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February 20, 1801 Hold the Books James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Letter, directs Hodgdon to hold books.
November 16, 1797 Status of Major Cushing Charles Lee James McHenry Attorney General Lee asserts that if Major Cushing is a field officer in the line, he cannot lawfully hold the office of Brigade Major or Inspector, but if he can hold one of these offices, he can hold both and is entitled to the additional pay and emoluments.
September 8, 1798 I Will Not Hold the Position on the Plan Proposed Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton assures McHenry that he will not hold the commission on the proposed plan and will say so when given the opportunity.
April 1, 1799 Order: Hold Yourself in Readiness James McHenry Philip Lightfoot This a circular letter to officers to hold themselves in readiness until specific orders are issued and, since the appointment of officers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia is incomplete, no final arrangements have been made regarding relative rank.
March 7, 1800 Order to Hold Major Freeman Accountable William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons ordered Swan to hold Major Constant Freeman accountable for 244 rations drawn by him during September and October for which he is not entitled.
November 16, 1797 Request to Hold Mail Isaac Craig James McHenry Received note from C. Freeman to retain all mail sent to McHenry until Freeman's arrival.
[not available] Cover for Inventory of Frigate Raleigh Captain Thomas Thompson James McHenry Covering note for an inventory (not included) of articles from the Raleigh Frigate, a 32 gun ship, to equip it for 5 months. Either arrived from or heading to France. The inventory also described the accommodations and the hold.
April 14, 1800 Request to Hold Officers Accountable for Rations William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons requested Swan hold Major Timothy Darling accountable for rations drawn by him which he was not entitled to take. Note: Letter from Major Darling stated his resignation in army was accepted and answered but he was detained at his post by Coll. Graves.
March 2, 1793 Journal of the Commissioners of the United States, appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky [not available] Cover page to the Journal of the Federal Commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a Treaty at Sandusky. Commissioners named as Benjamin Lincoln of Massachusetts, Beverley Randolph of Virginia, and Timothy Pickering of Pennsylvania. Commissioners' purpose is to negotiate a peace with the Nations of Indians northwest of the Ohio River, on principles of mutual justice and convenience. ...
November 18, 1796 Delivery of Munitions James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of paper cartridges to hold sixteen pounds of cannon powder.
December 18, 1798 Hamilton's Pay & Emoluments, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry assures Hamilton that he will address the question of Hamilton's pay and emoluments as early as possible. He intends to follow the English system for the recruiting service and will send a copy of the system to Hamilton for his perusal.
October 18, 1799 Request to pack up and hold in readiness for transportation, units of clothing for Captain Shoemaker Company at Canton, Ohio, belonging to the Eleventh Regiment of Infantry Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter requests to pack up and hold in readiness for transportation, units of clothing for Captain Shoemaker's Company at Canton, Ohio, belonging to the Eleventh Regiment of Infantry.
February 8, 1793 Journal of Commissioners of United States appointed to hold treaty at Sandusky for purpose of making peace with Western Indians Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Journal of the commissioners of the United States appointed to hold a treaty at Sandusky for the purpose of making peace with the Western Indians. Commissioners: Benjamin Lincoln, Massachusetts; Beverly Randolph, Virginia; Timothy Pickering, Pennsylvania. Two commissions outlined. First gives the commissioners full power to confer, conclude and sign with such persons of Indian nations a treaty of...
May 14, 1791 Washington Should Hold Back His Warriors Farmer Brother the King [not available] Farmer Brother entreats the Americans to distinguish between those Indians, like the Six Nations, who want peace and the bad Indians who want war. If the Americans will delay their attacks, he pledges to try to convince the warlike Indians to accept peace.
March 22, 1799 Quelling the Insurrection in Pennsylvania James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry discusses possible military responses to the apparent insurrection in Pennsylvania.
September 3, 1795 Pay of Deserters John Posey William Simmons Three of the men who are on the payroll deserted some time ago so Posey will hold their pay in his possession until further instructions are received from Simmons.
September 10, 1795 Official Statement of Situation Between St. Regis [Iroquois] Indians & New York, Affirmation of Wadsworth as U.S. Commissioner, & Law Under Which the Treaty is to Be Made Timothy Pickering Jeremiah Wadsworth Certificate of commissioner. Describes treaty situation -- the President has determined to hold a treaty with the St. Regis & other Indians claiming lands in northern New York, to allow negotiations between the Indians and the state to determine compensation for those lands -- and notifies any reader of Wadsworth's official appointment to hold this treaty, as commissioner. States that the...
April 22, 1798 Obstacles to Becoming a Commissioner Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Referring to the probability that he might be appointed as one of the commissioners to hold a treaty with the Cherokees, Butler argues that the representatives of his country would oppose such an appointment. This is evdident from the steps they have taken in laying before the President certain communications which they believe would defeat such an intention.
November 19, 1796 Paper Sufficient for Cartridges James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Harris should be directed to forward as many papers as will be necessary to make fifty paper cartridges, each of which will hold sixteen pounds of cannon powder. The paper should be made up into cartridges of the size specified by Mr. [?] and delivered to him.
December 2, 1799 Denial of Extended Leave of Absence Alexander Hamilton Jacob Kingsbury Hamilton informs Kingsbury that it is impossible for him to be permitted a leave of absence for the length of time he has requested. He should hold himself in readiness to enter service on April 1st.
May 27, 1783 Resolution of Congress on Major Franks Joseph Carleton Unknown Recipient Resolution of Congress dated October 22, 1782 that David Franks hold the rank and receive the pay as Major in the Line of the Army of the United States until the new arrangement shall take place in January 1783, and that he then be considered as retiring from service under the same emoluments as those who retired under the resolution of December 31, 1781
August 4, 1794 Stores for the Conference with the Six Nations John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to have prepared for transportation powder, lead, and flints, intended for Colonel Pickering, the Commissioner appointed to hold a conference with the Six Nations of Indians.
August 14, 1797 Following Instructions to Raise Militia Oliver Wolcott James McHenry Response to request to raise a militia. Has issued orders for detachment and to hold in readiness such militia. Has assigned such matters to the Adjutant General, with the request to communicate with the War Department.
November 25, 1799 Questioned Literacy of Officers James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry questions the validity of James Hamtramck's assertion that a number of officers do not know the "common rules of arithmatic and how to write." Hamtramck should be required to name those officers who are deficient or hold his tongue.
November 7, 1798 Transporting Oil to Mississippi Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis Hodgdon's examination of the cask containing the oil intended for Mississippi leads him to believe that it will not hold up during the journey as it is already leaking. It would be better to transport the oil in several smaller casks.