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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
May 15, 1795 Invoices and Indian Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Plough irons to be provided for the Chickasaws. Details of invoices submitted.
May 4, 1792 Appropriations of money to Indian tribes Timothy Pickering Unknown Recipient Appropriation of monies for the Oneida, Tuscarora, and Stockbridge Indians.
February 1, 1800 Requested Delivery of Sundry Items for Indians David Henley Wolf's Friend Has received letter and is assisting Colbert. Lists sundry articles sent to Indians. White people are mourning the death of Washington
June 24, 1798 Negotiations Between Hawkins and the Creek Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry A lengthy letter addressing the negotiations between Hawkins and the Creek Indians. The peace belt is also mentioned as well as the introduction of farming and manufacturing.
1798 Accounts within the Indian Department. Unknown Author Unknown Recipient List of monetary disbursements made in the Indian Department for activities in the Southeast from 29 November 1796 to 22 June 1797, listing the date of the transaction, the persons involved, what the disbursement was for, and the amount of the transaction. Lists many transactions involving Creek Indians. Some of the names are illegible.
February 8, 1791 Knox's Speech to the Seneca Chiefs Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Knox responds to the Seneca Chiefs' speech of 2/7/1791 with assurances that an interpreter will be appointed, men will be sent to teach the Indians the principles of husbandry, and provisions will be made for educating Seneca children.
June 12, 1795 Stores and Indian Goods Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Military stores removed from militia encampment to Fort Fayette except for essential items required by men currently being inoculated for small pox. Indian goods for Chickasaws delivered (and listed). Invoice enclosed.
May 2, 1792 Speech made to the Oneidas by Congress and the Board of War September 1781 and overdue claims for service during late Revolution made by Good Peter and Skenandoah Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Pickering informs Knox that Good Peter handed him a speech made to the Oneidas by Congress or the Board of War in September 1781. According to the Reverend Samuel Kirkland, Good Peter and his friend Chief Skenandoah [both of whom are present at the conference in Philadelphia], say they have not received their rewards. During the Revolution, Good Peter and Skenandoah were sent to Niagara by the...
September 20, 1797 Report from Fort Williamson on matters with the Indians and the Spanish Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Report on affairs on the frontier in the region of Fort Williamson, including a report of the surveying of the line of the U. S. Spanish border and the evacuation of Spanish forts and some current events among the Creeks. Hawkins is in want of money. Mentions United States government stipends to be given the Chiefs. Hawkins notes the he is satisfied with the work of Rogers. Some men in Hancock...
February 13, 1793 Proposed War with the Creeks Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation General Robertson The Chickasaw chiefs blame the Creeks for the violence in the southwest and ask for the guns, ammunition, supplies, and food to go to war with them.
January 10, 1791 Speech of Seneca Chiefs to the President Seneca Chiefs George Washington Cornplanter and other Seneca chiefs make their plea to the President to restore some of the land fraudulently taken from them by the Treaty of Fort Stanwix.
November 20, 1789 Commisioners' Report on Negotiations with the Creek Nation Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox The Commissioners--Lincoln, Griffin, and Humphreys--report on their mission to negotiate a treaty with the Creek Nation. Since their mission was unsuccessful, they make recommendations regarding the measures needed to protect frontier settlers. They also suggest that further efforts should be made to improve relations with the Creeks. They have much to say about the Creeks and other southern...
May 10, 1799 Secretary at War forwards a message from the Turcarosa Chiefs to Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr For informational purposes, the Secretary at War forwards Sacarissa's message to Chapin. The letter from McHenry to Chapin is dated 5 May 1799 and Sacarissa's speech is dated 26 April 1799. Sacarissa's speech is a request for implements of husbandry; ie. farm tools.
1791 Proceedings of the Council with the Six Nations Timothy Pickering Chiefs & Warriors of the Six Nations These are the proceedings of the Council with the Six Nations. The following matters are discussed: the Revolutionary War; Indians and Indian warfare; white aggression; Indian aggression; war with Western Indians; civilizing the Indians; benefits of writing; white encroachment; and the proof of the general government's good will.
October 9, 1796 Asks for Housing, General News William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray writes a friend letter to McHenry, discussing his need for a boarding house during the session, as well as political news from Baltimore, French politics, and casual greetings.