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May 6, 1791 Transporting Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig "Bearer comes forward with stores answering for the enclosed invoice," Hodgdon requests inspection of pack saddles.
August 27, 1791 Pack Horses [not available] Arthur St. Clair Account, pay due Army officers.
September 30, 1791 Strength of the Pack Horses, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Richard Burton Among other assurances, Hodgdon affirms that the pack horses will be up to the rigors of the approaching frontier campaign.
[not available] Estimate of Quartermaster's Stores to be Procured in Kentucky [not available] [not available] Estimate of quarter master's stores to be procured in Kentucky or in the vicinity of the Army.
May 19, 1791 Craig gives report of arms delivered to Secretary at War Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig informs Knox that arms have been delivered to the companies under the command of Captains Powers and Slough. Craig notes that blankets and clothing has arrived at Fort Pitt but not tents. Craig also mentions need to repair pack saddles.
1796 Estimate of Quartermaster Expenditures for 1796 [not available] [not available] Estimate for expenditures in the Quartermaster's department at Pittsburgh during third quarter for 1796.
June 24, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on state of supply and logistics problems in preparation for St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon is quartermaster for St Clair expedition. He laments the timeliness of the posts and wishes to receive his returns before going forward. Knapsacks of questionable utility. Boots necessary for the horsemen. Have spurs been ordered? Pack saddles already considered. Mentions tents, price and quality; refers to Russia sheeting. Questions whether tents will come forward. Hodgdon's wagon not...
August 30, 1793 Letters; Boat Loads; Construction at Wheeling Isaac Craig Henry Knox Has sent forward letters to Headquarters by express for Fort Washington. On board he has sent wagons, their apparatus, and pack saddles. Harness's made for tumbrells. Return of stores received. Boats ready but cannot carry full loads as Ohio River is low. Building at Wheeling going on with all possible expedition.
November 2, 1786 Estimate for cost of saddles Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for furnishing one hundred and twenty light horsemen's saddles
October 1, 1800 Delivery of Saddles, Bridles, Leather Halters to Quarter Master General Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of saddles, bridles, leather halters to Quarter Master General.
July 23, 1792 Extract of letter from Jonathan Dayton Esquire to Secretary of War regarding purchase of horseman's saddles Jonathan Dayton Henry Knox Dayton states that he and Captain Stake have examined the horseman's saddles and have found them to be of good quality and well adapted for the dragoon service. There are 14 saddles and he recommends they be purchased from Mr. Williamson for 6 dollars each. In subsequent letter, Henry Knox asks 'Dayton to request that Williamson ship the saddles to Samuel Hodgdon for payment.
May 15, 1799 Requests Money to Pay James & William Pack according to the Treaty at Tallico David Henley James McHenry Requests money to pay James and William Pack.
[not available] Saddles from New York John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed letter contains necessary information on saddles, no invoice for shoes however a bill was transmitted as was given to Capt. Freeman.
June 22, 1791 Shipment of Goods to Pittsburg Unknown Author Samuel Hodgdon In this unsigned copy of document to Samuel Hodgdon, author informs that Mr Colesworthy, the bearer of this letter, sets off for Pittsburg next day. Discusses purchase of mare, bridle, saddle, saddle bags, and various shipments of stores. Has been so busy, has not been able to make out the returns. Some cavalry bridles are missing. Provides a detail of principal articles, to include horseman and...
September 29, 1800 Delivery of Saddles and Uniforms Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of saddles and uniforms to Quarter Master General John Wilkins, for delivery to Washington.
July 25, 1792 Saddles for Dragoons Henry Knox Jonathan Dayton Second of two extracts in this Document. Secretary Knox directs Mr. Williamson to ship the saddles to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military stores.
July 23, 1792 Saddles for Dragoons Jonathan Dayton Henry Knox Agreeable to Dayton's request, Capt. John Stake examined the saddles offered for sale at the tavern by Mr. Williamson. He found them of good quality and well adapted for use by dragoons. They are fourteen in number and offered at the moderate price of six dollars each. Stake recommends that they be purchased. They should be shipped to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores.
September 6, 1793 Important Dispatches Not Properly Conveyed Henry Knox Isaac Craig Secretary Knox Is apprehensive that Major Craig forwarded an important packet on a loaded boat. All express boats should be light and well armed. Gives instructions to push off everything for Headquarters except a light armed boat with dispatches. Clothing to be smoked must be marked to inform the Quarter Master General.
April 11, 1793 Additional supplies to be furnished at Pittsburgh Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of additional supplies to be furnished at Pittsburg (presumably for 1793).
1792 Estimate of Supplies required in the Quartermaster's line for 1792 Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies required in the quartermaster Lines for 1792. Lists equipment with required numbers.
June 9, 1791 Supplies and Defense of the Frontier Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Arrival and location of materials and supplies for campaign west to establish posts. Noted status of regular troops called up to defend frontier.
December 26, 1791 An Estimate of the Expenses of an Army Organized to the Following Arrangements Henry Knox [not available] Knox's detailed accounting of the expenses required to pay the officers and men for an army of five thousand one hundred and sixty-eight. Lists number of men per rank in each division and their pay per month and per annum.
May 3, 1795 Purchasing 600 Pack Horses, Etc. Daniel Haragan Samuel Hodgdon Haragan has written to Colonel O'Hara advising him that two of his bills should be presented for payment to Smith & Findlay. He needs ten thousand dollars to puchase six hundred pack horses as ordered by the Commander in Chief.
September 22, 1792 Disappointment Over Lack of Remittances Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Expresses disappointment over lack of remittances. Has borrowed money from friends. Reports that pack horseman named Gettimy is asking for pay.
May 10, 1791 Delivery of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Two loads of public stores delivered. Specifications of saddles, bridles, and halters for dragoons. Remaining accoutrements to arrive in next wagon.