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September 17, 1794 America as an Asylum to the Oppressed of Europe John Jay Alexander Hamilton John Jay reflects on the war, discord, and oppression he witnesses while in London and hopes that America might become an asylum to the oppressed peoples of the world.
October 26, 1786 [COPY] Raising troops Samuel Huntington Henry Knox Huntington is glad to have received Knox’s letter of the 21st with its enclosed papers. He provided them to the Assembly and a committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangements for raising the troops requested. Emphasized speed in executing actions.
April 24, 1800 Finding the Act of Assembly Jared Ingersoll Samuel Hodgdon Ingersol does not have the Act of Assembly but Mr. Chauncey likely has it. If he does have it, Ingersol will send it immediately,
January 28, 1790 Knox forwards his ideas on the National Militia to John Hancock Henry Knox John Hancock Letter, encloses report on National Militia.
August 28, 1798 Request for Response to Letter Concerning National Defense John Adams James McHenry Forwards a letter of application [type undetermined] from Governor John Henry of Maryland, asking that McHenry respond to it in the manner determined by the laws for national defense.
May 18, 1790 On the forming of settlements by French Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Reports on the forming of settlements on the Ohio River, within lands contracted by Mr. Cutler and Mr. Sargent, Chevalier Bui de Boulogne, Monsieur de Parth, and Monsieur de Thiebaud. Mentioned how the notices of "incursions of the savages on the western frontiers" have frightened them, and they are now seeking protection from the government. Stated protection of frontier settlements is...
July 1, 1785 Requests Guidance about National Military Uniforms and Customs Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that the cockade they wear is the Union black and white, but postulates that it may be better to establish a national uniform. Requests direction.
January 6, 1800 Report on the National Armory James McHenry Thomas Jefferson McHenry transmits a report of the expenses of the National Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts.
May 28, 1794 Prohibiting the Exportation of Arms and Ammunition Alexander Hamilton [not available] (CIRCULAR) Notification of a temporary ban on the exportation of arms and ammunition. Enclosed is a translation of a Decree of the National Convention altering the national flag of France.
October 17, 1790 Impending War Between Britain and France Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton speculates on the evidence of impending war between Britain and France.
September 9, 1788 Attack at Falls of Muskingum; measures by General Assembly regarding defence of frontier Peter Muhlenberg Arthur St. Clair Muhlenberg acknowledges receiving account of attack on troops at Falls of Muskingum. General Assembly will meet on business regarding defense of frontiers; expresses hope that measures will be adopted which fully answer St. Clair's wishes.
May 5, 1800 Authorization for Preparations to be Made for National Cannon Foundry John Adams James McHenry Authorization for purchase of land and other operations to be undertaken for the purpose of building a national cannon foundry.
January 9, 1789 Letters from Arthur St. Clair and Act of Congress 12 August 1788 Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox St. Clair's letter of 4 July 1788 and Act of Congress of 12 August 1788 were laid before the General Assembly. Referred to committee who made no report to assembly. Next session in February 1789.
March 14, 1796 First Report to the Senate; Expresses Concerns for National Navy James McHenry [not available] Persuades importance for a national navy, comparing the US to France and England. Deplores challenge of not being able to depend upon the current navy for protection.
December 18, 1796 Refers to National and State Constitutions and Delegations to the Governor Samuel Chase James McHenry Speaks of delegate to Governor. Requests information. Refers to national and state constitutions.
March 19, 1797 Insecure State of the Post of New York, Etc. Philip Schuyler Alexander Hamilton Schuyler laments the military vulnerability of the city of New York and expresses alarm at the possible election of Aaron Burr to the state assembly and the speeches of the recently inaugurated president, John Adams.
[not available] Balance Owed William Hillhouse [not available] Statement by William Hillhouse that Robert Frazier owed allowance by act of Congress.
June 3, 1792 ENCLOSURE: Delivery of National Bank Notes Henry Bowyer John Hopkins Bpwyer eceived the $500 in National Bank notes from Hopkins in May. As his business does not allow personal application, asks Hopkins to deliver to Archibald Murray. Has also written the Secretary of War and asks Hopkins to forward the letter.
December 31, 1789 Sundry Claims to be Considered Beverley Randolph Henry Knox Encloses a resolution from the Virginia General Assembly to War Secretary Henry Knox, in order to determine whether there is a federal office to take cognizance of various claims. Randolph thinks the claims ought to be sent to the War Department but asks Knox to confirm.
March 24, 1792 Assembly of Troops Henry Knox John Jeffers Permission to assemble commissioned officers and voluntary friendly Indians. Emphasized treating Indians with respect.
January 9, 1789 Action On the Act of August 12, 1788 Thomas Mifflin Henry Knox It appears that the committee of the Pennsylvania General Assembly has not acted upon the Act of Congress of August 12, 1788 but should do so at the next session in February 1789.
May 5, 1800 Establishing a National Foundry for Casting Cannon, Shot, and Shells John Adams James McHenry Grants McHenry and Stoddert permission to establish a National Foundry for casting cannon, shot, and shells.
March 4, 1794 Discussing the Rhode Island general assembly and improving the plight of negro soldiers Archibald Crary Benjamin Brown The letter mentions the general assembly adjourned a Saturday to meet on a Monday at the end of the month. The assembly made provisions for a general election as well as grant the charter for a bridge. The comptroller has not written anything to Governor Bowen or Colonel Olney regarding negro soldiers, and Olney appears to be unwilling to do anything to help improve their situation.
April 19, 1799 Agricultural Arrangements Must Give Way to National Affairs John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Mackey asks Hodgdon to use his influence with the Secretary of War to get him to insist on Mr. Brindley's compliance with the order that his agricultural arrangements must give way to national affiairs.
January 9, 1787 Application for Receipts Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Huntington In accordance with a request by John Pierce, Wolcott is requesting that Huntington transmit to him copies of regimental agents' receipts so that settlements can be completed.