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March 16, 1798 Destitute of Company & Orderly Books, Sealing Wax, & Red Ink Powder Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, asks for stationery supplies.
July 12, 1799 Instructions for Purchasing Orderly Books for 13th Regiment James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Notifies Wadsworth that he has directed the Superintendent of Military Stores to provide Wadsworth with information on the type of orderly books to be procured for the equipping of the Thirteenth Regiment.
July 6, 1799 Cited letter or document, Jeremiah Wadsworth to James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth James McHenry Reports to McHenry the he has complied with McHenry's order to procure specified articles for equipping the 13th Regiment. Requests direction as to the size and shape of the orderly books.
July 10, 1799 Describes Quarto Books for Army Samuel Hodgdon Jeremiah Wadsworth The Secretary of War requests information about the army's orderly books, made out of quarto foolscap paper, bound with leather on the corners and marble paper on the boards.
March 11, 1800 Deliver Sundry Items to John Wilkins for Delivery to Pittsburgh Samuel Hodgdon John Harris A list of articles to be transported to John Wilkins and addressed to Major Isaac Craig in Pittsburgh: horseman's tents, common tents, knapsacks, orderly books, company books, foolscap paper; letter paper, ink powder, sealing wax, boxes of wafers, and quills.
August 23, 1799 Lists Articles to Ship to Lamberton, NJ Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Requests delivery of items to Lamberton, NJ: clothing, muskets. cartouche boxes, swords, belts, drums, fifes, knapsacks, haversacks, marquees with poles, tents, kettles, spades, axes, paper, quilts, wafers, sealing wax, ink, company books, penknives, orderly books, receipt books, and Steubens Regulations books. As soon as it is ready and packed, Hodgdon wishes to see the shipment to determine the...
February 19, 1798 Stationery Wanted for the Army Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Stationery wanted for the Army in 1798
February 17, 1798 Stationary Purchased for the Public William Young Unknown Recipient A ledger showing stationery and office supplies purchased by William Young for the public from 1794 to 1797, inclusive.
July 2, 1792 Request for an Orderly Book John Stagg William Knox John Stagg, chief war department clerk, notes that Captain Sedam wants an orderly book for his company and asks that he be delivered one.
March 22, 1799 Return of Stationery for Tennessee David Henley William Harris Return of stationery wanted for the public store in Tennessee.
December 16, 1798 A Lamentable Lack of Necessaries & Organization Caleb Gibbs Alexander Hamilton Gibbs assesses the recruiting potential and deficiencies in stores, equipage, and organization of the Provisional Army.
July 11, 1794 An Orderly for Capt. Gamble John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to let Capt. Gamble have an orderly and a company book for his use.
December 12, 1800 Request for Issue of Stationery Materials for Pittsburgh Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of stationery materials for use at Pittsburgh.
May 16, 1792 Return of Stationery by Lieutenant Joseph Elliot [not available] [not available] Stationery borrowed and returned by Artillery Lieutenant Joseph Elliott used by a detachment of artillery recruits in Philadelphia.
April 4, 1799 Concern about Money for Troops J. Stiles William Simmons The orderly sergeant and a private of the author's company deserted, stealing over $200. He caught the men outside of Baltimore.
September 29, 1796 Recommendation for a hospital orderly Frederick Dalcho Michael Kalteisen Request for the appointment of an orderly in the Fort Johnson hospital with a recommendation for "old soldier" Charles Murphy to fill the position. Enclosed with Kalteisen to Simmons, 11/01/1796.
May 24, 1800 Request for Issue of Writing Materials for Use at Knoxville, Tennessee James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of writing materials for use at Knoxville, TN.
December 10, 1799 Enclosed Return Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Discusses yearly allowance of stationary for regiments.
May 8, 1800 Credit to Stevens for a List of Articles William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon On settlement of the accounts of Ebenezer Stevens, Agent of the War Department in New York, he has received a credit on the books of Hodgdon's office for the listed articles. Hodgdon should therefore make the necessary entries on the books of the Superintendent of Military Stores.
August 21, 1798 Delivery of Stationary James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver stationary, etc.
August 2, 1792 Regulations for furnishing the supplies of Forage Stationary and Wood for the troops of the United States War Department [not available] Detailed list of all types of supplies to be provided or foraged by troops. Oath of service included.
April 4, 1796 Requests Items for Commissioners for Treaty with Creeks James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of the Treasury has requested that the Purveyor purchase articles for the commissioners appointed to hold the treaty with the Creek Indians for the troops in Georgia. Requests that the items be packed and delivered to the sloop William with other items from the public store.
March 16, 1799 Request for Issue of Writing Supplies James McHenry John Harris Issues writing supplies.
March 30, 1793 Various comments from Commissary Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores has money by post, believing it to be safest and most expeditious. Secretary Knox is sick. Orderly books have been sent. Reports on commissioners for Sandusky talks. President Washington is on a journey to Mount Vernon. Indian goods will be sent. Also comments on revolutions and wars in Europe: "War now agitates the old world - and the summer will probably be a...
July 24, 1786 Account Settlement Thomas Clark John Pierce Clark discusses the settlement of his account for his service as commander of the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War.