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1790 The Peacetime Military Establishment James McHenry [not available] An estimate of the Eventual Army based on the peace establishment. [no image]
January 6, 1784 Military Stores in the Peace Establishment Samuel Hodgdon Worsley Emes Discusses the peace establishment as regards places of deposit for United States military stores and the possibilities for Captain Emes's continuation in the service. He will receive preference from Hodgdon in peace establishment appointments.
January 10, 1799 Regular Peace and War Establishment & the Provisional Army James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry wants Hamilton to examine existing laws related to the Regular Army to determine what should be retained in two new bills relating to the Regular Army and the Provisional Army.
November 30, 1793 Peace and Understanding Re-established James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair Seagrove notifies Governor Telfair of the re-establishment of peace and friendship with the Creek nation which includes the understanding that all prisoners and stolen property will be returned. He wants the Governor to waste no time in promulgating this welcome news to prevent outrages from being committed against the Indians which would endanger the fragile peace.
November 5, 1794 Peace with hostile Indians Anthony Wayne Unknown Recipient General Anthony Wayne regarding the establishment of a "permanent and lasting peace" between the United States and "hostile tribes of Indians." Talks of a treaty with the Wyandots. Also talks of "some of the bad white people" who have instigated conflict.
March 8, 1794 Thoughts on Defense submitted to President Washington Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton ruminates on what he believes is needed to provide an effective defense of the United States. Text is highly illegible
March 14, 1796 Answer Submission James McHenry Abraham Baldwin "I have the honor to submit to the committee on the military establishment, the thoughts that have occurred to me on the question respecting which they seemed to desire my opinion."
February 3, 1796 Objects of the Military Establishment of the United States. Timothy Pickering [not available] Lists goals of U.S. military regarding boundary lines, military post occupation, and methods for obtaining these objectives. Advocated for preserving current military structure and force even in times of peace.
January 10, 1800 Submission of Proposed Amendments to U.S. Military Establishment James McHenry John Adams Submits proposed amendments to the military establishment of the United States, aimed at refining the system while maintaining U.S. security.
January 18, 1790 Report on the Organization of the Militia Henry Knox [not available] Unless a Republic prepares itself by proper arrangements to meet those exigencies to which all states are in degree liable, that its peace and existence are more precarious than the forms of government in which the will of one directs the conduct of the whole, for the defense of the nation. An energetic national militia is to be regarded as the capital security of a free republic. Knox goes on to...
December 1, 1792 Contingencies of the War Department for 1793. Henry Knox [not available] While stipulating the difficulty of accounting for military contingencies due to the uncertainties of active warfare, Knox attempts to do so for the year 1793.
March 10, 1797 Act to ascertain or fix the military establishment William Simmons David Henley Encloses a copy of a 3 March 1797 Act of Congress "To Ascertain and Fix the Military Establishment of the United States"
January 3, 1784 Debts Due to Ironmasters Samuel Hodgdon Robert Morris Discusses the possibility of discharging the debts due to ironmasters by allowing the ironmasters holding public stores of shot and shells to sell a portion of the shot and shells equal to their claims. Discusses the value of the shot and shells. Notes that demand for bar iron is high asnd it is a good time to sell.
December 24, 1798 Alterations in the Military Establishment, to Artillery & Dragoon Regiments James McHenry John Adams McHenry's submission of a report on proposed changes to the makeup of standard artillery and dragoon regiments, expanding the number of officers and men. The proposed expansions, with comparisons to the existing establishment, are appended.
November 26, 1795 Military Updates and Relations with Creek Indians Timothy Pickering William Eaton Establishment of post for trade with Creek Indians on the St. Mary's River in Georgia, recently passed laws regarding military coups, new peace with Indians discussed.
August 1, 1796 Monies Expended for the Military Establishment Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Based on an examination of the records of the Treasury, Wolcott is to provide information required by the House of Representatives on the monies expended by the military establishment for each calendar year since the establishment of the national government. He asks for McHenry's assistance in identifying specific sums for sundry categories of military expenditures.
January 21, 1799 Medial Establishment & Appropriation for the Augmented Army Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton sends a draft of a bill regulating the medical establishment and discusses whether or not the appropriation for the augmented army ceases with the end of the present session of Congress.
March 6, 1798 Expenditures of the Naval Establishment Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott transmits a general statement of the expenditures of the Naval Establishment through the year 1797. Included are abstracts which show the names of the agents by whom the expenditures are made.
April 19, 1799 Discusses MIlitary Establishment James McHenry John Adams Discusses military establishment.
January 2, 1800 Report on Military Establishment James McHenry Harrison Gray Otis Conveyed pleasure with reporting that McHenry was nearly finished with his report on the military establishment along with his propositions for its improvement. Other requisitions will require time to prepare, but McHenry will furnish Otis with an answer as soon as possible.
September 6, 1793 Governor of Georgia writes to Secretary at War regarding Indian hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair tells Secretary Knox that the establishment of a paper peace with the Creeks can be of no duration.
June 14, 1794 Establishment at Presqu' Isle Thomas Mifflin George Washington Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the President of the United States, requarding the suspension of the Presqu' Isle establishment on the western frontiers of Pennsylvania. Such an establishment will likely provoke conflict with the native Indians, particularly the Six Nations.
February 2, 1799 Promotions Frequently Prove More Injurious than Advantageous John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Due to the unsettled state of the military establishment, Hamtramck does not want to be promoted if it is only a temporary measure that could harm his career.
December 5, 1798 Certification of payments; List of deranged officers William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $277.21 in reference to act to ascertain and fix military establishment to all officers deranged.
December 12, 1799 Establishment of a Military Academy George Washington Alexander Hamilton Washington states that while he approves of the establishment of national Military Academy he declines to comment on the proposed plan, a duty that should be carried out by the Secretary of War and Congress.