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July 13, 1791 Red Jacket's Speech Red Jacket [not available] In his speech, Red Jacket discusses the peace talks, the British forces on the frontier, British and Indian relations, and Indian independence.
February 7, 1784 Speech to the Shawnee Nation James Wilkinson [not available] Speech to Shawnee chiefs and warriors informing them of the peace treaty signed between Great Britain and the United States. Wilkinson asks the Shawnee to join in a "chain of friendship" with the Americans.
May 26, 1790 Regarding pay of La Neuville brothers Henry Knox Joseph Howell The War Secretary requests information on the La Neuville brothers, foreign officers who left the service prior to 1780. Asks whether or not they had the depreciation of pay made good to them.
May 7, 1799 Recruiting Efforts for Captain Brothers and Captain Beatty James McHenry Carvel Hall Speaks of recruiting efforts for Captain Brothers in Hagers Town and Captain Beatty at Frederick Town.
April 12, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Vincent Simmons directs Vincent to forward the records of Major Valentine Brothers.
August 2, 1793 Verification of Reduction in Force Henry Knox Collector, Inspector, & Warden of the Port of Philadelphia The President has requested that the Collector, Inspector, and Warden board the British ship "Jane" and verify whether the reduction in force nas actually been carried out as specified to the British Consul General. The captain of the ship claims that the additional hands are real British subjects but proof of that statement is required.
June 1, 1795 Transporting Military Stores to Shepherdstown Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of military stores located at Frederickstown, Maryland that should be transported to Shepherdstown so that the expense of keeping them there does not exceed their value.
August 28, 1792 Stolen Horses Returned and Indian Relations with U.S. John Kinnard [not available] Stolen horses retrieved from the towns of Cheehaws and Telhuanas, assured "brothers" that head men do not send Indians to steal white mens' horses. Horses sent to Capt. Fleming who will return them to rightful owners. Thought it appropriate to pay Indians who collected horses.
July 24, 1792 Letter to the Wyachtenos and other tribes living on the Wabash River Rufus Putnam [not available] "Brothers: I am on my way to you from the great council fire of the United States, where the great and good chief, General Washington, resides. I am coming with the wishes of his heart to you which are very good, and which I hope will make your heart rejoice, when you hear them. Brothers: Out of love to you I am come this long way. I wish you to become a happy people; and, believe me, nothing...
1796 Description of British gun ship War Department [not available] Describes a British gun ship.
November 16, 1796 Pledges Allegiance to Warriors; Refers to work with British and Americans [not available] [not available] Refers to battles fought. Reports on new relationships with Whites, including false agents. Also fought for the British and worked with British Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Can produce testimonial from the Americans. Pledges allegiance to his true brethren, Indian warriors.
October 30, 1790 Provisions for the Senecas Timothy Pickering Chiefs of the Seneca Nation Captain Ross, a trusted men, has been directed to travel to the Painted Post to provide beef, corn, and meal for the Indians. It is hoped that this will provide proof of the good will of the United States.
April 30, 1795 Regarding Book of Regulations in British Navy Timothy Pickering Captain Samuel Nicholson Pickering informs Captain Nicholson, who evidently borrowed the Book of Regulations for the British Navy, that he would like it returned when the time approaches for manning the frigates.
1794 British fort at Sandusky [not available] [not available] General Israel Chapin informs Knox that the British have begun to erect a fort at Sandusky. The British are much alarmed at the garrisoning of Presqu' Isle, and endeavor to persuade the Indians that the property at that place was fraudulently purchased.
November 1796 On Breaking Alliance with British, and Establishing Friendship with United States Blue Jacket Chief of the Shawnees President of the United States Indian chief Blue Jacket, of the Shawnees, relates how he and his people once fought for the British, having been urged to do so by them; now cites deception by the British and wishes only friendship with the Americans. Submits a testimonial of friendship with the English king; now states that he will throw that one away in return for a similar document from the U.S. President.
July 13, 1791 Peace Talks of the Six Nations Good Peter [not available] Good Peter discusses the peace talks of the Six Nations.
February 15, 1797 Enclosing a memorandum on British block house James McHenry Robert Liston Encloses a memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
August 22, 1794 British post at the Miami William Campbell Anthony Wayne Major William Campbell, commander of an allegedly illegal British fort along the banks of the Miami, responds to Major General Anthony Wayne's assertion that the erection of the post was an act of hostility and aggression. States that he does not want conflict with the United States, but that Wayne's letter was insulting to the British flag and King.
August 13, 1793 Message to the Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Chiefs and Warriors Council of Indian Nations at Rapids of Miami River Message sent to Indian Nations represented at the Council at the Rapids of the Miami River. Request an answer. Message relates to disputes over the boundary line.
February 28, 1793 Relations with British in Canada Henry Knox William Hull Secretary Knox discusses treaty proceedings and the error in designating the place of treaty, attributable to interpreter error. Mentions Canada Governor Simcoe and his passage of the United States Commissioners from Niagara to Sandusky. Advises to keep the peace with the British in Canada. States "the United States are at perfect peace with the British Government."
June 9, 1797 Reports Return from Sea; Exchange with Pickering and British Officer William Vans Murray James McHenry Reports safe landing after two months at sea. Reports exchange with a British officer and Pickering.
February 28, 1795 British Post Built on Miamis Timothy Pickering Thomas Jefferson Enclosed depositions sent from Gen. Wayne relative to the British post recently established on the Miamis.
May 8, 1797 Regarding the care of British deserters James McHenry Charles Lee Request for the Attorney General's opinion on how to handle the care of three British deserters under Vice Admiral Vanderput. McHenry raises the question of sovereignty and weighs the various reactions of Britain in the event of the United States offering the deserters protection.
June 5, 1791 COPY: Request to Five Nations for Assistance Major General Richard Butler [not available] Request to Five Nations to accompany De Bartzet and Governor St. Clair to deal with hostile western tribes.
July 27, 1793 Speech from the Confederate Indians at Miami Rapids General Council of Indians Commissioners Speech of the Confederate Indians at the Miami Rapids to the U.S. Commissioners of Indian Affairs, where they ask if the United States government will honor the boundary set forth in the Treaty of Fort Stanwick, the Ohio River.