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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 31, 1794 Request for a passport [not available] Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting concludes that a passport ought to be granted to the petitioners.
January 29, 1796 Answer on Petitioners Timothy Pickering William Simmons Requests opinion on whether or not petitioners have right to complain.
1799 Petitioners Referred to Secretary of War R. Ross Joseph Howell Ross lists names of people who petitioned Congress during the last session and whose petition was referred to the Secretary of War. The petition is now in Howell's office.
October 15, 1797 Petitioning to allow trade to continue at the Ottawa towns Leith, Shepherd and Duff James Wilkinson Leith, Shepherd and Duff are petitioning Wilkinson to allow a trading house to remain in the Ottawa towns. The current clerk at the town, James McDonald, has been charged with dishonorable conduct, and the petitioners offer that Leith shall oversee the trading house until a suitable replacement is found. The three men realize they do not possess the necessary license from the government, and so...
May 19, 1790 Report on the petition of various officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Report on the petition of Joseph Tucker, Thomas Condy, Robert Williams, and Samuel Armstrong. Delivered by the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Secretary at War.
May 25, 1790 Regarding the Petition of Joseph Tucker and Others Henry Knox [not available] Report on the petitions of Joseph Tucker, Thomas Hollis Condy, Robert Williams, and Samuel Armstrong. The Sec. of War did not allow the further payment of petitioning officers, whose claim was that they were paid less than similar agents in other states; their payment, however, was determined by the state.
June 24, 1790 Report of the Secretary of War Regarding Petition Henry Knox [not available] Report - Virginia denied aforementioned officers half pay for life, Secretary of War concurs.
July 2, 1788 Regarding the ruffians who captured Pickering Timothy Pickering Benjamin Franklin Pickering encloses the petition of the ruffians who lately made him a prisoner. Suggests it may be used as evidence against the petitioners, if it serves no other purpose.
July 26, 1787 Petition of the Inhabitants of Post Vincennes. Inhabitants of Post Vincennes [not available] Petition comes from French settlers at Post Vincennes who profess their loyalty to the United States. Petitioners ask for 500 acres of land and that a public district be established.
January 8, 1796 Report of the Committee of Claims Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Committee of Claims report on Jacob Beck and thirteen others serving under Colonel Benjamin Flowers, who claim they were underpaid while in service. Opinion of the Committee is that the claim is unfounded.
1796 Illegal capture of American vessels by the British James McHenry Robert Oliver Addresses complaints from American merchants on the illegal capture of vessels by Great Britain, in violation of the Jay Treaty. McHenry insists that the only solution right now is to have Congress make a loan to the victims of these British actions for reimbursement.
September 22, 1785 Report to the Board of Treasury John Pierce Board of Treasury John Pierce reports to the Board of Treasury regarding the petitions of Lewis Nichola and Richard Lloyd. Pierce recommends that the Board be invested by Congress with the authority to determine the allowances due to each agent of the line.
March 17, 1794 Petitions of Chartier, Labrientoy, Page, Gingrass, and Deton Henry Knox United States Senate Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the claims of five petitioners, none of whom have produced sufficent evidence to support their claims of service during the American Revolution.
October 17, 1797 Returning Originals of Forwarded Correspondence John Adams James McHenry Adams writes to enclose all the originals of letters McHenry had sent to him, that McHenry may have them for his records. Expresses concern over McHenry's health.
January 27, 1797 Report of the Secretary of War on the Petition of Michael Van Kleeck and Mary Hibborn James McHenry Congress of the United States Cover letter accompanying letter to Congress from M. Hibborn and M. Van Kleeck, both of which request compensation for military service.
May 25, 1790 Response to the Petition of Tucker, Condy, Williams, & Armstrong Henry Knox Senate of the United States Knox responds to the petitions of Joseph Tucker, Thomas Hollis Condy, Robert Williams, and Samuel Armstrong, late paymasters and agents of the Continental Army from the State of Massachusetts. He maintains that these men are not entitled to additional allowances unless the allowances are granted to them by the legislature of Massachusetts.
March 13, 1794 Petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins Henry Knox Senate of the United States Knox addresses the United States Senate regarding the petitions of Asa Day and William Perkins in which they claim arrears due them for pay and clothing.
August 11, 1784 Petition from Two Soldiers Captured by the British William Moore Commissioners of the Board of War Petition from two soldiers, William Moore and Thomas Ward, captured by the British in the South Carolina campaign and imprisoned on a prison ship. They speak of their suffering. They were also "compelled" to serve on British ship bound to the West Indies. Petition for their release as "redemtioners" and ask that their pay be applied to the "redemption money."
May 20, 1790 Report of the Petition of Henry Emanuel Lutterloh Henry Knox [not available] Reasons for receiving allowances listed in great detail. Lutterloh petitions for a pension and reimbursement of his passage to America. He left the Duke of Brunswick's guards to join in the Revolutionary War, but served during that war in a staff capacity, not as an officer. Knox offers his opinion on the propriety of pension and reimbursement.
June 21, 1790 Seven Years Half Pay for Widows and Children of Officers who Died in Service Henry Knox [not available] Report on the right to seven years half pay, in response to a petition of the children of the late Lieutenant John Harris, the late Captain Robert Lewis, the late Doctor David Gould and also of Hannah Douglas the widow of the late William Douglas. Discusses each individual petition, requiring sufficient evidence of each that the deceased was in the service of the United States at the time of...
June 22, 1790 Petition of John Fitch Respecting His Steam-Powered Vessel John Fitch Thomas Jefferson Fitch petitions Jefferson, Randolph, and Knox for funds to cover his expenses in developing a prototype of a steam-driven vessel which he believes will immensely improve navigation of the waters of the United States.