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May 24, 1791 Smith & Shepherd's Contract for Clothing Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Smith & Shepherd have completed their contact for the clothing for the levies and Mr. Hodgdon has receipted to them for same. Some of the articles were not equal to the pattern and others were superior but on the whole Hodgdon judges that Smith & Shepherd have successfully executed their contract. Additional overalls have been commissioned so that the soldiers will have clean pairs.
July 6, 1791 Return of Clothing Forwarded to Pittsburg William Knox Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing includes hats, coats, vests, stocks, shirts, shoes, drilling overalls, sheeting, blankets, pouches and horns.
May 20, 1790 Samuel Hodgdon's Receipt for Clothing Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg Return of clothing received of Smith & Sheppard for the use of the Levy Troops, Philadelphia May 20th 1791.
June 24, 1791 Letter from Samuel Hodgdon to William Knox on state of supply and logistics problems in preparation for St Clair expedition Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon is quartermaster for St Clair expedition. He laments the timeliness of the posts and wishes to receive his returns before going forward. Knapsacks of questionable utility. Boots necessary for the horsemen. Have spurs been ordered? Pack saddles already considered. Mentions tents, price and quality; refers to Russia sheeting. Questions whether tents will come forward. Hodgdon's wagon not...
May 20, 1791 United States Account with Smith & Shepherd Edward Nixon Nicholas Eveleigh Balance due Smith & Shepherd for clothing and articles delivered.
June 18, 1791 Cost of sundry supplies Quartermaster General's Department [not available] Estimate of money due in the Quarter Master's Department.
June 14, 1797 Delivery of Material for Garrison Flag James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver materials for making flags to Governor's Island, New York, with list.
November 23, 1798 Delivery of Overalls James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver overalls pattern to New York.
September 29, 1800 Delivery of Material for Uniforms Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of material for uniforms.
July 2, 1791 Orders to Issue Overalls Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Delivery of overall, request for documentation of disbursement.
November 1, 1799 Delivery of Overalls Ammended Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Bass Orders to deliver sixty-two rather than seventy pairs of overalls.
May 20, 1791 Clothing and Articles from Smith & Shepherd Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg As inspector, Hodgdon has examined the clothing and other articles received from Smith and Shepherd under their contract with the public. He finds many of the coats deficient in size and others inferior to the pattern and others coarse in the extreme. The shirts are equal to the pattern but many of the shoes are too small for soldiers.
May 14, 1798 Request for Issue of Infantry Overalls to Make Up for Lack of Artillerist Overalls James McHenry John Harris Directs that infantry overalls be issued to artillerists, as none of the latter pattern are currently in store.
October 1, 1796 Report on Elections, Russia William Vans Murray James McHenry Murray is addressing the current standings in an election; he goes on to discuss the character of society, and savage and refined nations. He also seems to allude to Russia, mentioning Peter and other czars.
November 24, 1798 Overalls for the Men Samuel Hodgdon Amos Stoddard Hodgdon has shipped a small number of overalls to Capt. Stoddard so that his men will not be over-exposed.
January 11, 1799 Receipt for Overalls Frederick Frye Ebenezer Stevens Frye confirms receipt of 120 pairs of overalls for the use of his Company of the First Regiment of Artillerists stationed at Governors Island. Overalls are part of the uniform allowed by the government for said troops.
November 10, 1791 Transport of Supplies Henry Knox Isaac Craig With some delay, woolen overalls and a medicine chest en route to Pittsburgh.
June 25, 1792 Overalls for Matthew Murray John Stagg William Knox Knox is directed to deliver to Matthew Murray one pair of woolen overalls and one pair of linen overalls, being deficient articles of clothing due him according to the enclosed certificate from Lt. Russell Bissell of the 2nd Regiment at Fort Washington.
November 10, 1792 Regarding the Rejection of Woolen Overalls Henry Knox Isaac Craig Knox expresses surprise over the rejection of woolen overalls, since he took measures to have them inspected. It had been reported to him that every article passed inspection.
June 30, 1791 Troops & Supplies for the Expedition Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox reports on the progress of sundry battalions and the availability of supplies, equipage, and provisions for the expedition against the Western Indians.
March 11, 1799 Want of Sergeant's Clothing and Private's Overalls Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon Kalteisen requests a supply of clothing, especially sergeant's clothing and private's overalls. The reason he needs overalls is his loan of same to Capain Huger who received none in his shipment of clothing.
November 1, 1799 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs preparation of woolen overalls for company at Baltimore.
June 19, 1799 Procuring Woolen Overalls for the Troops James McHenry William Simmons Ebenezer Stevens was asked to procure woolen overalls for the troops in the harbor of New York and at West Point. However, he was informed by Simmons that supplying overalls was not credited to his account. Stevens should be informed of the course he should pursue to settle this matter.
October 16, 1799 Men are destitute of shirts, overalls, and shoes... Nehemiah Freeman Alexander Hamilton "...In August last I made out a return of clothing that would be due to my company on the first of the present month. The men...all are destitute of shirts, overalls, and shoes...We claim arrearages of pay from the 30th of June."
November 23, 1791 Arrangements for Overalls Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Requesting a pair of overalls. Makes arrangements to deliver item and pay for them before Colonel Darke departs.