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February 4, 1792 Care of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Notification of powder delivery, advised extreme care of delivery. Advised putting powder in flannel or canvas bags.
June 28, 1794 [No. 29] Care of Powder Henry Knox Isaac Craig Powder forwarded to Pittsburgh, request that it is stored in a dry and secure place.
March 30, 1791 Status of Stores and Store House Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed return on stores that recently came to hand, barrel of powder damaged during transit. Store house is in a state of disrepair and cannot be made completely secure. Craig to make repairs to magazine that will make it a safe depository.
June 27, 1799 My health is I hope perfectly restored... John Jacob Rivardi Alexander Hamilton Encloses "a map of river Miami, also a plan of the fort of the same name." States: "My health is I hope perfectly restored and as the fever has left me I trust soon to recover my usual strength." States that he is willing to remain at Niagara throughout the winter. Maintains that "a public vessel on this lake...would I am sure prove economical in the end."
July 31, 1786 Insufficient documentation to secure claims Joseph Howell James F. Armstrong The documentation received is sufficient to secure the recipient's claims. It is understood that poor health prevents the recipient from coming to New York to settle this matter so it can be postponed until he is well enough to travel.
September 1797 Indian Speech made at treaty negotiations in September 1797. Cornplanter, Chief of the Senecas [not available] Appears to be speech made at Seneca treaty negotiations that began on August 26, 1797 and continued until mid-September. Cornplanter notes that his people have agreed to sell their lands. He hopes that what he has done is for the good of his children and agreeable to the great spirit. He notes that it is in accordance with the advice of General Washington who advised us to sell our land for an...
May 29, 1800 [PRIVATE] The President's Unfortunate Conduct James McHenry Hugh Williamson McHenry laments the changes in the Executive officers and other steps the President has evidently taken to secure his election. [Adams] is acting in a manner to break up the federal party and will destroy any remaining confidence they have in him. He cannot hear Washington praised without intolerable pain and hates with inconceivable acrimony those who consider that great man to have outstripped...
October 20, 1789 Regarding Burglary at Public Magazine Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses burglary at public magazine.
August 19, 1799 Secure Order, Harmony, and Efficiency in the Service; Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton explains his version of the rules of practice for the Provisional Army.
September 13, 1800 Settling the General's Unpaid Bill Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Hagner wants to know what is to be done with the bill that continues to be unpaid. The general has yet to hear from Mr. Stevens and he leaves George Town today for the Springs. He seems perfectly willing to have the business accommodated in the manner already suggested.
[not available] Account of Peter Hunt, Etc. Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Upon examining Hodgdon's remarks regarding his account, Hunt finds them perfectly right. There are two mistakes on Capt. Howe's account, the first in faking a receipt and the other in the charge in the account furnished.
October 16, 1798 CONFIDENTIAL: James McHenry George Washington Enclosed info shows frustration with unresolved political issues, hopes Washington will visit Philadelphia. Disagreement with Major Generals.
December 24, 1800 Regarding supply of rations at Springfield armory Samuel Dexter Messrs Byers and Dwight Dexter informs Byers and Dwight of a warrant issued to secure rations for the Armory at Springfield.
September 19, 1789 Ogden makes recommendation to Knox Abraham Ogden Henry Knox Letter, recommends candidate for Marshall.
January 26, 1791 List of Debts Due Me John Mercer Joseph Howell Enclosed is a list of debts due Mercer from the advances made to soldiers under his command. He requests that Howell take the proper steps to secure the approriate amount for him.
April 4, 1799 Requests Field Ammunition for the Laboratory Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requests shot for field ammunition for the laboratory in specific outlined sizes. Must be perfectly round and smooth.
January 12, 1792 Knox makes recommendation to Lincoln Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox writes to Lincoln to secure employment for the son of Pierce.
March 10, 1796 Outlines Accounts for Indian Agent Israel Chapin Timothy Pickering James McHenry War Department accountant has requested information on accounts of Israel Chapin, deputy commissioner for Indian affairs for the Six Nations. Explains discrepancies in vouchers and accounts for Indian agents. Recalls General Knox's instructions to chiefs, influenced by Captain Brant. Maintains that all fees were paid. Refers to agreement with Little Billy and to challenges with translation.
[not available] Liberty for Debtor Casper Islerloan Casper Iserloan William Simmons Iserloan entreats Simmons to secure his liberty from debtors' prison so he can legally participate in the land lottery.
March 10, 1796 Managing Finances Difficult for Indian Agents Timothy Pickering James McHenry Letter, discusses difficulties Indian Agents have in accounting for funds; discusses gifts to Indian Chiefs.
November 10, 1798 Wolcott to Send Instructions for Purchase of Powder James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Powder to be secured, although it is not required, Hamilton agreed that it should not leave the country.
August 10, 1796 Absolute Need of a Block of Timber for the Mint Elias Boudinot Samuel Hodgdon The Director of the Mint has indicated that public business is delayed because the Mint is in need of a block of timber with dimensions that are not readily available. However, a block of timber has been located in the War Department that would suit the Mint's need perfectly. Hodgdon is asked to look into this matter and, if possible, surrender same to the Mint.
February 3, 1796 Regarding Account of Mr. Greaton Sally Greaton Timothy Pickering Mrs. Greaton follows up on her correspondence with William Simmons, trying to secure herself a regularly paid portion of her husband's pay.
October 18, 1798 State of the Disease in Philadelphia, Etc. James McHenry John Adams McHenry declares that the sickness in Philadelphia has sufficiently abated to allow Congress to reconvene.
January 7, 1794 Purveyor of Public Supplies George Washington Congress of the United States The President of the United States addresses Congress, advising that it would be useful to have an officer charged with the duties of receiving, safe keeping, and distributing the public supplies. Such an office would secure a regular and punctual accountability for the issues of public supplies.