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December 24, 1798 Petitions for Reimbursement Lewis Tousard [not available] Petitions to be granted extraordinary expenses in fulfillment of his duties as Inspector of Artillery. Seeks more favorable appointment from the President. Expresses commitment to the nation.
April 6, 1792 Petitions for Personal Services in the Army & Navy Alexander Hamilton Jonathan Trumbull Hamilton is transmitting to Jonathan Trumbull, Speaker of the House of Representatives, various petitions he has received from those who served in the army and navy.
February 8, 1793 Petitions of Hunt, Fox, and Bacon Henry Knox [not available] Knox reports on the petitions of Sergeant Isa Day and Private William Perkins who were in the Third Massachusetts Regiment. Arrears due them for pay were placed in hands of the Regimental Agent, who became bankrupt. Mentions the petitions of Thomas Hurrt, John Fox, and Henry Bacon as being the same.
February 25, 1790 Petitions from Men of the Virginia Line Henry Knox Joseph Howell Knox asks Howell to examine the muster rolls of the Virginia line to assess the validity of petitions from members of the line.
August 14, 1792 Transmission of Petitions & Vouchers of Men Desiring Placement on Pension List Henry Knox Jeremiah Wadsworth Transmits petitions and vouchers of two men, Eliphalet Easton and Salmon Burr, who wish to be placed on the U.S. pension list.
September 21, 1785 Status of Wylie and Jordan Petition John Pierce Samuel Hodgdon John Pierce provides Samuel Hodgdon the status of the petitions of Captains Wylie and Jordan.
March 14, 1800 Report on the Petitions of William Milton, and Others, exhibiting Claims for Militia Services in the State of Georgia. James McHenry House of Representatives Report on the Petitions of William Milton, and Others, exhibiting Claims for Militia Services in the State of Georgia. Addresses some of the jurisdictional issues that came up between state and federal authorities regarding provision of common defense.
April 20, 1790 Investigating various claims Caleb Swan Joseph Howell The chief clerk of the War Department informs the Commissioner of Army Accounts that Secretary Knox wants the claims of four different soldiers and officers investigated; encloses papers and petitions for each claimant.
March 13, 1794 Petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins Henry Knox Senate of the United States Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins in which they claim arrears due them for pay and clothing.
November 23, 1791 Petitions of Widows and Children Henry Knox United States Senate Knox considers the petitions of the widows and children of eight officers from South Carolina who died while in the service of the United States. He grants six of them seven years' half-pay as provided by the Resolve of Congress of the 24th of August 1780.
September 19, 1785 Board of Treasury's findings on petitions for compensation Walter Livingston John Pierce Walter Livingston and Arthur Lee, as members of the Board of Treasury, notify John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, that they find the petitions for compensation from Lewis Nicholas and Richard Lloyd to be reasonable. The Board of Treasury asks Pierce to be the judge of what constitutes proper compensation for other members of the Invalid Corps and Hazen's Regiment. The Board asks Pierce...
February 20, 1800 Submission of Report on Militia James McHenry Theodore Sedgwick Report on petitions submitted to Secretary of War regarding claims of militia services in Georgia.
December 19, 1800 Appointment of judge advocate Samuel Dexter Nathaniel Macon Dexter discusses the appointment of a judge advocate with Nathaniel Macon.
July 26, 1791 My Independence & Happiness Depend on Congress Catharine Greene Alexander Hamilton Mrs. Greene asks for Hamilton's assistance as she petitions Congress for reimbursement of the personal funds spent by her husband in payment for supplies needed by the army during the War for Independence,.
June 13, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce sends instructions to Andrew Dunscomb regardng the closure of his office. Pierce directs that an advertisement be made of a deadline for submission of local claims. Petitions made after that date will be handled by Pierce in Philadelphia.
May 24, 1790 Report of the Secretary of War, 24 May 1790: Petitions of Barent Martlings and Joseph Henderson Henry Knox [not available] Knox addresses the petition of Barent Martlings, who was employed at the Quarter Master's Department in 1778, where he dislocated his hip. He is incapacitated and seeks relief from Congress. States that if the petitioner could prove that he received injury in public service, it does not appear that any provision could be made for them, unless by a new law. Mentions petition of Joseph Henderson, a...
November 22, 1790 Claims Respecting the Invention of a Steam Boat John Fitch Thomas Jefferson Fitch petitions Jefferson, Knox, and Randolph to order that all claims, arguments, and proofs respecting the invention of a steam boat made by him or any competitor should be committed to writing and submitted to them.
January 15, 1784 Request regarding service of foreign officers Office of Army Accounts Hugh Williamson Copy of an unsigned letter, likely generated by John Pierce in the Pay Office, requesting information from Hugh Williamson concerning foreign officers.
February 13, 1784 The Army's Foreign Officers Joseph Carleton John Pierce Joseph Carleton sends a list of Foreign Officers that served with the American Army to John Pierce.
January 23, 1797 Petition of Michael Van Kleek and Mary Hibbern James McHenry John Adams Petitions to Congress related to service in Revolutionary War.
September 22, 1785 Report to the Board of Treasury John Pierce Board of Treasury John Pierce reports to the Board of Treasury regarding the petitions of Lewis Nichola and Richard Lloyd. Pierce recommends that the Board be invested by Congress with the authority to determine the allowances due to each agent of the line.
March 17, 1794 Petitions of Chartier, Labrientoy, Page, Gingrass, and Deton Henry Knox United States Senate Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the claims of five petitioners, none of whom have produced sufficent evidence to support their claims of service during the American Revolution.
March 6, 1790 Doctor Eustis discusses invalid pensions with Knox William Eustis Henry Knox Letter, describes proposal for paying Invalid pensions.
June 25, 1800 Falsehood of the Charge Against Me Winthrop Sargent Alexander Hamilton Sargent laments that he has been falsely accused of usurping power and refutes the charges against him.
May 25, 1790 Response to the Petition of Tucker, Condy, Williams, & Armstrong Henry Knox Senate of the United States Knox responds to the petitions of Joseph Tucker, Thomas Hollis Condy, Robert Williams, and Samuel Armstrong, late paymasters and agents of the Continental Army from the State of Massachusetts. He maintains that these men are not entitled to additional allowances unless the allowances are granted to them by the legislature of Massachusetts.