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August 27, 1791 Pack Horses [not available] Arthur St. Clair Account, pay due Army officers.
September 30, 1791 Strength of the Pack Horses, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Richard Burton Among other assurances, Hodgdon affirms that the pack horses will be up to the rigors of the approaching frontier campaign.
April 20, 1792 Pack Horses, Kettle, and Bridle John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith admits that he cannot do justice by Hodgdon's horses so he will send 16 along with the pack horses. He is also sending by the bearer the kettle the lard was sent in and the bridle that was left with Hodgdon.
November 2, 1792 Return of Wagons, Horses, and Oxen James O'Hara Henry Knox Return of wagons, horses, and oxen at western posts. Distinguishes between wagon horses, pack horses, and saddle horses.
April 18, 1793 Maintenance of Superfluous Pack-Horses Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton questions the expenditure for 450 pack-horses when there are a considerable number of such horses that survived the St. Clair campaign and are available for use. The maintenance of a superflous number of packhorses should be considered a waste of public money.
May 17, 1794 Discusses Pack Horses; Encloses Returns James O'Hara Henry Knox Refers to request for pack horses by General Wayne. Explains estimates with potential casualties and savages. Discusses use of horses. Encloses general returns.
May 3, 1795 Purchasing 600 Pack Horses, Etc. Daniel Haragan Samuel Hodgdon Haragan has written to Colonel O'Hara advising him that two of his bills should be presented for payment to Smith & Findlay. He needs ten thousand dollars to puchase six hundred pack horses as ordered by the Commander in Chief.
February 2, 1792 Keeping the Horses Well John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith announces that he has purchased the blades of five acres which when added to what he has at home will, with corn, keep Hodgdon's horses well. The stable will be satisfactory for the prime horses and Smith would like to be furnished with a horse for his own use. The horses should be sent immediately and the pack horses will be provided for as well. He has nothing to say about prices but...
July 10, 1793 Discusses Horses James O'Hara James Wilkinson Refers to guide for the movement of the army and Wilkinson's superior knowledge of the local area. Worries that articles will fall short. Has instructed wagon masters at Fort Hamilton how to care for horses and oxen in their charge. Seeks approval for saddle horses. Discusses sending pack horses to Fort Hamilton with corn.
August 7, 1795 Transportation of Mail John Park Samuel Hodgdon Craig advised that mail to Presque Isle should be sent by land and ordered the immediate purchase of thirty pack horses. Advised purchase was made under the assumption that money from Hodgdon would have arrived by mail. Park uncertain of how to proceed.
December 4, 1791 Mistake in Forwarding Clothing, Etc. John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Armstrong is sorry that a mistake was made in forwarding the clothing brought by the pack horses. He will ask the General to let him have shirts and shoes from the stores at Fort Hamilton to be replaced by his shirts and shoes from Fort Washington. Included in the return of the pack horses are one anvil, two vices, twenty axes, and two casks of nails.
November 17, 1792 Uneasy Hours for Want of Funds Major John Belli Henry Knox Deputy Quartermaster General Belli lists the amounts transmitted to sundry contractors and laments the shortage of funds which makes it difficult even to buy pack horses.
November 2, 1792 Discusses Need for Horses and Oxen James O'Hara Henry Knox Encloses a return of horses, oxen, and wagon, which he believes will set to rest any concerns about extravagance. There are five teams currently working to supply fuel to the camp and garrison, and even those are not sufficient so that O'Hara has hired additional help on occasion. Pack horses needed to fulfill orders of the Commander in Chief for delivering forage to forts. The only way to...
August 7, 1795 Purchase of Thirty Pack Horses Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon The clerk has received a letter from Major Craig in which he expresses the need to purchase thirty additional pack horses for the journey from Pittsburgh to Presq'Isle. Since no money has been received from Hodgdon, the clerk has borrowed money for that purpose with the promise of immediate re-payment. All of this has lead to the delay of the purchase.
June 27, 1791 Letter from John Acheson to Samuel Hodgdon on delivery of horses John Acheson Samuel Hodgdon Acheson discusses the forwarding of horses. The boats for transport are ready, but the Monongahela river is too low. Will embrace first opportunity to forward horses to Pittsburgh.
July 14, 1791 Clothing, Shoes & Deficient Pack Horses, Etc. Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon The shoes and clothing, but not the colors, will soon be in motion and if the pack horses should be deficient, the General will direct Hodgdon to furnish the necessary number. Mr. Swan, if he accepts employent, and Captain Houdin will set out today.
[not available] Estimate of Quartermaster's Stores to be Procured in Kentucky [not available] [not available] Estimate of quarter master's stores to be procured in Kentucky or in the vicinity of the Army.
July 10, 1791 Supplies Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Clothing has been shipped, request for report on pack horses performance. Noted Mr. Swan not yet returned from Maryland.
November 4, 1792 Troops Taken Prisoner, Information Gathered, Situation Unsafe for Travel James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson now commanding Fort Hamilton provided intelligence gathered by Lieut. Gaines during his outing with a search party for captured soldiers. Kentucky volunteers and pack horses to arrive at Fort Jefferson tomorrow, main road unsafe for travel.
July 11, 1797 Request for Horses Thomas Lewis James McHenry Letter, asks for horses.
June 30, 1791 Letter from Secretary of War Henry Knox to Samuel Hodgdon Quartermaster to Army of U.S. and paymaster: on provisions and pay of officers and troops in preparation for St Clair expedition Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Knox requests that Indian goods be forwarded to Headquarters. Contractor is to transport provisions on the expedition. Discusses pack and artillery horses. If more horses are purchased, may be used for transport of provisions in case of failure by contractors. Paymaster has forwarded Hodgdon large sum of money to be paid to the warrants of commanding General Butler. Discusses pay advances and...
November 1791 Supplies, Rations, & Horses for the St. Clair Expedition Samuel Hodgdon Richard Harrison Hodgdon discusses in detail the issues related to supplies, rations, and horses during St. Clair's expedition against the Indians of the Ohio Country.
June 22, 1791 Report on State of Readiness Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the state of readiness of his men, horses, and supplies.
November 2, 1792 Logistical Needs of Wayne's Army Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses his many logistical needs, especially the need for pack horses. The need for grain is acute, complicated by the fact that the river is too low to be used for the transport of supplies.
October 26, 1792 Requisitions, returns, and expenditures Henry Knox James O'Hara Requisition for $50,000 will be considered and transmitted to Treasury. Asks for returns of pack horses, oxen carts, wagons in service, and object for which employed. Asks for an abstract specifying objects and amount of payments made.