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September 7, 1798 Death Is Still Making Havoc Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Aside from noting that the Charleville muskets to be used as a pattern have been forwarded, Hodgdon laments the losses due to the fever infecting Philadelphia.
October 22, 1798 With Considerable Zeal and Detail, Hodgdon Defends Himself Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. In a six-page letter, Hodgdon energetically defends himself with regard to Wolcott's complaints and threats related to the availability of muskets for patterns and related supply concerns.
November 12, 1798 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores Jonathan Jackson Samuel Hodgdon Replies to Hodgdon's letter by informing him that the articles turned out right according to invoice. Mentions that he has been absent from his office for awhile due to the late epidemic.
September 14, 1796 Pattern Articles for Sergeants' and Musicians' Clothing James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Pattern articles should be made of the sergeants' and musicians' clothing to be inspected by the persons willing to contract for the production of those items. The patterns must be of the same quality that will be required of the contractors.
August 5, 1794 Requests Pattern of Carriage Wheels Tench Coxe Henry Knox Requests pattern of carriage wheels.
October 5, 1798 Origins of Arms Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the origins of the sundry arms located in the stores of the United States.
July 5, 1799 Regarding Replacement of Poor Quality Shoes James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses the poor quality of recently procured shoes and the procurement of a new order of shoes based a different pattern.
December 11, 1794 Work at the Springfield Armory David Ames Samuel Hodgdon The Master Armorer has arrived at Springfield and wants to be accommodated with one of the public houses for his family. Ames wants to know if their armory work should imitate the French or the English and what pieces should be done first and whether they should be black walnut.
June 7, 1798 Implementing new dress, regulations, and merit James McHenry Rufus King Secretary McHenry discusses new military dress and regulations.
September 28, 1798 Replacing Privates' Clothing with Sergeants' Clothing Samuel Hodgdon John Swan Hodgdon proposes sending sergeants' clothing in place of privates clothing which is in short supply. Though the clothing for sergeants is more expensive there is not much difference between the two.
June 7, 1794 Requests Patterns for Iron Ballasts Tench Francis Henry Knox Requests pattern for pieces of iron ballast for frigates for government contractors.
April 1, 1799 Requests Order for Cartouch Boxes Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that the cartouch box he had made has been approved. Wonders if a contract should be drawn for the manufacture of 20,000 to supply the public store. He'll have 6 more boxes ready for patterns. Properly seasoned wood will be supplied by the public store.
October 26, 1798 Pattern Muskets Intended for Providence Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon wants to know what has become of the pattern muskets sent to Smith to be forwarded to Providence. When Smith finds them, he is to ensure that the muskets are in perfect order since they are to be used as patterns.
November 12, 1799 Standards for Contracts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Notification of shipment of Clarksville manufactory muskets under the care of the Quartermaster General to be used as patterns for the manufacture of other contracted arms by Albert Gallatin.
September 11, 1798 Locating New Charleville Muskets, Etc. George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon An examination of the small arms in the arsenal at West Point demonstrates that there are no new Charleville muskets on hand. All such muskets have been used and repaired so none are fit to be patterns. In 1793, in response to an order by General Knox, Fleming sent 1000 new Charlevile arms to Albany. Mr. Cranch says that he saw about 5000 new Charleville arms at the Springfield arsenal.
April 17, 1795 Replying to an inquiry as to the dimensions of shot and kentledge Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Hodgdon answers Pickering's request for information regarding the dimensions and weight of shot and kentledge.
September 12, 1798 Expenditures at Pittsburgh, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Hodgdon observes that the money in General Nevil's hands should cover the expenditures at Pittsburgh which will prevent Major Craig from drawing elsewhere until that sum is expended.
December 6, 1798 Defects in Pattern Muskets Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Williams Despite his efforts to be minute and particular, Hodgdon laments the fact that the pattern muskets delivered to him are imperfect in comparison to the ones sent to Springfield.
May 24, 1799 Hats Delivered with Furniture Complete, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton will confer with Colonel Smith on the appointment of his major and discusses the nature of the hats to be delivered to officers.
December 7, 1798 Delivery of Watch Coats Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to deliver watch coats to Boston and Portland, Mass..
[not available] Observations on Vouchers Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Hodgdon furnishes explanations regarding vouchers that were presumably contested by William Simmons in the accountant's office.
January 8, 1799 Letter Citation Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Wadsworth, 01/15/1799. Advises McHenry that contractors have completed manufacture of one thousand swords and desire that they be inspected before they are delivered. The contractors want a contract for another one thousand swords.
September 29, 1798 Sergeants' Clothing in Place of Privates' Clothing Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Jackson Hodgdon informs Jackson that, having no privates' vests, shirts, or woolen overalls in store, he has elected to forward sergeants' clothing instead. It costs more but there is little difference between the two types of clothing.
January 15, 1799 Instructions for Inspection of New Swords, Scabbards, & Belts James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Informs Wadsworth of arrangements to inspect an order of new swords, scabbards, and belts. Asks Wadsworth to act as middleman in communicating this to the contractors.
September 4, 1798 Contract between Wolcott and Rhodes, Tyler for manufacture of muskets [not available] [not available] Contract between Wolcott and William Rhodes and William Tyler for manufacture of 2000 muskets.