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February 1, 1798 Muster & Payrolls for January 1798 Staats Morris William Simmons Herewith transmitted are the muster and payrolls for January 1798 along with the appropriate receipts. Nelms has not yet returned and is therefore unpaid.
June 5, 1797 Muster & Payrolls, May 1797 Staats Morris William Simmons Capt. Morris transmits the muster and payrolls of his company for May 1797.
January 30, 1786 Settlement of an Officer's Account John Doyle Joseph Howell The author notes that his receipts were lost along with his baggage but Lt.(?)Doyle made copies of the payrolls so that is the source of the amounts requested here. He also encloses the payrolls for four months' pay for five men but the allowances for enlisting them are not included in the payrolls so those amounts are not part of this claim.
April 2, 1796 Lieutenant Geddis' Payrolls William Simmons Lieut. Simon Geddes Discusses Geddis' pay and the payrolls for the Army detachment under his command
September 27, 1800 A Most Singular Burglary Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams ponders the motives behind the burglary of duplicate payrolls which would seem of little value to anyone other than public officials.
August 31, 1797 Muster & Payrolls, August 1797 Edward Miller William Simmons Enclosed are the muster and payrolls for the recruits at Middletown for August 1797. The payroll amounts to $88.80.
July 19, 1798 Muster Rolls, Payrolls, & Receipt Rolls Griffith James McRee William Simmons Enclosed are the muster and payrolls for the party under McRea's command and the receipt rolls for payments up to 1 April 1798 from which it appears that $21.20 remains in his hands.
June 23, 1793 Blank Pay Rolls Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan wants Howell to send him three or four reams of blank payrolls. Otherwise the payrolls must be made on common paper which will be cumbersome and inconveniente and cannot be made to correspond to the common file.
July 3, 1792 Muster & Payrolls of Detachment at West Point George Fleming Joseph Howell Enclosed are the muster and payrolls for the months of April, May, and June of the detachment of Artillery stationed at West Point.
November 30, 1797 Muster & Payrolls of the Recruits at Middletown Edward Miller William Simmons Enclosed are the muster and payrolls of the recruits at Middletown for November 1797, the pay amounting to $80. Enclosed are letters intended for Capts. William Eaton and William Elliot which should be forwarded to them.
May 10, 1793 Accounting Concerns Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell discusses a number of accounting concerns, including the rounding up of sums of two thirds of a cent and above, the pay of the troops for February, arrears of subsistence due officers for 1791 and 1792, and the absence of a need to include subordinate payrolls when the general payrolls have already been sent.
January 29, 1798 John P. Duvall's defense against charges of misappropriated funds John P. Duvall William Simmons John P. Duvall entreats Simmons to defer any further proceedings against him until he has the opportunity to defend himself against charges that he misappropriated funds. He assures Simmons that he paid every shilling provided by the US to the men whose service to the country was being compensated. Intends to be in Philadelphia next summer and has written to Congressman Macon on the subject. No...
December 1, 1800 Request to Forward Muster and Payrolls of Militia of Johnsonís Expedition William Simmons David Henley Simmons requests that Henley forward muster, payrolls, other documents to establish claims in order to pay militia of Johnson's Expedition.
April 6, 1796 Payrolls for West Point Garrison William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Discusses the pay of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at West Point, the garrison's payroll and muster rolls, and plans for the pay of the garrison in Freeman's absence.
December 13, 1793 Muster, Payrolls and Detention of Pay Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Discusses officers at the Upper Posts of Ohio River. Should be enabled to make out authentic muster and pay rolls. Wants to put that part in train without delaying Captain Crawford's return as they are much in want of money. If they do not execute, the detention of pay will be their fault.
March 22, 1794 Payrolls for the Militia of the Southwestern Territory David Henley Joseph Howell Henley informs Howell that his recent appointment as paymaster was too late to adequately examine the payrolls of eighteen officers of the southwestern militia but he will do so immediately.
January 26, 1801 Simmons Informing Henley of the Correct Balance for his Accounts and Asking Henley to Investigate Possible Forging of Muster Rolls William Simmons David Henley Received letter with payrolls, muster rolls of militia of Johnson's expedition. Has questions and asks for details on some irregularities.
April 4, 1794 Reams of muster an payroll for Swan & Craig Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Howell is sending five reams of muster and payrolls and four reams of blank additions to Caleb Swan, Paymaster to the troops at headquarters, and one ream of muster and payrolls for Isaac Craig at Pittsburgh.
September 1, 1794 Troops Paid, Stoppages to Accounts, Accounts Current Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Paymaster accounts and activities.
July 7, 1800 Returned Account William Simmons David Ames Settlements not considered conclusive.
June 19, 1798 Caleb Swan's Accounts Caleb Swan William Simmons Enclosed are pay warrants No. 598 to No. 608 with payrolls and receipts annexed in the amount of $11,713.73 and an abstract of monies received and billed by Swan up to June 1, 1798.
January 9, 1798 Letter Citation William Simmons Staats Morris Letter Citation.
August 10, 1795 Questionable Names on the Payroll Ebenezer Sproat William Simmons There is some question regarding the authenticity of several names appearing on the payrolls. Sproat says he did not see all of the men sign but the names have been certified by the appropriate magistrates so they should be legimate.
April 29, 1793 Conducting the Security of the Frontier in Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither In the conduct of Indian affairs, Knox directs Major Gaither "to calm every attempt to raise a storm....and let this idea govern all your conduct" Knox calls the robbery and murder at Traders Hill the actions of marauders and not part of a large design of the Creeks generally. The propriety of calling out militia cavalry and horsemen may be justly questioned. Expresses concern about the expense....
August 4, 1797 Rivardi's Relinquishment of Pay Caleb Swan William Simmons Enclosed is a copy of Major Rivardi's reqlinquishment of a certain part of his pay. Since he is going to Niagara to command it is probable that Swan will no longer examine his payrolls and therefore passes along this seasonable information.