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March 27, 1799 New Regiments and Their Designated Numbers James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry approves the numbers suggested by Hamilton for the designation of the new regiments.
March 16, 1789 Sufficient Numbers to Form the New Government Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs Washington that expected within the week are sufficient numbers of representatives needed to form a government. Knox adds that three members from Virginia have just arrived.
March 5, 1799 Arrangement of Recruiting Districts in Massachusetts John Brooks [not available] The proposed arrangement of the recruiting districts in Massachusetts. Because of the need to include whole counties, achieving equal numbers of inhabitants in the individual districts is not practical.
August 11, 1794 Examination of a Shawanese prisoner Captain Wells Unknown Recipient Examination of a Shawnee prisoner taken by Captain Wells near the foot of the Rapids. Interrogates the prisoner on the position of the British and their numbers, which are allegedly about 200 men, at work at a fort at least four "great guns." Asks about Indian numbers as well.
September 3, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Secretary of War Henry Knox reporting that Governor of Georgia Telfair has improperly called up militia and in greater numbers than is necessary Henry Gaither Henry Knox Gaither reports that the Georgia militia in service has been improperly called up by the Governor of Georgia Telfair, and in excessive numbers. Gaither has proposed using the authorized federal troops to defend the frontier. If this were to prove insufficient, then he would recommend calling out the necessary numbers of militia. Because to the current arrangement, Gaither wants nothing to do with...
January 10, 1798 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, informs re distribution of annuity money; discusses Seneca Indians and village populations.
May 10, 1790 Troops, including Militia, furnished by the several States during the War of the Revolution. Henry Knox [not available] Ascertaining proper numbers of militia in service difficult, southern states did not regularly submit returns.
January 11, 1787 Payment of Colonel Baldwin's Regiment John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Informs Oliver Wolcott, Jr. that only an abstract of the pay roll exists of the payment of Colonel Baldwin's regiment in 1776, so there is no record of the names of the men in the regiment or those who deserted from it.
December 21, 1797 Secretary at War directs the conduct of Indian affairs with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Letter, discusses Seneca interest money; asks for return of Seneca numbers; discusses treaty at Genesee; discusses Indian land sales.
August 24, 1792 Wayne's Legion Ready in the Spring Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne declares his readiness to confront the full force of Indians by the following Spring [1793] and expresses more confidence in his ability to defeat the Indians than in an inconclusive peace.
November 21, 1794 Outlines Plans to Return Divisions Tench Coxe Henry Knox Outlines plan to return New Jersey divisions, under the direction of Mr. Hunt, Mr. Gates, and Mr. Harrington. Pennsylvania division was overseen by General Miller and Colonel Biddle. Requests numbers of each subdivision, particularly the Pennsylvania divisions, and their locations and commanders, and information about provisions, rations, etc.
December 23, 1791 Words of encouragement in aftermath of St. Clair's defeat Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox consoles St. Clair on his defeat by the Indians, telling the general that his reputation will not be damaged by being overwhelmed by a superior force.
December 30, 1797 Outlines Responsibilities for Clerks James McHenry John Adams War Department instructions, including salaries and numbers of clerks.
March 25, 1791 Arrangement of the Levies. John Stagg [not available] Arrangement of the levies into two regiments with the regimental organization designated according to the numbers and ranks of the officers assigned.
August 19, 1794 Rations for troops Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue states that he is waiting for a return from the War Department of the places and numbers, at, and for which, rations will be wanted.
June 15, 1792 Notification of Advanced Payment for Waggoners Henry Knox General Edward Hand Directs inspected rifles forwarded to Pittsburgh; directs payment of Waggoners.
September 27, 1789 Knox discusses military pay with Doctor Ramsey Henry Knox Doctor Ramsey Letter, discusses officer's pay.
September 24, 1791 Liklihood of Indians Seeking Peace Henry Knox George Washington Knox informs the President of St. Clair's preparations for the campaign against the Indians. St. Clair is concerned that Butler's force will not arrive before the order to march is given. The Indians are more likely to seek peace if they see sufficient numbers in the US force to diminish their prospects for success in battle against the US.
April 30, 1792 Rifle Order General Edward Hand Henry Knox Secretary Knox provides the numbers of rifles currently in production, stating that one of the suppliers made shoddy rifles that he cannot approve.
July 24, 1791 Bells from Lancaster Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Captain [Jacob] Slough has informed Hodgdon that the bells for the horses that have been mentioned two or three times may be had in any numbers from the stores in Lancaster at a cost of from 26 to 39 each according to their size and other qualities. They are made better in Lancaster than any that may be imported or made elsewhere and at much cheaper rates.
May 6, 1800 Request to Conform to Instructions and Forms William Simmons Joseph Ruggles Simmons requested Ruggles conform to instructions and forms laid out in previous letter. Simmons also expected particular numbers and dates for rations drawn by men.
December 19, 1801 [A General Return of the Army of the United States, shewing the effective strength of the Genearl Staff, and of each Regiment and Corps; and also the number wanting in each Grade, to complete the Military Establishment] Major T.H. Cushing [not available] General return of the full strength of the U.S. Army, also including desired strength (and difference between these two numbers).
July 21, 1791 Requirements for Bells Samuel Hodgdon William Knox Hodgdon has been informed that bells may be had in the numbers required and at a rate not exceeding forty shillings a dozen. Those that Knox has described are too large for Hodgdon's purpose. He wants them loud but not too loud and already has enough small ones. The belts that go through them must go around the horses' necks and must have a buckle and be made of leather about as stout as those...
August 21, 1800 Articles Received from Oxford, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return of the articles received from Oxford. Williams finds differences with the numbers of the return left him by Mr. Henshaw, agent of the Quartermaster General. He will make up his receipts for the articles in his return when he completes his quarterly accounts.
April 3, 1797 Reason for Failure of Salutes Being Exchanged Donald G. Mitchell James McHenry Capt. Mitchell explains why he did not exchange salutes with the officer of a British frigate.