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February 8, 1792 Request for money to a little girl James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson asks Col Hodgdon to give 3 shillings and 9 pence to the "little girl" who bears the note. Hodgdon notes that he made the payment.
January 15, 1790 Request for Camp Kettles and Straw William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War Henry Knox that Lt. Privee has requested camp kettles and straw for his men at the garrison. Tells Knox that there are only two camp kettles at the store and that straw can be purchased for 3 to 4 pence per bundle.
May 22, 1800 Proposal to Procure Coals for the Armory Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon has admitted that he failed to close the contract for coals for the armory owing to the increase in cost. Williams declares that he has been contacted by a gentleman who will provide the necessary quantity of coal at two shillings eight pence per bushel which is one penny higher than Hodgdon's price but four pence less than the price Williams previously quoted.
March 20, 1787 Hiring a Cooper to Make Casks William Price Henry Knox Price has found a cooper who is well recommended and will work at West Point on the following terms: pay to be either 5 pounds 10 shillings per month and half rations or 16 pence per casks and half rations. Price cannot estimate the total amount this will cost because the number of casks needed is unknown. They may need a cooper in the summer as well, so Price thinks it best to pay him the...
1788 Agreement to Repair Arms John Thompson Samuel Hodgdon Informs the Commissioner of Commissary Stores that he and William Clark will undertake to repair the arms.
December 19, 1800 Receipt of Barbara Neagley [not available] [not available] Receipt for ten shillings four pence paid Barbara Neagley for forage and subsistence for Brigadier General Wilkinson.
December 3, 1800 Receipt of Peter Corn [not available] [not available] Receipt for five shillings tenpence paid Peter Corn by Captain C Smith for expenses of Brigadier General Wilkinson's traveling party.
October 10, 1794 Sick soldiers of the New Jersey line Alexander Hamilton Ephrain Blaine Encloses an account relating to sick soldiers of the New Jersey line. Desires that the surgeon, Robert Welford, refer the persons to him.
April 22, 1795 Meeting with Mr King on the matter of reducing copper Timothy Pickering Tench Francis Mr King will reduce the large copper. Terms of payment discussed. Mr King can reduce the copper bolts at Baltimore. Discusses how much copper should be forwarded.
November 17, 1794 Whiskey in lieu of cash for tax payments Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Henry Miller Secretary Hamilton discusses the paying of taxes or duties in whiskey rather than "cash" -- since the latter might be too oppressive to the frontier communities where money is more rare. The whiskey received in payment by the government will then be used to supply the army. "The price at which whiskey is to be received, is three Shillings & Six pence Pennsylvania currency per gallon." Miller is...
August 1, 1791 Agreement of William Dunning with Samuel Hodgdon to make horseshoes. William Dunning [not available] William Dunning agrees to make for Samuel Hodgdon, Quartermaster General, one hundred sets of horseshoes at rate of 2 shilling and 6 pence per set.
September 29, 1785 Request for Rations Henry Knox Clement Biddle Henry Knox, Secretary at War, contracts with Clement Biddle to furnish rations for the new companies of troops to be recruited out of Philadelphia. Knox sets the price in Pennsylvania currency and provides an itemized list of the expected ration.
July 14, 1784 Revolutionary War Ledger of Accounts Owed John Pierce Unknown Recipient Appears to be a ledger of month-by-month accounts of amounts owed sundry officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary Army for pay, subistence, rations, etc. It addresses the issue of compensation to American officers and soldiers held in captitivity by the enemy.
April 24, 1792 Hats for the War Department Alexander Hamilton Nagle & Zeiber A contract between Hamilton and the hatters Peter Nagle and Philip Zieber in which the hatters agree to deliver 4,608 hats to the War Department. (See transcript)
May 1, 1800 Medicine for the Troops at Charleston Frederick Dalcho Unknown Recipient A list of medicines wanted for the troops of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina calculated for the expenditures of one year, in addition to what is on hand.
August 22, 1790 Knox sending Samuel Savage letters from his son Henry Knox Samuel Phillips Savage Knox forwarded Samuel Savage letters from his son, who is a captain. Mentioned publication of Savages son's death in the paper, as unexplained.
October 30, 1799 Carriages for General Washington's Funeral Lewis Tousard John Miller Tousard certifies that carriages leased from William Buck were used relative to the orders of Major General Hamilton for the funeral honors paid to General Washington.
February 25, 1796 Funds to be Received William Simmons John Bryant Informs John Bryant at Springfield that Nathaniel Gorham - Supervisor at Boston - will deliver him the sum of 500 dollars for the armory. Discusses vouchers as well.
May 4, 1789 Morrow's Account Closed, Cost of Transporting Troops and Stores to Reading, Pennsylvania William Price Henry Knox Having received Knox's letter of April 1, Price has closed Morrow's account for repairing and cleaning stands of arms, and he encloses a duplicate receipt for the same. Price forwards by Ketchum some stores that Knox requested. He encloses an account of the money received and expended in transporting stores and men from New York and West Point to Reading, Pennsylvania, with receipts from Captain...
October 5, 1789 Call for Militia to Defend the Western Territory Henry Knox [not available] The Secretary of War requests that the Governor of Virginia, [Beverley Randolph], and the President of Pennsylvania [Thomas Mifflin] provide 1000 and 500 militia, respectively, for the defense of the Western Territory against hostile Indian incursions.
April 13, 1790 Orders for Calling Up Scouts Henry Knox David Shepard Instructions for calling up scouts, their pay, and other particulars.
December 3, 1786 Allocation of Clothing and Rations Henry Knox Henry Jackson Recent act of Congress reallocated provisions for military. No clothing or rations can be given to Jackson's requests. Knox discussed various duties Jackson should complete.
May 12, 1786 Report from West Point on Quartermaster Affairs, Garrison Affairs, Equipment Upkeep, & Artificers' Work William Price Henry Knox Report on Quartermaster affairs and business at the West Point Army garrison; discusses repair of muskets; hiring of a carpenter; manufacture of nails; oiling of arms; reports forwarding inventories of ordnance and military stores; list of equipment forwarded.
February 19, 1800 Application for Refugee Aid Lewis Frederick Delesdernier Commissioners Recounts travails of De Lesderniers, and seeks financial assistance for hardships. Petition for relief is on behalf of the author's parents, Gideon and Mary deLesdernier.
July 17, 1790 Termination of Scouts for Protection Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Notification letter that ended the use of scouts and patrols to protect against Indian attacks. Although the scouts were held in high esteem by the public, they are overall inefficient for protecting an extensive frontier. Militia, or rangers, will be used instead of the scouts. Knox then describes the composition of the militia to be established and regulations relating thereto.