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August 8, 1794 Discussion of Appointment of Naval Constructor at Gosport Navy Yard Henry Knox William Pennock Letter, discusses appointment of Naval constructor at Norfolk.
May 12, 1795 Appointment of Josiah Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor of frigate at Norfolk Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox While Mr Morgan had been considered as constructor at Norfolk, he remains in Georgia overseeing the cutting of live oak. Therefore, Pickering appoints Fox as temporary assistant naval constructor at Norfolk to Josiah Fox. Fox is told to repair to Norfolk with all convenient speed. Report on progress; particularly state of naval yard.
May 25, 1798 Services as naval constructor no longer required [not available] George Claghorn George Claghorne services as naval constructor Boston no longer required. Salary ends as of 1 April 1798.
July 22, 1794 Appointment of position as naval constructor Henry Knox David Stodder Knox appoints David Stoddert as naval constructor. He notes because the work is so important, he should appropriate himself exclusively to the position. Requests a decisive answer regarding this appointment.
May 24, 1798 Request that David Stodder naval constructor at Baltimore close accounts [not available] Joseph Sterrett Request that David Stodder naval constructor at Baltimore close accounts. Suggested that he may owe United States money for iron and nails. Refers to claim for use of old Smith's shop which he voluntarily permitted to be used. Salary to be paid until 5 April, after which time his services no longer wanted or called for. Asks if the materials and timber in ship yard will suffer by being exposed...
July 24, 1796 Payment to Samuel Sterett as Naval Constructor [not available] James McHenry Payment of $500 to Samuel Sterett as naval constructor for United States.
August 30, 1794 Regarding Interim Naval Constructor William Pennock Henry Knox Letter, discusses interim Naval constructor.
January 1, 1796 Joshua Humphreys on the work of naval constructor George Claghorn at Boston Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Humphreys' opinions on the work of naval constructor George Claghorn at Boston.
January 9, 1797 Pay of Boston Naval Constructor William Simmons George Claghorn Simmons informs Claghorne that he will be paid in accordance with the account he submitted for compensation as Naval Constructor in Boston
July 22, 1794 Letter to Naval Agent Jeremiah Yellot on duties and responsibilities of agent and constructor Henry Knox Jeremiah Yellot Knox notes that the constructor will search out the artificers and laborers, and the naval agent will regulate and pay wages. Includes a provisional appointment of Mr. Rodder. Will forward plans and moulds for frigates. No deviations on the design will be permitted.
June 17, 1797 Discussion of Substitute Naval Constructor Josiah Fox Patrick Ferrall Letter, discusses substitute Naval constructor; encloses extract of letter, Knox to Pennock, 08/08/1794.
December 9, 1795 Letter from the War Office expressing concern that naval constructor misapplying live oak [not available] Captain Samuel Nicholson Issue of whether deadwood needs to be white oak. Suggests that constructor is mistaken. Live oak generally required in the places most susceptible to decay. Instructs Captain Nicholson to order naval constructor George Claghorn to use live oak on for the purpose intended.
November 8, 1797 Regarding naval constructor Foreman Cheeseman's inquiry on mode of payment for rent Josiah Fox Foreman Cheeseman Discusses query regarding rent. Requests that Mr Blagge, naval agent at New York, handle matters of rent payment in concert with Tench Francis, purveyor.
October 20, 1795 Statement for Timber for 36-gun frigates. Josiah Fox War Office Naval Constructor Josiah Fox lists the dimensions of timber for 36 gun frigate.
April 2, 1795 Discussion of Naval Constructor & Construction of Frigates Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Truxtun Letter, discusses Naval constructor; discusses frigate construction.
January 23, 1798 Request to the constructor in Baltimore David Stodder for a statement as to principal causes of delay in frigate construction [not available] David Stodder The letter directs the David Stodder, naval constructor at Baltimore to provide explanations for delays in completing ship building beyond the periods when she expected to have been finished. Lose no time in transmitting information.
January 5, 1797 Compensation of David Stoddert, Naval Constructor at Baltimore, Maryland William Simmons James McHenry Certification of $500 due David Stoddert, Naval Constructor at Baltimore, Maryland, being his compensation from October through December 1796.
January 25, 1796 Circular Letter from the War Office to Naval Constructors and Superintendents on mast and spar of frigates [not available] [not available] Pickering announces that the naval constructor and captain [superintendent] will have liberty to mast and spar their own ship according to the best of their judgments.
October 6, 1797 Request that David Stodder naval constructor exert utmost diligence to put frigate Constellation in situation to leave Baltimore [not available] David Stodder Request that David Stodder naval constructor exert utmost diligence to put frigate Constellation in situation to leave Baltimore. Employ full and undivided attention to task. Should this not be accomplished, will be Stodder's fault.
May 30, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding naval constructor James Hackett third payment [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests third payment to James Hackett naval constructor at Portsmouth New Hampshire as soon as possible.
May 12, 1795 Appointment as & Duties of Temporary Naval Constructor at Norfolk Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, informs Fox re appointment as Temporary Constructor at Norfolk; describes duties of Naval Constructor.
May 14, 1795 Letter from the War Office recommending Josiah Fox [not available] William Pennock Josiah Fox is the bearer of this recommendation. William Pennock speaks highly of Fox's performance in the Navy Department at Philadelphia where he assisted Joshua Humphreys, naval constructor, in making draughts and moulds for frigates. Humphreys speaks well of Fox and there are few men equally qualified. Mr John Morgan was destined for the position at Norfolk as naval constructor, but he is in...
April 27, 1797 Regarding rent of storehouse for public interest [not available] John Blagge Naval Agent John Blagge is advised that If proprietor appears disposed to rent the storehouse, then proposed terms are 6 years at $62.50 per year. if not disposed, suggests proposing a three year lease. Should be in naval constructor Foreman Cheeseman's name.
July 7, 1797 On the naming of the frigate intended for the Dey of Algiers Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Algiers Frigate named the "Crescent." Asks that the name be inserted in her papers and other documents. Congratulates Captain Thompson and naval constructor James Hackett for the safe launching of the vessel into her proper elements. The frigate Crescent of 36 guns launched at Portsmouth New Hampshire US Navy yard on 29 June 1797 at 4pm. Provides draught of water fore and aft.
January 2, 1797 Pay of Boston Naval Constructor George Claghorn William Simmons CITATION Only. Cited in Simmons to Claghorne 01/09/1797 Submitted account for compensation as Naval Constructor in Boston