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April 8, 1791 Plans for Arrival Caleb Swan William Duer Letter, discusses plans for arrival.
March 14, 1797 Regarding Frigate Plans, Especially Relating to Frigate for Algiers Josiah Fox Colonel James Hackett Letter, discusses plans for Frigate; mentions Frigate for Algiers.
August 21, 1798 Extract of Letter: Receipt of Plans for Construction on Governor's Island James McHenry Ebenezer Stevens Extract: Secretary of War noted he received plans for defense construction on Governor's Island and would submit the plans of Mr Mangin and Mr. Fleming & Hills to the Military Committee of New York for approval.
March 27, 1800 Plans for a Military Academy James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry expresses concern about an uninformed Congress meddling in the plans to establish a military academy.
September 16, 1798 Plans for Best Use of Men; Gratitude for Appointment Samuel Sitgreaves James McHenry Has complied with request. Refers to best use of men in and out of Congress. Expresses gratitude for appointment. Plans to join the Board.
April 22, 1799 Plans to Supply Officers and Reorganize Regiments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to the appointment of officers and the numbering of regiments. Seeks careful governance. Plans to raise regiments in North and South Carolina and Kentucky, with plans in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island.
January 21, 1799 Letters Regarding Regulations & Plans for the Army John Jacob Rivardi James McHenry Rivardi summarizes a number of letters to the Secretary of War regarding regulations and plans for the Army.
December 9, 1785 Regarding whether presence is required in New York John Pierce Joseph Howell Pierce informs that he plans to consult with Board of Treasury the beginning of January. Does not remember where Paulint's papers were left. If presence is necessary, will change plans and set off from Litchfield to arrive at New York Sunday evening following, or about the 18th of December.
February 7, 1797 Discussion of U.S. and British Land Claims Around Detroit John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Discusses use of land at the site of the town of Detroit, including original British plans for the site. Discusses a shipyard there, etc.
September 12, 1798 Plans for the Provisional Army to President Adams James McHenry George Washington Writes to Washington that the dispatch for President Adams on the subject of the plans for the Provisional Army have not yet been prepared, but will hopefully be completed soon.
December 8, 1791 Travel Plans Henry Knox Isaac Craig Orders to send troops to Fort Washington immediately upon arrival of Mr. Swan if they have not left already. If woolen overalls have not arrived, Knox approved the companies waiting until the supplies arrive.
July 22, 1794 Letter to Naval Agent Jeremiah Yellot on duties and responsibilities of agent and constructor Henry Knox Jeremiah Yellot Knox notes that the constructor will search out the artificers and laborers, and the naval agent will regulate and pay wages. Includes a provisional appointment of Mr. Rodder. Will forward plans and moulds for frigates. No deviations on the design will be permitted.
January 31, 1796 Plans for Travelling to Philadelphia James McHenry George Washington Mr. Chase is extremely pleased with his appointment and will set out by stage for Philadelphia soon. Despite a bad cold, McHenry plans to travel by horseback but his journey may be delayed as he severs his connections in two mercantile partnerships.
August 2, 1797 Extract rules and regulations relative to maritime, frontier posts, or fortified places James McHenry [not available] Extract on rules and regulation relative to remittance and frontier posts or fortified places. Discusses methods for security and safeguarding plans for forts or fortified places.
June 3, 1791 Travel Plans of Hodgdon John Stagg Isaac Craig Stagg answers instead of Hodgdon, who has left for Pittsburgh.
April 26, 1799 Plans Trip to Inspect Castings in York, Elizabeth, and New York Samuel Hodgdon John Jacob Faesch Plans to leave Philadelphia next week for NYC to examine Faesch's castings. He'll first stop in York to examine John Blagg's store, then to Elizabeth Town to examine shot there. Requests that Faesch go early and assemble all stores and make a report.
July 4, 1794 Care of Powder, Travel Plans of Officers Isaac Craig Henry Knox Assured Knox that forwarded powder would be stored properly and in a secure location. Travel plans of Capt. Heth and Winthrop Sargent.
April 15, 1790 Copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania regarding protection of frontier from Indians Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Transmits a copy of letter forwarded to Lieutenant of Washington County Pennsylvania. Discusses plans for protection of frontier, but the means has not been decided upon by congress.
October 14, 1794 Proposes Transportation of Lumber for Southern Frigates Tench Coxe Henry Knox Reports expectation of size of timber load for frigates in the south. Outlines plans of transport. Refers to contracts with Mr. Scott and Mr. Ernest.
April 21, 1797 Deceptive Plans Regarding Land Purchase William Blount James Carey Secretive plans discussed. Action supported by Indian friends. Location of Chisholm unknown. Land purchase discussed.
July 7, 1798 Notification of Major Tousard's Instructions to Lay Out Defenses at Whetstone Point, Baltimore James McHenry Alexis De Layrets McHenry notifies this temporary engineer at Baltimore that Major Tousard has been instructed to inspect the fortifications at Whetstone Point and make plans for their improvement. These plans are to take into account the defense of both the city and the fort itself against direct attack, as well as the fact that the scarce funds allotted for the fort must include the purchase of additional land.
August 31, 1798 Notification of Completion of Plans for Fort McHenry; Measures to be Taken by Government & by Baltimore for Construction James McHenry Committee for the Building of Vessels to be Loaned to the Government by the City of Baltimore Informs the committee that Major Tousard has submitted his plans and estimates for the defenses of Baltimore centered on Whetstone Point [eventually Fort McHenry]; tells them that the national funds allotted for this purpose are $20,000, while the estimate is for around $30,000. If the plan is approved, McHenry expects the citizens of Baltimore to make up the difference, by either monetary...
March 1798 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, describes plans of sedition; mentions elections; mentions French invasion.
July 9, 1798 Proposal for Improving Defenses at Newport, Rhode Island William Littlefield James McHenry Contains plans and cost estimates for improving the defenses of Newport, Rhode Island. These include mounting additional cannon at Fort Wolcott and sending cannon "for the use of the citizens." Also recommends two additional forts, one at Brenton Point and one on Tammany Hill; for the purpose of building these forts, requests the sending of engineers to Newport.
April 26, 1788 Outlines Travel Plans; Preparations for Indian Treaty Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Outlines travel plans from Muskingum, to Venango, to Captain Heart's post, where he assures that he will do everything in his power to assist this company. Believes this group of people to be quite industrious and capable. Nicholson, the interpreter and messenger, believes the Indians will be late in assembling for the treaty and will insist on the Ohio River as boundary. Encloses monthly return.