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December 1793 Update on Indian Treaty and Intelligence Henry Knox [not available] Submitted instructions issued to the commissioners appointed to "treat" with the Indians North of the Ohio river. Their report of the proceedings, return of the troops, and intelligence gathered by Gen. Wayne was also included in this submission.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress to Secretary at War Charles Thomson Henry Knox Resolution to protect inhabitants north of the Ohio river. Orders Commanding Officer to detach two companies of troops to the rapids of Ohio River to protect against and prevent Indian attacks.
September 29, 1789 Instrument of Ratification: Treaty of Fort Harmar. George Washington [not available] Treaty between United States and Wyandot, Delaware, Ottawa, Chippawa, Pattawattima, and Sac Nations at Fort Harmar by Arthur St. Clair Governor of Territory North west of Ohio River. Ratification took place at Fort Harmar on 9 January 1789.
August 13, 1794 Peace Settlement Offered by George Washington to Indians North West of the Ohio Anthony Wayne Sachems, Chiefs, & Warriors of the Wyandots, Delawares, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pottawatomies, Shawnees, & Miamis Major General Wayne offered an honorable peace from George Washington to the Chippawas, Delawares, Shawnese, Wyandots, Miamis, Tawas, and Potawatomis. Wayne also requested that the Nations no longer listen to the deception from the men posted at the Rapids.
September 11, 1793 Detailed Account of Failed Peace with Indians Benjamin Lincoln Jonathan Adams Lincoln provided details on failed peace with Indian tribes from North of the Ohio River. Failed negotiations by commissioners, travel to Detroit.
April 24, 1793 Protection of Commissioners Henry Knox Henry Lee Discussed governance of North Western Indians and treaty to be held in Sandusky. Requests protection of commissioners from hostile Indian attacks.
June 30, 1786 Resolution of Congress Charles Thomson Executive State of Virginia Resolution to protect citizens of Virginia against Indian attacks. Orders to dispatch two companies of militia to assist the federal military north of the Ohio.
September 20, 1797 Enclosed Vouchers Details, on Locations of Artillerists and Engineers James Sterrett William Simmons Agreeable to General Order, vouchers submitted to Mr. Swan for the monies due the corps of artillerists and engineers North West of the Ohio River. Troops traveling between forts 600 miles apart left them eleven months in arrears.
August 13, 1794 Wayne Address to Indians Regarding Peace Meeting Anthony Wayne [not available] Wayne addressed all Nations North West of the Ohio River regarding peace: Wayne requested to meet deputies sent by the Indian tribes to discuss peace agreement which included protection of women and children and returning of land to tribes. Christopher Miller, an adopted Shawnee was offered by Wayne to provide evidence of the United States kindness. Wayne advised the Nations to disregard...
July 26, 1787 Report of Committee: Indian Relations. Congress of the United States [not available] Relative to making provision for preventing wanton and unjust attacks upon Indians, committee is convinced that measures must be adopted by congress and the states to prevent further progress of mutual depredations and hostilities between Indians and frontier inhabitants. No person shall be permitted to pass through territory north west of Ohio River without a permit signed by Secretary of War....
July 27, 1793 Speech of the General Council to the Commissioners Deputies of the Confederation of Indian Nations Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Speech of the Deputies of the Confederate Indian Nations, assembled at the Rapids of the Miami River, to the Commissioners of the United States.
April 27, 1793 Message to the Chickasaw Nation from Secretary at War Henry Knox Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation Knox speaks on behalf of President Washington to the Chickasaw Nation
September 12, 1789 Report of Federal Commissioners for making treaty with Indians south of Ohio River Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Henry Knox From Savannah, the Federal Commissioners for making treaty with Indians south of Ohio River report to Knox. The number of Indians attending Alexander McGillivray estimated at three to four thousand. They announced their mission to the Governor of Georgia and they discuss issues relating to provisions, with reference to Major Habersham. Had difficulty hiring horses and purchased five of them...
September 3, 1793 Failure to Secure Peace With Northwest Indians; Discussion of Militia Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Informs Wayne that the Indian commissioners have failed to establish peace with the Indians north of the Ohio. Describes the commissioners' travels to safety, and lists the tries most disposed for war. Mentions that "Captain Brandt," his Mohawks, and the Five Nations seem to have tried to convince the other Indians to accept peace. Discusses Wayne's jurisdiction over militia in Virginia and...
September 20, 1795 Division of Land and Peace Treaty Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Transmitted by Col. O'Hara the original treaty between U.S. and all hostile tribes from North West of the Ohio river. Details on Indian tribes being detained by British and land jobbers. Discussed details of new boundaries and division of land among trading companies from Detroit.
July 10, 1793 Advice and Opinion on Council Fire with Indians Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Lincoln recapped events of council fire with hostile Indians at the rapids of the Miami River, advised against any military activities during treaty negotiations. Suspects Gen. Wayne of violating truce.
July 17, 1791 Leave of Absence for Governor Blount William Blount Henry Knox Governor Blount requests a leave of absence to attend to some important business and to move his family to his current location south of the River Ohio.
November 28, 1785 Old Tassel's Map of Cherokee territorial claims The Tassel [not available] This document is a copy of the map drawn by Old Tassel to support Cherokee territorial claims at the Hopewell Treaty.
September 3, 1793 Negotiations with Wyandot Indians Henry Knox Henry Lee Details from Commissioner's travels to North of the Ohio to discuss peace treaty with Wyandots. Lee is governor of Virginia.
March 18, 1797 Running the Lines Agreeable to the Treaty of August 1795 James McHenry James Wilkinson McHenry discusses the process by which the surveyors will run the lines on the lands northwest of the Ohio River according to the treaty negotiated by General Wayne in August 1795.
December 12, 1792 Agreement of U.S. to Meet at the Rapids of the Miami River Henry Knox [not available] Proposal of Indians to meet with commissioners next spring accepted to pursue peace treaty. U.S. promised to halt all expeditions to frontier from present time to time of treaty.
November 8, 1791 Report Concerning Indian Boundary Lines Thomas Jefferson [not available] Jefferson delineates the boundaries of the United States and Indian Nations.
April 13, 1793 Regarding Scouts and Garrisons on upper parts of Ohio River Henry Knox George Washington Knox's propositions relative to Scouts and Garrisons for posts on upper parts of Ohio River.
December 7, 1798 Evacuation of Spanish from the Mississippi River James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. The Spanish have abandoned posts on the Mississippi River, rendering it necessary to send a galley from Pittsburgh. The galley should be prepared to descend the Ohio River at any moment's notice.
August 11, 1791 Safe Arrival Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Checking on safe arrival, hopes that stores descended Ohio River safely as well. Much is expected from his exertions and activity.