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October 22, 1787 Report of the Board of Treasury: Proposal of Royal Flint and Joseph Parker Congress of the United States [not available] Board of Treasury was referred a proposal of Royal Flint and Joseph Parker relative to purchase of certain tracts of Western territory.
April 2, 1798 First at Sea if the Political Horizon Thickens Samuel Hodgdon Captain Thomas Truxtun Hodgdon assures Truxton that as many articles as are available will be forwarded to his ship and the rest will arrive as they come to hand. He adds that he hopes Truxton's ship will be the first at sea if the political horizon thickens.
November 17, 1799 Political Concerns of the United States George Washington James McHenry General Washington admits to having been "stricken dumb" by McHenry's recent letter. He fears that political events in the United States are moving quickly toward a crisis but only God knows what will be the final result.
September 30, 1800 Discussion of Political Matters John Adams Samuel Dexter Appears to be a political discussion concerning the upcoming election, ministers, and American policy.
October 4, 1799 Local Political Sentiments, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon that shipped stores will likely not reach Fort Wayne until winter. Craig also mentions local political sentiments.
June 20, 1800 Political Views and Accounting Matters Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig expresses political views to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig also mentions accounting matters.
July 3, 1799 Count Rumford's proposed visit to the US, etc James McHenry Rufus King Responds to the request from Count Rumford to visit the United States, where he was born, if possible, for the purpose of donating his collection of military materials to an academy. McHenry forwarded the request to the President, with recommendations, and conveys the President's response. Mc Henry also thanks King and Trumbull for items sent from England.
July 31, 1793 Speech Regarding Possession of Land and Past Treaties with Indian Confederacy Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Deputies of the Confederation of Indian Nations Commissioners agreed the boundary line set at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix between the Indians and the British colonies was the Ohio River, but future treaties ceded tracts of land to the U.S. and therefore they could not remove settlers from the land.
March 18, 1799 His Character as an Officer & His Political Principles Alexander Hamilton Jonathan Dayton Hamilton directs Dayton to deliver the enclosed letter to Major Ford which orders Ford to take command of some detachments of Artillerists who will march as auxiliaries to the volunteers under McPherson. He also inquires as to Ford's character as an officer and his political principles.
May 25, 1791 Instructions on Sale of Tracts of Land Arthur St. Clair Alexander Hamilton Developments on the sale of land, contracting, etc.
October 11, 1799 Political Climate Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mentioned process of election for city and county, along with the positions held. Mentioned the "demons" and corrected himself by calling the party "demos" for democrats. Hodgdon called the democrats a "lying race".
May 3, 1797 Suspension of the Evacuation of These Posts Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Gayoso de Lemos assures Lieutenant Pope that political reasons require a minimal and temporary Spanish presence in United States territory and no disrespect is intended by the King of Spain.
October 22, 1799 Political Discussion of Federalists and Anti-federalists James McHenry William Loughton Smith Reports the general state of the country, described as "tranquil" with the Indians. Recruiting for the military is successful and the overall commerce of the country is prosperous. Discusses the politics of the day, reporting a split in the Federalist Party over Adams' decision to make peace with France.
May 26, 1798 Political Affiliations of Indians Edward Price James McHenry Extract from letter by Col. Hawkins discussed relations of Indians with Spanish and French. The effects of an alliance between British and United States on the Creeks discussed. Officer misconduct recounted.
September 13, 1792 Indians Turning Away from Spanish James Seagrove Henry Knox Political alliances with Eufath discussed. Seagrove believes Indians have turned away from Spanish and will ally with United States. Noted the lower towns, which had previously supported Bowles, now support U.S. with assistance of Kinnard.
June 8, 1800 Musings of Maria Hodgdon Maria Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Maria discusses the whereabouts of her brother and wonders about the news of the political world and new appointments to replace those worthy characters who have been dismissed. She wants to know whether the children have made progress in their education. She prays that no other eyes but Hodgdon will peruse her scrawl.
April 12, 1788 Regarding Warrants for Recruiting Service & Political Conventions in Virginia Henry Knox Col. Wadsworth Apologizes for lateness of warrants; mentions that an officer lately returned from the western recruiting service will take charge of them. Apparently the amount will exceed $29,000 -- seemingly to fund the whole recruiting service. Discusses the recruiting service and Virginia politics. Informs Wadsworth about his own family, and inquires after that of Wadsworth.
June 30, 1794 Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the Secretary of War, regarding the refusal by Indians to acknowledge the validity of certain tracts in western Pennsylvania around Lake Erie.
January 16, 1801 Recommendation of Military Officer Jeremiah Olney Samuel Dexter Recommends candidate for military command; a previous recommendation was destroyed by the fire in War Office.
July 24, 1794 Engineers and Fortifications Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Secretary Knox transmits to Secretary Hamilton a circular letter to engineers employed for fortifying certain ports and harbors in the United States. Requests that Hamilton take measures for the purchase of tracts of land at the places designated by the engineers.
May 10, 1794 Extract of letter Henry Knox Henry Jackson The Secretary of War discusses the delay returning to War Office and military stores.
December 20, 1798 Defending reputation against political charges William Smith James McHenry Smith responds to what he considers "erroneous" political charges against him, claiming that he is uninfluenced by British or French politics, only believing in the politics of independence. Smith is exceptionally worried about his reputation as these alleged charges of misconduct seek to undermine his integrity. Smith defends himself against charges from William Burrows and William Constable.
January 12, 1800 Discussion of Political Opinions James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Speaks of the federal party, expressing opinion on policies.
February 6, 1799 Appointing Friends of the Government to Military Stations, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Along with a discussion of the distrubtion of the States into recruiting districts, Hamilton makes the point that political considerations should not always overrule military aptitude in the appointment of officers, especially those in the inferior grades.
May 22, 1799 Requesting the right to recommend officers John Taylor Gilman James McHenry Expresses offense that New Hampshire Senators John Langdon and Samuel Livermore have not sought after the opinions of himself - the Governor of New Hampshire - for officer recommendations in the Provisional Army. Argues that Langdon (Democratic-Republican), in particular, is politically motivated and opposed to him and the federal administration. Says that he has had a difficult time preventing...