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April 21, 1800 Men of Colour, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton explains that he does not think it is proper that men of color [colour] should be enlisted but it is proper that persons who can be useful in instructing others should be retained for that purpose.
May 9, 1796 The duty of this post is considerable... Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon Captain Kalteisen discusses his many burdonsome responsibilities at Fort Johnson and advises Hodgdon that he has been sick and absent from his post so he cannot be blamed for any mistakes that were made.
February 7, 1796 Employment, Hiring, and Pay Policies Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Rochefontaine differed with policy of Simmons on the hiring of officers, soldiers, and servants along with the chain of command. Rochefontaine also objected to the money withheld from recruits. ENCLOSURE: Letter on the employment of a man of color in the Company of Capt. McRea. P.S. Jordan Kersey mistakenly enlisted contrary to regulations of the Secretary of War, soldiers in uproar...
July 1, 1785 Requests Guidance about National Military Uniforms and Customs Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that the cockade they wear is the Union black and white, but postulates that it may be better to establish a national uniform. Requests direction.
July 29, 1798 Relative Qualifications of Major Generals, Etc. Alexander Hamilton George Washington Presents the case for his superior qualifications in relation to General Pinckney and warns Washington of the insufficiency of McHenry in the post of Secretary of War.
May 9, 1794 Injury to a Private Vessel by Unauthorizede Persons Alexander Hamilton George Hammond Hamilton discusses a case in which a private vessel, engaged by the British Consul at Norfolk, has been damaged by unauthorized persons. This constitutes a private trespass which must be redressed through the ordinary course of law.
February 8, 1796 Muster of Colored Man in the Company of Capt. McRea Lovell Stephen Rochefontaine Lovell reported Jordan Kersey was a man of color mustered illegally by Rowan to the Company of Capt. McRea as a waiter.
February 12, 1796 Immediate Discharge for Daniel Downey due to Disability Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Immediate discharge of Daniel Downey requested, along with the paperwork for the discharge of Daniel Moses. Comments on Jordan Kersey, a man of color, enlisted in the corps of artillerists who was not allowed to march in ranks or wear the same uniform and his fellow soldiers.
June 22, 1800 Articles Sent to the Navy Stores Unknown Author [not available] Invoice of articles sent down to the Navy Stores.
August 19, 1793 Captured Prizes Henry Knox George Clinton Policy toward Naval prizes.
November 8, 1800 Regarding Order of Hides to Be Used for Covering Ammunition Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Informs Whelen that the hides in question are for covering ammunition, and gives specifications for such articles. A note, possibly by Whelen, is appended.
1794 Quarterly Returns by Persons in Charge of Public Property Samuel Hodgdon Quartermaster General's Department A detailed draft by Hodgdon of the information required on the quarterly returns made by persons in charge of public property.
July 26, 1798 Requests Return of Flag Used by Washington Eleanor Packe Custis James McHenry Considers McHenry an old friend, and hopes to see him soon along with Mrs. McHenry and their family. Refers to a color staff used by her grandfather either in the Revolutionary War or the French war, and requests that McHenry return the flag to her.
February 29, 1784 Massachusetts Regiments Robert McKnight John Pierce Discusses obtaining certificates and a list of persons in the Massachusetts Regiments.
December 7, 1789 Return of persons entitled to pensions Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox As requested from Knox, Mifflin sends list of persons entitled to pensions by laws of Pennsylvania.
June 14, 1792 Bowles is a Mere Tool of Other Persons Governor Quesada James Seagrove Governor Quesada thanks Seagrove for keeping him informed of events that may be of concern to the Spanish. He is convinced that Bowles and others have attempted to turn the Indians against the Spanish and the Americans, although he believes Bowles is not acting on his own but is being controlled by others.
[not available] Itemized List of Flag-Making Materials Unknown Author [not available] Itemized list of flag materials, with amounts & prices.
June 18, 1789 List of Persons Paid by State of Connecticut Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox By act of Connecticut State Legislature, Wolcott transmitted list of persons paid by CT on behalf of U.S.
December 4, 1797 Return of persons entitled to land James McHenry William Simmons Encloses a return of persons entitled to land received from the Executive of the State of Virginia, requesting that the return be examined by the Accountant.
March 16, 1799 List of Officer Appointments Submitted for Approval; Troops Mobilized Against Insurrection James McHenry John Adams Submits the list of officer appointments proposed by General Pinckney for North Carolina, asks that they be approved as quickly as possible. Notes that some have already been appointed, and other vacancies need to be filled because of resignations, etc; asks that the main officers of each regiment be decided upon first. Notes that 5 companies of regulars are being dispatched "to the scene of...
May 12, 1785 Return of Persons Working for the Quartermaster General Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Timothy Pickering sends to Henry Knox a return of all persons employed in the department of the Quartermaster General.
April 24, 1797 Report on boundary line survey Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Report on the progress of the survey of boundary lines. Reports gathering of Indians to meet the commissioners, difficulties with the Army officer commanding in the area, and that "lawless persons" were planning to attack the Indians accompanying the commissioners on the survey.
September 10, 1799 Model for the Coat and Vest of the Dragoons, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton solicits McHenry's opinion on the models for the coat and vest for the dragoons and the helmet for the officers;
May 4, 1796 Rules to be observed by Persons Entitled to Lands James McHenry [not available] Rules regarding land ownership. Approval needed by notary or magistrate to certify ownership.
February 26, 1793 Salaries, Fees, and Emoluments of Persons Holding Civil Office Alexander Hamilton John Adams Report on the Salaries, Fees, and Emoluments of Persons Holding Civil Office Under the United States