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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 7, 1798 Recommendation for Employment in Public Works Edward Lynch Samuel Hodgdon Recommends Jonathan Phillips for employment in public works.
February 22, 1787 Reference for Payson for Employment Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox sends a letter by Payson, who is in need of employment. Knox recommends him for a position in the quartermaster or commissary departments, under Lincoln's patronage.
February 20, 1789 Lincoln Seeks Washington's Patronage Relative to a Position in the Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln expresses his delight that Washington has been elected president. He has accepted the office of lieutenant governor of Massachusetts out of a sense of public service rather than out a desire for the position and would prefer employment with the central government.
December 17, 1789 Forwarding Letters to Kentucky Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Due to no formal mode of mail delivery Knox enclosed public letters for people in Kentucky with request to forward and deliver.
January 20, 1790 Richard solicits appointment from Knox William Richard Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment in the Revenue department; mentions Constitution.
January 17, 1790 Newman solicits an appointment from Knox Samuel Newman Henry Knox In this letter Samuel Newman asks Henry Knox for a military appointment.
January 12, 1792 Knox makes recommendation to Lincoln Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Knox writes to Lincoln to secure employment for the son of Pierce.
August 25, 1789 Parker requests appointment from Knox E. Parker Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment.
April 18, 1799 Cheaper Gun Carriages Robert Boyd Alexander Hamilton Boyd assures Hamilton that he could arrange for the production of gun carraiges for the vessels under construction at a cheaper rate than is currently being paid.
July 20, 1789 Fitzsimmons recommends Hall to Knox for appointment Thomas Fitzsimmons Henry Knox Letter, Fitzsimmons recommends Hall to Knox.
December 12, 1792 In Support of Hodgdon Samuel Colesworthy Samuel Hodgdon Colesworthy regrets he cannot do more to help Hodgdon but hopes that Congress will decide in his favor.
April 15, 1790 Edwards solicits an appointment from Knox Richard Edwards Henry Knox Letter, asks for military appointment.
June 26, 1790 Breck recommends John Irving to Knox Samuel Breck Henry Knox Letter, recommends John Irving for federal appointment.
February 6, 1790 Warren solicits a military appointment from Knox Winslow Warren Henry Knox Letter, asks for military appointment.
December 22, 1790 Barrett solicits the advice of Knox Samuel Barrett Henry Knox Letter, asks for advice re application to federal appointments.
December 31, 1788 Jackson Seeks the Secretaryship of the New Senate William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln Jackson asks for Lincoln's support in his quest for the position of secretary of the senate in the new government, which he sees as opening the door to a practice in the federal courts.
January 19, 1797 Letter to the Secretary at War Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter, asks for consideration of widow's claim.
May 20, 1790 Joy makes recommendation to Knox George Joy Henry Knox Letter, recommends applicant for command of a Cutter.
May 28, 1789 Autograph Letter Signed, Constant Freeman to Henry Knox Constant Freeman Henry Knox Letter, asks for civil appointment.
August 8, 1800 EXTRACT: Retention of Van Rensselear James Wilkinson James McHenry Advises retention of Major Van Renssalear despite the disbanding of some military units.
May 25, 1790 Thomas solicits an appointment from Knox Alexander Thomas Henry Knox Thomas seeks the aid of Knox in finding an appointment
December 4, 1793 Instructions to the Commissioners Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Instructions to Benjamin Lincoln, Beverley Randolph, and Timothy Pickering, Commissioners appointed for treating with the Indians northwest of the Ohio.
June 18, 1789 Samuel Baire solicits a federal appointment from Washington Samuel Baire George Washington Letter, discusses depreciation of currency; discusses financial impact of Revoultionary War; asks for federal appointment.