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September 8, 1793 Extract of letter from General Twiggs describing Indian robberies, damage, theft at Green County Georgia General John Twiggs [not available] Indians came to Mr Caibb's in Green County and stole property; to Mr Hill's and plundered and stole horses. Colonel Melton pursued, but waters too high. Inhabitants below Carr's Bluff near Colonel Pugh's don't think themselves safe without a block house and guard. From the files of executive W. Urquhart SED.
[not available] Account of Depredations Committed in Kentucky by Savages since May 1, 1789 Unknown Author [not available] Details on murders, attacks, and horse thefts that occurred in each county of Kentucky.
May 10, 1794 House construction at Thomaston Henry Knox Jackson Letter from the Secretary of War regarding the construction of his house at Thomaston, begun in 1793. Knox is anxious that it be completed by the end of 1794. The house is costing him around $15,000.
May 12, 1800 Explanation of Account Differences William Simmons Elijah House & Son Simmons examined accounts of Elijah House, contractor, and found difference in account balance, leaving House in debt to United States. Account details below.
January 27, 1797 New Regulations and Burned Printer's House Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Notification that Craig will comply with new regulations. Disbanding cavalry and a note from the House of Representatives. Mentioned the burning of Brown the printer's house and the death of his wife, children, and servants.
December 10, 1799 Reply to the Address of the House of Representatives John Adams House of Representatives President Adams' reply to the House of Representatives' address, which was in reply to Adams' speech the of the 9th. Adams expresses confidence that the legislative and executive branches of the government will work well together during the coming legislative session.
January 19, 1796 Report of the House Committee on Fortifications Timothy Pickering Mr. Dayton Letter, discusses House fortifications committee; mentions House of Representatives; mentions Congress.
June 3, 1797 Speaker of House Speech to President on State of the Union Address House of Representatives John Adams House to cooperate with all measures necessary to react to insult issued by France against United States. Reiterate need to pursue peace.
August 12, 1789 Cockle solicits federal appointment from Knox John Cockle Henry Knox Letter, asks for federal appointment; discusses Revolutionary War.
November 29, 1797 House Response to Presidents Address Delivered 11/23/1798 House of Representatives John Adams House of Representatives agreed with Presidents optimism for a treaty with the Spanish and desire for peace with the Indians on the Western frontier. House promised to attend to matters outlined by president in his speech 11/28/1798.
June 3, 1797 Presidents Response to Speaker of House Speech on State of the Union Address John Adams House of Representatives Assured House of peace with France and pursuit of negotiations.
January 26, 1795 [No. 60 Protection of the Frontiers - Communicated to the House of Representatives] Timothy Pickering Frederick A Muhlenberg Submission of report to House, as ordered by the President, on the number of troops necessary for the defense and maintenance of military posts which will protect frontier of U.S.
November 28, 1796 Discusses French Affairs, New Bank Philip Key James McHenry Refers to dealings with France and actions with the US Senate and House in response. Discusses business with the new bank.
April 22, 1800 No. 88 [Protection of the Frontiers] Claiborne House of Representatives Poorly kept records at trading posts in Georgia and Tennessee cannot show that trade with Indian caused a loss in capital for the U.S. The House therefore recommends that additional capital be extended to the trading posts in order to further trade until records can provide conclusive evidence of loss or gain.
December 14, 1798 Presidents Response to House of Rep. Address on Foreign Policy John Adams House of Representatives Adams acknowledged House desire to strengthen defenses and adopting policy that would allow for a quick rally of troops. Adams assured Congress he would remain vigilant to nations ideal of independence.
March 21, 1793 Deposition by eleven inhabitants of Glynn County Inhabitants of Glynn County Georgia W. Urquhart Extract from files of Ex Dept. William Urquhart. Inhabitants' report being robbed and plundered by Creek Indians, including cattle and horses. They say the Creek Indians have been treated kindly. Another extract comes from Mr Cooke to the Honorable Judge Houston dated at Williamsburg 21 March 1793 indicating that amount of cattle stolen around 2000.
February 10, 1801 Requesting Huntingdon Transmit $920 to Elijah and Simon House William Simmons Jedediah Huntingdon Treasurer remitting Huntingdon $920 paid to the Houses.
December 17, 1795 Presidential Response George Washington House of Representatives Concurred with House on state of national happiness and peace due to Divine Providence. Glad that his recommendations were accepted for analysis
December 16, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to Assistant Secretary Treasury Coxe on House resolution regarding frigates Henry Knox Tench Coxe Henry Knox encloses House of Representatives resolution regarding frigates. He asks Coxe about the state of materials and equipment which have passed under the Department of Treasury.
May 21, 1799 Outlines Instructions for Indian Relations with the House of Panton and Leslie James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to House of Panton and Leslie, a trading establishment supplying Indians in Pensacola and efforts to collect debts and close books. Must guard against improper conduct.
August 17, 1797 Settlement of Account William Simmons John Toomy Requesting Toomy to pay monies due to Treasurer as soon as possible to settle his account by the first week in January as mandated by a Resolve of the House of Representatives.
October 22, 1787 Letter to the Virginia House of Delegates John Pierce Benjamin Harrison Letter to the Virginia House of Delegates
February 15, 1797 Enclosing a memorandum on British block house James McHenry Robert Liston Encloses a memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
March 21, 1794 Account of Jacob House Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Jacob House, late private in the 1st New York Regiment.
December 14, 1798 House of Rep. Address to President Regarding Foreign Policy House of Representatives John Adams Boundary disputes with Great Britain and Spain settled, poor relations with France continue. Tone of House defensive and gave full approval of Presidential authority to exercise rights to defend U.S. freedom.