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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 27, 1791 Update on Sons Military Whereabouts Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Letter, informs mother of son's march with army; discusses loss of Knox's son.
January 4, 1784 Entitlement to Rations Pay While in Captivity John Pierce Colonel J. Ward John Pierce sends to Colonel J. Ward a letter informing him of his entitlement to rations while in captivity.
June 16, 1789 Knox discusses federal appointments with Carrington Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, alludes to Constitution; discusses federal appointments.
July 23, 1789 Freeman responds to not receiving an appointment from Knox Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter, asks to remain in Knox's graces for any future federal appointment.
September 23, 1800 Order for Buttons for Corps of Artillerists and Engineers Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, discusses need for uniform buttons for Artillerists and Engineers.
May 6, 1791 Transporting Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig "Bearer comes forward with stores answering for the enclosed invoice," Hodgdon requests inspection of pack saddles.
December 9, 1784 Dissapointment at not receiving papers John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce sends to Joseph Howell a letter expressing his dissapointment at not receiving the papers he needs to transact business.
December 29, 1788 Request for compensation Abraham Dehuff Joseph Howell Dehuff discusses settlement of his accounts. He informs Howell that he was a prisoner and requests the same compensation that others were entitled to. He also makes claims for his recruiting, and losses while a prisoner.
July 20, 1796 Regarding Mail Delivery & New York Yellow Fever Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses mail delivery; asks for information regarding yellow fever in New York.
August 4, 1787 Accounts and Pay of Bond Joseph Howell Dr. Thomas Bond Read a letter from T. Bond's relative to his business in Virginia, since which time he's received a letter from Mr. P that mentioned Dr. Bond requested Howell's attention to a claim of Dr. David Gould, who served as paymaster for the Virginia state regiment. Balance of money due remit to Dr. Gould. Mentioned Mr. Pierce thought it appropriate to give Bond an extension of his pay, Howell now...
February 21, 1799 The Charges Give Me More Pleasure than Pain John Jacob Rivardi James McHenry Rivardi responds to the charges against him and asserts that a Court of Inquiry will most assuredly demonstrate the malice of any accuser;
July 21, 1797 Commissions on receiving and paying monies William Simmons John Chester Notification that the amount of money Chester received in commissions on receiving and paying monies for the War Department will be entered on his account
December 8, 1797 Canon Carriages and Winter Travel Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Immediately after receiving instructions for forging carriages for canons, Craig sent bill along to forge to fulfill order. Craig will now countermand his order, but believes the carriages are nearly complete. If that is the case, they must be paid for. Maj. Freeman now in command of Capt. Pierce and Lewis' companies with plans to continue to Fort Massac but believed they will winter over in...
August 2, 1797 Commissions on receiving and paying monies William Simmons Edward Carrington Notification that his account for commissions on receiving and paying monies for the War Department has been approved and that he will receive the money from the Treasurer of the U.S.
May 31, 1790 Letter from William Barton: Request for appointment William Barton [not available] Letter, advises ratification of Constitution in Rhode Island; asks for recommendation to appointment in Revenue department.
July 1800 Thanks for Observations and Pecans Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton replies to Wilkinson's of June 29th and says that, while he will miss Wilkinson's company, he agrees that it makes sense for him to go straight to Pittsburgh. Hamilton thanks Wilkinson for his observations on the Havannah. Mrs. Hamilton sends thanks for a box of pecans.
August 25, 1791 Troops to be Immediately Forwarded Henry Knox Isaac Craig Request that troops are immediately forwarded upon arrival to Fort Pitt.
March 14, 1799 Discussion of Yellow Fever & Capture of French Frigate Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses yellow fever; mentions capture of French frigate.
January 11, 1794 Review of Clothing Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Encloses letter to Secretary of Treasury, asks to follow directions therein in regards to receiving and reviewing clothing orders from contractors.
July 14, 1796 Account of Nicholas Fish, Supervisor of New York Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that $101.43 is due Nicholas Fish, Supervisor of New York, being the amount of his commission on receiving and paying sundry sums of money from the Department of War between April 26 and June 24, 1796.
January 20, 1784 Pay of Pennsylvania Officers Unknown Author Henry Bickner In this unsigned letter, the author advises Bickner that the officers of the Pennsylvania line should present their charges immediately to Joseph Howell or forego any possibility of receiving credit for their service because the accounts are currently being closed.
July 16, 1798 Uniforms for the standard receiving ceremony John Fitzgerald James McHenry On the subject of uniforms for a standard receiving ceremony.
July 22, 1797 Commissions on receiving and paying monies William Simmons Daniel Stevens Notification that his account of commissions on receiving and paying monies for the War Department has been approved and that he will receive the money from the Treasurer of the U. S.
September 9, 1796 Approved Receipt of Flour Isaac Craig James McHenry Ongoing problem with receiving instructions from War Department for the lawful acceptance of flour provided by the late contractors. Noted that a deposition to support contractors claim that the U.S. ordered flour had to be obtained by someone in McHenry's office.
September 18, 1794 Receiving the Money Joseph Cranch Joseph Howell Enclosed is Cranch's account the amounts of which should be transmitted to the Supervisor of New York.