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October 4, 1797 Rejected Claims for Repayment William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Account vouchers to be examined, results communicated to Freeman. Simmons denied repayment of officers for justices fees incurred during administration of official oaths. Claims considered "altogether novel" and inadmissible.
May 7, 1799 Forwarding Oaths for the Commandants, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Among other matters. Hamilton wants the following sent to each commandant: 704 copies of official oaths, 300 copies of weekly returns of recruits, and thirteen copies of the Articles of War. Colonel Stevens is still worried about his compensation. Only natives should be enlisted for the cavalry and this rule should also be adopted for the artillery.
June 8, 1789 Circular of President Washington to President Mifflin, 1789 regarding manner of administering oaths George Washington Thomas Mifflin As congress have not yet established any departments through which communications can be officially made from the general government to the executives of the several states, Washington transmits copy of Act of Congress to regulate time and manner of administering certain oaths.
April 13, 1792 Updates on Officers and Contracts Isaac Craig Henry Knox Copy of oaths and receipts of Cummings and Butler. Routes and destinations of officers and boats. Notification that Craig contracted for the building of boats, received Knox orders to contract with Turnbull and Marnie.
June 10, 1796 Oaths and Service of "Spies", Etc. Constant Freeman William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Freeman 06/17/1796. [Discusses Freeman's muster rolls; lack of funds for Freeman's salary; the muster rolls of Captain Randolph's company of dragoons; and the pay of the regular troops in Georgia.]
February 4, 1792 Oath of Alliegance of Andrew Blad and Robert Sutherland Robert Sutherland [not available] Oaths of Daniel Blad and Robert Sutherland.
May 29, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Jonathan Jackson Simmons directs Jackson to administer the oaths and paperwork necessary for the paymaster of the 15th Regiment to officially conduct business.
September 30, 1797 Request for Advice on Payment of Justices of Peace Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Enclosed accounts current accompanied by vouchers. Notification that applications were made to repay Justices of the Peace for their service in providing oaths of service to officers. Freeman requested Simmons advice.
August 7, 1790 Draft of the Proposed Treaty with the Creek Nation Unknown Author [not available] This is a draft of the proposed treaty with the Creek nation with an emphasis on the education of Creek children.
May 6, 1794 Possible Invasion of the Floridas Constant Freeman Henry Knox There are persistent rumors that the French are planning an invasion of the Floridas and that they are recruiting men, erecting works, and landing cannon for that purpose.
June 6, 1799 Rules & Regulations Respecting the Recruiting Service Abraham R. Ellery Commanding Officer on the Mississippi Explains the rules and regulations regarding the recruiting service with emphasis on those who are eligible for enlistment. Only citizens can be enlisted but persons not born in a specific State who lived in same before July 4, 1796 may be declared citizens for the purpose of enlistment. Anyone who has immigrated since that day must produce a certificate of naturalization from a magistrate or...
February 23, 1799 Interpretation of Articles Governing Courts Martial Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton provides a detailed interpretation of those parts of the the Articles of War that relate to those officers who have the authority to convene Courts Martial. He concludes that none but a general officer or his representative has this authority.
June 6, 1799 General Orders: Strict Observance of These Regulations Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton explains the requirements for the enlistment of recruits. He wants recruiting limited to citizens of the United States which would include properly certified naturalized citizens. Recruiters must adhere to regulations regarding the proper age of recruits and the admonition against enlisting recruitswho are in a state of intoxication.
May 25, 1796 Account Information, Concerns Regarding Spies Constant Freeman William Simmons Accountant Freeman informs Simmons of all of the pay issues that are his responsibility. He is matching receipts with vouchers and encloses a number of pay rolls and muster rolls. He is concerned with the oath that spies were supposed to have taken to verify their pay status and plans to visit Philadelphia to resolve all of his accounts.
December 26, 1794 Concerns Relative to Paying the Officers & Men of the Late Expedition Edward Carrington Alexander Hamilton Carrington explains in considerable detail his views regarding the methods of paying the officers and men who participated in the conflict against the insurgency in western Pennsylvania.
May 23, 1796 Account of Dealings with Rinker and Shaffer; Christian Hubbert William Simmons Facts pertaining to land warrant Issued by Mr. Stagg and stopped by Simmons. May relate to conflict between Hubbert and "that infamous rogue" Rinker. Describes the history between himself, Rinker, and Shaffer. Hubbert is accused of being part of their scheme, but maintains his innocence.
December 8, 1789 Knox Requires a New Recruitment Campaign Henry Knox Henry Burbeck Knox orders the recruitment of troops in Massachusetts and urges that only men of the best character should be enlisted. He warns the two captains that their continuance in service depends upon the success of this effort.
February 20, 1801 Deposition of Thomas Ewing Thomas Ewing [not available] Thomas Ewing officially stated that John Green of Tennessee, merchant, is justly and truly indebted to Ewing of $1,943.83 and has not received any payment. Notary signed and sealed document.
June 17, 1796 Army spies, muster rolls, and pay William Simmons Constant Freeman Discusses oaths and service of "spies"; Freeman's muster rolls; lack on funds for Freeman's salary; the muster rolls of Captain Randolph's company of dragoons; and the pay of the regular troops in Georgia
March 3, 1791 Supplement Act Regarding Treasury Department and Compensation Congress of the United States [not available] Outlined compensation for clerks within the treasury department and extended the regulations and laws from act that established Treasury Department to include clerks. Further requires all employees of the US Government to take an oath to support the Constitution.
August 7, 1790 Secret articles of US/Creek Treaty of 07/04/1790. [not available] [not available] This treaty discusses the continuance of U.S. trade with the Creek Nation in the event of war with Spain. McGillivray is appointed U.S. agent to the Creek Nation. U.S. agrees to educate and clothe a number of Creek children not to exceed four.
August 7, 1790 Treaty of New York with the Creek Nation of Indians Henry Knox Senate of the United States This is the Treay of New York concluded between the United States and the Kings, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Creek Nation of Indians.