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May 11, 1791 Treating with the Six Nations Henry Knox George Clinton Knox discusses treating with the Six Nations and State government and laws respecting Indian affairs. He alludes to the planned embassy to the Western Indians.
April 3, 1799 Recruiting and Suppression of Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Informs Washington that he has ordered the Paymaster General to the "Seat of Government" (Philadelphia). Discusses the state of army recruiting efforts in several states and the efforts to suppress Fries's Rebellion ("the Insurrection")
June 21, 1794 Harmony Between the General and Particular Governments Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Knox assures Governof Mifflin of the General Government's desire for harmony with the State Governments. He explains the suspension of the establishment of the town at Presque Isle as the means of maintaining harmony with the Six Nations following the murder of one of their Indians.
December 26, 1791 Reports on Failed 1791 Campaign against the Northwestern Indians Henry Knox George Washington Knox sends Washington two reports related to the failed 1791 campaign against the northwestern Indians. The first report deals with the efforts to negotiate peace and the preparations for the campaign and the second is a general discussion of relations with the Indians since the end of the Revolutionary War.
October 12, 1792 Public Clothing On Hand John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to make out a "precise" statement of the public clothing on hand as it is presumed that it should be necessary to apply to the Secretary of the Treasury for a further supply.
November 7, 1792 State of Relations with the Indians Henry Knox Congress of the United States Knox provides sundry information to both Houses of Congress on the state of relations with the northern and southern tribes.
February 10, 1794 Defensive Protection of the Frontiers Isaac Shelby Henry Knox Governor Shelby fully expects that the Creek and Chickamauga Indians will attack frontier settlers as soon as winter breaks so he requests authority to take measures for the defensive protection of the frontiers of Kentucky.
September 1797 Speech made by US Commissioner at Treaty with Seneca Nation, September 1797. Jeremiah Wadsworth [not available] Colonel Wadsworth opens by saying he was unwell the previous evening and could not reply to the Seneca speeches. He says he is gratified that the Seneca nation is satisfied with the bargain made for their land. He promises that no one can take their money as long as the United States exists. Wadsworth asks that the Indians be precise in reporting their wrongs, and to go directly to Israel Chapin,...
June 22, 1793 Chiefs Cannot Influence All Parties to Pacific Measures Daniel Smith Henry Knox It appears that the Cherokee head-men are sincere in their desire for peace but they cannot control all the members of their tribe, some of whom are stealing horses and corn which provokes the animosity of the agrieved whites.
February 11, 1790 Knox Sends Washington Birthday Wishes Henry Knox George Washington Elaborate birthday wishes to President.
March 18, 1793 Propriety of Claims Required to Conciliate the Indians Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton questions the propriety of the claims by certain officers who were taking measures to conciliate the neighboring Indians. He argues that the expense incurred is excessive when compared to the needs of the occasion.
May 27, 1793 Commissioners Advise No Movement, Lest Indians Interpret it as Hostile Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Northern Department Henry Knox Peace commissioners advise Knox that Wayne should not undertake any movement, lest it provoke the Indians.
March 3, 1791 Affirmation of Protection of the Frontiers Henry Knox Daniel Shepherd Knox reaffirms the government's desire to protect those on the frontier from hostilities, and informs them that they will be requested to take offensive measures against the Indians.
August 13, 1790 Restraining Indian Hostilities, Etc. George Washington Henry Knox The President informs Knox of his intention to go to Mount Vernon as soon as public business will permit. Therefore, the President directs the Secretary of War to forward all business that requires his attention immediately. Additionally, the President requests Knox's opinion on restraining Indian hostilities, what further measures can be taken to ensure peace on the frontier, the expediency of...
September 9, 1788 Attack at Falls of Muskingum; measures by General Assembly regarding defence of frontier Peter Muhlenberg Arthur St. Clair Muhlenberg acknowledges receiving account of attack on troops at Falls of Muskingum. General Assembly will meet on business regarding defense of frontiers; expresses hope that measures will be adopted which fully answer St. Clair's wishes.
December 12, 1795 [Report on measures taken for opening trade with the Indians] Timothy Pickering United States Senate Enclosure to Vice President's office. Discussed opening trade with Indians to provide them with cheap provisions. Methods of supplying provisions to Indians detailed, money owed Indian tribes.
March 14, 1792 Articles of Agreement with the tribes of Indians on the Wabash John Francis Hamtramck [not available] This document is an articulation of points of agreement that were voted on and passed at Fort Knox between Major Hamtramck and the Chiefs of the tribes on the Wabash. A provisional article contained in this document places a demand on the tribes of the Wabash to bring the Kickapoo into negotiations with the United States or the Wabash Indians must participate in forcing the Kickapoo from the...
August 21, 1792 Protection of Peace with Indians Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Due to the low state of river, all goods hauled by wagon which will increase cost and time of transportation. Man named Harden advertising for volunteers to help him strike against the Indians, Putnam believed he would murder Indians and disrupt all peace. Pushes for "proper measures" to be taken against the man who insults the authority of the United States.
December 12, 1795 [Report of the Secretary of War of the measures taken for opening a trade with the Indians] Timothy Pickering [not available] Political climate with British in Canada and Indian alliances for peace in northwestern territories in state of negotiation. Trade with southern tribes final result. Locations for trade described.
March 10, 1791 Knox discusses frontier defense with Peters Henry Knox R. Peters Letter, discusses measures for frontier defense; discusses state levy.
July 26, 1787 Report of Committee: Indian Relations. Congress of the United States [not available] Relative to making provision for preventing wanton and unjust attacks upon Indians, committee is convinced that measures must be adopted by congress and the states to prevent further progress of mutual depredations and hostilities between Indians and frontier inhabitants. No person shall be permitted to pass through territory north west of Ohio River without a permit signed by Secretary of War....
March 11, 1792 Swan reports to Wilkinson on financial claims derived from Wabash Caleb Swan James Wilkinson Letter, discusses payment of claimants from St. Clair's expedition against the Indians.
December 21, 1793 Money Requested; Proper Estimates Henry Knox Isaac Craig Will attempt to obtain money requested by Craig, but notes that Craig did not provide a precise estimate of objects requested. Captain Cooke's detachment marches from Carlisle. Worries that Ohio River might be closed. Wants to know dimensions of buildings erected at Wheeling. Approves of Craig coming to Philadelphia as long as he has leaves business to a worthy substitute.
August 7, 1798 Letter from Benjamin Hawkins to William Simmons on accounting measures Benjamin Hawkins William Simmons Acknowledges receipt of letter. Discusses General Perkins; accounts; vouchers; journals he forwarded with expenditures. Discusses book keeping procedures. Discusses how being situated in Indian country necessitates taking measures in case papers and accounts are lost.
May 23, 1799 [Extract of Letter] Regarding Negotiations with Indians Alexander Hamilton John Francis Hamtramck Obligations and duties of Governors of the Mississippi and Northwestern Territories regarding their involvement in negotiations with Indians so as to promote uniform conduct with Indians. Also the role of the military in relations between the United States and Indian nations.