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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 1, 1795 Regarding Suggestions for Frigate Planking Booker Josiah Fox Letter, describes suggestions re Frigate planking.
October 1795 Request for Information on Planks for Shipbuilding Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information regarding planks.
October 5, 1796 Discussion of Pine Planks for Frigate, & Contract for the Same Gelman Gale Josiah Fox Letter, discusses contract to supply pine plank; discusses plank for Frigates.
October 30, 1795 Discussion of Planks for Frigate at Norfolk [Chesapeake] Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for information re planks at Norfolk; discusses plank for Frigate at Norfolk.
November 30, 1797 Regarding inventory of timber plank remaining after completion of frigate Constellation [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Requests an inventory of timber plank that remains in the Navy Yard after completion of frigate Constellation.
November 30, 1797 Regarding request for inventory of timber plank remaining after completion of frigate Constellation [not available] David Stodder Refers to conduct of inventory of timber plank that remains following completion of frigate Constellation.
September 5, 1795 Joshua Humphreys' means of furnishing pitch pine plank for frigates [not available] Tench Francis Letter from Joshua Humphreys expressing his means of furnishing pitch pine plank for frigates submitted for consideration.
August 25, 1796 Appointment at Gosport Yard, Timbers and Construction William Pennock Josiah Fox Pennock pleased with appointment at the Gosport Yard. Pennock has contracted for almost all the plank, and expects delivery soon.
March 1, 1798 Regarding request for bilge way and plank for launching of frigate for Dey of Algiers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Mr. Bowers has requested bilge way and plank for launching of frigate for Dey of Algiers. Secretary of War approves on condition that upon receipt items used are free of injury.
November 18, 1799 Powder and Timber Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Regarding purchase of powder. Stevens has spoken with General Hamilton regarding the Algiers business. The plank which rotted so quickly much have been unsound.
August 2, 1796 Discussion & Statement of Timber Wanted for Various Frigate Components Josiah Fox Mr. Vaughan Letter, asks for terms regarding timber for Frigate. Letter includes a statement of masts, spars, planks and scantling wanted for use of the United States.
April 6, 1795 Return of men working in the New York yard; arrival of live oak and planks Captain Silas Talbot Timothy Pickering Return of men employed at the New York naval yard for the previous three weeks; live oak and plank have arrived, but the quantities have yet to be surveyed.
May 12, 1794 Estimate of Timber Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox Regards estimate of timber for 49 gun ships.
April 24, 1796 Return of New York Public Yard Captain Silas Talbot James McHenry Return of the men employed at the naval yard from March 9th through April 23rd; return for timber and plank at the yard.
September 30, 1795 Return for the month of September 1795 from Isaac Garretson clerk ship yard Baltimore Isaac Garretson Samuel Hodgdon Garretson encloses return for month of September. Notes that with greatest difficulty he has procured the measurement of timber and plank.
September 29, 1795 Circular Letter from the War Office to the constuctors of the Frigates on dimensions of plank and timber Timothy Pickering Constructors of the Frigates Enclosed attachment provides dimensions of plank and some timber of frigates. It was long since prepared and should have been transmitted to the constructors. Any objections, please state them.
1798 Ship Timber and Planking to be Procurred Unknown Author [not available] A list of timber and planking to be procured from six sources.
May 12, 1794 Timber for 44 gun ship Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton The Secretary of War transmits to the Treasury Secretary the opinion of shipwright Joshua Humphreys on the mode of procuring white oak plank and timber for a forty four gun ship to be built in Philadelphia
May 30, 1797 Account of timber, plank, trunnails delivered James Hackett and public yards at New York and Portsmouth New Hampshire Josiah Fox [not available] Josiah Fox, Navy Constructor at War Department, provides accounts for building materials delivered to naval constructor James Hackett, and used at the Navy Yards in New York and Portsmouth New Hampshire for building 38 gun frigate, which is to be deducted out the payments made to him.
November 2, 1796 Receipt for Shipbuilding Materials for Frigate Colonel James Hackett [not available] Fiscal, receipt for shipbuilding materials; describes materials for Frigate at Portsmouth Navy yard.
July 5, 1796 Fireplaces and Square Bolts [not available] George Claghorn Presumably from Joshua Humphreys. Enclosed is a draught of one of the small fireplaces used under the cistern for boiling the plank at the Philadelphia yard; a simple design. Iron bolts have square heads because cheapest to manufacture. Requests that unless already rounded, leave alone and conform to instructions.
April 20, 1796 Suspension of Construction James McHenry John Blagge Orders to suspend all construction of frigates and to send any ships with cargo of live oak or deck plank to Philadelphia without delay.
March 5, 1797 Description of Lumber in Former Navy Yard Foreman Cheeseman Josiah Fox Letter, discusses lumber in former Navy yard.
July 8, 1794 Fortifications at Baltimore Samuel Dodge Henry Knox Letter from the agent for procuring materials for the fortifications at Baltimore. Informs Knox that the timber and plank for the platforms has arrived at the fort; discusses the carriages. Mentions that he had hiterto paid the workers 75 cents, but will now have to pay out 1 dollar or else lose the laborers.
August 19, 1796 Discussion of Spars & Availability of Timber for Frigate Construction George Frost Josiah Fox Letter, asks for size of spars at top end; discusses availability of timber for Frigate.