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August 16, 1799 Promises to Send Requested Papers; Recommends Mr. Physick Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Is not able to look up and forward the requested papers. Sends plans and original notes, which may be helpful, and will forward papers as they become available. Has spoken with agent Mr. Physick, whom he judges to be an able public servant. Acknowledges Parker's desire to be employed and will communicate as soon as possible.
October 20, 1800 Simmons Requests that Smith Forward Important Papers of Elias B. Dayton William Simmons William S. Smith Simmons wrote to Elias B. Dayton regarding some original papers which are vital to the admission of his accounts. Dayton's reply informed Simmons that they are in Smith's possession and that Dayton asked Smith to transfer them. However, writes Simmons, Smith conceived that these papers were his vouchers for the orders which he drew, and as a result Smith did not feel he had the authorization to...
June 11, 1787 Regarding wages due to Benjamin Durrell Jeremiah Hills John Pierce Mentions that he wrote regarding wages due to Benjamin Durrell. Pierce's answer was that there is pay due to Durrell. Hill sent the papers required, but has heard nothing back on the matter.
May 13, 1788 Enclosed papers of Joseph Clay John Pierce Nathaniel Pendleton Encloses the original papers respecting the business of Joseph Clay, as requested by Pendleton.
January 6, 1789 Captain Taliaferro account Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Reports appealing to accounts of Mr. Harrison and obtained original papers alluded to in Harrison's certificate and received to Captain Taliaferro.
May 5, 1788 Settlement of Captain Jones account Joseph Howell Margaret Jones From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Requests papers in the possession of Margaret Jones needed to settle her late husband's account.
May 15, 1793 Original Receipts Required Joseph Howell Henry Knox Executive cannot reimburse Virginia without original receipts from the expenses accrued for the protection of the frontier.
May 5, 1799 Original bills should not be honored or paid. Isaac Guion James McHenry Captain Guion discusses his paymaster's account which was complicated by the violent theft of the original bills from the express on his way from Loftus Heights. The replacement bills should be honored while the original bills, having been stolen, should not be honored.
April 2, 1799 Original Letters from General Wilkinson James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry sends copies of seven original letters from General Wilkisnon from which Hamilton can take extracts as needed.
October 6, 1794 Papers regarding the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander James Dallas Alexander Hamilton Transmits, for the perusal of President George Washington, the original papers received by James Lang from the County of Fayette, Pennsylvania, along with a copy of the answer from Governor Thomas Mifflin. Lang was one of the committee of conference appointed by the insurgents of western Pennsylvania during the Whiskey Rebellion to confer with the commissioners of the United States.
January 16, 1800 General Washington's Papers Tobias Lear Alexander Hamilton Lear assures Hamilton that he shall deal with General Washington's papers with the utmost care and discretion with the most sacred of them being delivered to Judge Washington. He asks if any of Washington's recent military papers need to be sent to Hamilton or someone else in the military.
July 3, 1799 Courts-martial and infractions of military discipline Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Routine correspondence concerning courts-martial and infractions of military discipline
February 20, 1799 Hagner's Statement: Confrontation Between Samuel Vance & William Simmons Peter Hagner [not available] This is a formal statement by Peter Hagner regarding the confrontation between William Simmons and Captain Samuel Vance in which Vance accused Simmons of being a villain.
September 27, 1800 Burglary of the Superintendent's Office James Byers William Simmons It appears that the office of the Superintendent of Arms at Springfield has been broken open and considerable depredations made on his papers. This burlary occurred six to eight weeks ago but recently was leaked out by General Sheppard. The missing papers relate to charges brought against someone so Simmons should be wary of the authenticity of papers presented to him by that person.
June 5, 1800 Papers enroute to Washington Peter Hagner David Ames Cannot provide information requested until papers from office arrive at Washington.
June 7, 1800 Enclosed papers James McHenry General Dickinson The former Secretary at War encloses papers to General Dickinson, which he hopes Dickinson will receive in confidence and return to McHenry tomorrow.
August 19, 1791 Mitchell sends copy of Machiavelli to Knox Sam Mitchell Henry Knox Letter, discusses Machiavelli's Art of War.
September 24, 1788 Papers not admissible as vouchers Joseph Howell Major Croghan Encloses papers and says they are not admissible as vouchers in the settlement of accounts.
June 1, 1798 Contents & Value of the Missing Box Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon cautions that one of Major Swan's ten boxes is missing and it is essential, prior to settling George Rictchie's account, to know the contents and value of the missing box.
February 20, 1799 Statement Regarding the Confrontation between Vance and Simmons John Abbot [not available] Abbot, a clerk in the Accountant's office, gives his formal statement regarding tthe confrontation between Capt. Vance and William Simmons, in which Vance accused Simmons of being a rascal.
June 3, 1785 No release of papers until rent is paid John Pierce Joseph Howell Mr. Owen will not let the papers go out of the office until the rent is paid. Pierce says he is answerable to it. Has hitherto had a fine passage. P.S., has enough money if Howell would advance the money so papers can be removed.
March 8, 1792 de la Roche returns legal documents to Knox J. de la Roche Henry Knox Letter, de la Roche returns an indenture unsigned to Knox.
May 15, 1800 On the removal of offices from Philadelphia for the summer James McHenry Benjamin Stoddert Mentions that the President has requested a meeting with the Heads of Departments to determine a time for the removal of offices from Philadelphia during the summer fever season. McHenry tells Stoddert that given his soon-to-come resignation, he will not need to be consulted on this issue.
November 26, 1793 Genet affair John Jay Alexander Hamilton Letter from John Jay to Alexander Hamilton. Asks that Hamilton and Knox have a certificate concerning Genet's statement printed in the Philadelphia papers. As soon as Jay and King receive it, they will republish Hamilton and Knox's statement with one of their own. Genet denies that he would appeal over the President to the people.
November 6, 1788 Letter from Doctor Philip Turner requesting papers Benjamin Huntington Joseph Howell Refers to letter he delivered to Howell from Turner with some papers enclosed. Asks that Howell transmit those papers to Huntington by way of Captain Niles.