February 6, 1801 Simmons Requesting Hodgdon Examine the Records of Hugh Howard to Determine if 20 Barrels of Pork were sent by the Commissary William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons requesting Hodgdon examine the records of Hugh Howard to determine if 20 barrels of pork were sent by the Commissary at Detroit to the Schooner Nancy to Michilimackinac.
August 21, 1795 Quality of Provisions Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Notification that contractors demand number of provisions but that number of troops at several different posts is difficult to determine. Mentioned inspection of pork and beef for quality and prevention of spoilage. Canadian pork of higher quality than that packed locally.
July 19, 1799 Rations for troops stationed in New Jersey Jonathan Dayton James McHenry Senator Dayton requests some additional information about the supplying of rations to U.S. troops stationed in both Elizabethtown and New Jersey as a whole. Dayton wishes to know whether the supply of rations such as beef and pork will be delivered to any one post in particular, or to the whole state of New Jersey. Dayton also wishes to know whether the rations will be divided proportionately, or...
September 11, 1795 Purchase of Supplies at Presque Isle Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Money received and will be forwarded to Captain Bissell at Presque Isle. Enclosed list of article purchased at Presque Isle along with Col. Reed's list of proposed additional purchases. Cost of pork and flour noted as "extravagantly high".
October 9, 1795 Construction and Supply of Troops Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Assisted Col. Butler in laying out building plan for fortifications at French Creek. As all materials are on hand, Craig believed all building will be completed by the end of the month. Quality of provisions purchased from Canada superior to those from Pennsylvania contractors. Construction under Rochefontaine halted for season.
April 30, 1790 Schedule of Pay and Rations R.J. Vandenbrock [not available] A schedule of pay and rations, Approved April 30, 1790. Lists dollars for each position and quantity of goods allocated for soldiers.
November 14, 1798 Extracts from contract of James O’Hara commencing 1 October 1798 and ending 30 September 1799 [not available] [not available] Contract of James O'Hara for the supply of rations.
November 28, 1796 Letter from Henry Knox Henry Knox Rufus Davenport In this letter Henry Knox orders provisions from Boston to be shipped to Thomaston, Maine for his workmen.
December 10, 1800 Confirming the Status of John McDonald William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara has exhibited a charge against the United States for twenty barrels of pork delivered to John McDonald at Michilimackinac. He states that McConald was acting as Assistant Commissary at the time and that he became his agent on June 1st 1797. Simmons asks Hodgdon to confirm these facts.
June 23, 1796 Hodgdon discusses military stores and accounting matters with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon informs Isaac Craig that the returns received from the Major are not accurate.
May 12, 1799 Allotment of Provisions for the Troops Alexander Hamilton James O'Hara Hamilton cites Article 19 of a recent Act of Congress in which the allotment of provisions is prescribed in some detail.
May 7, 1795 Supplies at the Navy Yard Samuel Shore Samuel Hodgdon In addition to expressing his distress and promising that in the future he will submit his monthly returns on the prescribed forms, Shore discusses the timber that has been shipped to the Gosport navy yard and the process for measuring same. The supply of iron, pork, and meal is also discussed.
December 8, 1798 Copy of Thomson Neale contract for supplying troops in Burlington and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement between Thomas Neale, Burlington New Jersey and Jonathan Rhea of Trenton New Jersey on behalf of Secretary of War for establishment of recruiting.
April 13, 1798 Abstract of Provisions Issued Over Six Months Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry List by post of provisions issued between December 1, 1796 and May 31, 1797.
April 16, 1798 Contract Price for Rations at the Natchez Accountant's Office Mr. Jones Notification that the Accountant of the War Department (Simmons) would like to know the contractor price of rations at "the Natchez" between April and October 1797.
October 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John King Simmons provides an account balance to King. Simmons informs King to expect payment from the Secretary of the Treasury.
August 29, 1798 Articles of Agreement James McHenry [not available] Articles of agreement outlining agreed prices on rations and other articles, outlining expectations for both parties. Contractor to deliver articles to several posts,
February 27, 1795 Major Craig discusses supply and logistics with Pickering Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Major Craig points out to Pickering the tremendous expenses involved in procuring, preserving, and distributing beef and pork among the outposts. Pasturage and slaughering expenses are incurred in providing fresh meat. Preserved meat entails expenses due to repackaging and salting. Additionally, Craig informs Pickering that, because an Indian has been killed at Fort Franklin, funds have been...
August 29, 1798 Articles of agreement regarding supplies between James McHenry and James O'Hara [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement for the provision of supplies between Secretary of War James McHenry and James O'Hara.
August 11, 1792 Request to Publish in the "Maryland Journal & Baltimore Advertizer" Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Enclosed advertisement to contractors seeking to supply rations to U.S. army with specified amounts of rations, payment method, and prices.
July 1, 1797 Act Providing for Naval Armament Congress of the United States [not available] Act gave President the power to deploy the frigates United States, Constitution, and Constellation for war. Outline how the ships would be staffed, paid, maintained for no more than one year.
June 30, 1794 Estimate of the monies for oak and cedar Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Commissioner of the Revenue, enclosing an estimate of the monies which are wanted in Georgia and the Carolinas for the purchase of live oak and cedar, and compensations of the wood cutters. Advises that it might be well to deposit $11,000 with the collector of Savannah and a like sum with the supervisor of South Carolina.
September 29, 1785 Request for Rations Henry Knox Clement Biddle Henry Knox, Secretary at War, contracts with Clement Biddle to furnish rations for the new companies of troops to be recruited out of Philadelphia. Knox sets the price in Pennsylvania currency and provides an itemized list of the expected ration.
December 26, 1793 Supplies for the Recruits at Albany Alexander Hamilton Philip Schuyler Since there is to be a recruiting station at Albany, Hamilton asks his father-in-law Schuyler to engage a contractor to furnish supplies for the recruits. The number of provisions supplied will be based on the return of the principal officer who will specify the number of men for whom rations will be required.