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August 3, 1798 Receipt, Pay, and Muster Rolls Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses the receipt roll, receipts of Lt. McCallen and Dr. Osborne, muster and pay rolls. He explains some of the measures he has taken in the pay rolls for deserters who have surrendered, persons under court martial, etc.
October 30, 1794 Correct Format for Muster Rolls Joseph Howell [not available] The dates of enlistment for recruits must be included on muster rolls before their pay can be remitted.
December 10, 1794 Muster rolls and lack of pay James Bruff Joseph Howell Sends his muster rolls. Desires to know why no money has been sent for the pay of his company. Mentions that his soldiers are "uneasy" and "troublesome."
November 4, 1798 Muster and Pay Roll of Captain Morris' Command Staats Morris William Simmons Morris sends the muster and pay rolls of his command for October 1798. He explains the situation of the pay roll as one soldier is being discharged but another has enlisted to take place.
December 6, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Edward Miller Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls for recruits. Money for the pay will be forwarded by John Chester, federal supervisor at Weathersfield.
July 23, 1796 Muster and pay rolls Peter Hagner Uriah Springer Acknowledgement of receipt of muster rolls of recruits and pay roll and notification that he will receive the sum for the pay roll from Henry Miller, supervisor for Pennsylvania.
September 3, 1798 Muster and Pay Rolls George Fleming William Simmons Muster and pay rolls of ordnance detachment enclosed. Accounts and receipts of Thomas Hughes included. Vouchers to be arranged shortly.
January 1, 1796 Muster and Payroll for Detachment at Governor's Island Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Dayton notes that he has enclosed muster and payroll for detachment under his command at Governor's Island for December 1795.
April 27, 1798 Muster and pay rolls examined William Simmons William R. Boote Informs Ensign Boote that the muster and pay rolls for the month of March have been examined, which Simmons reports on.
September 19, 1795 Confirms receipt of pay and muster rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Confirms receipt of a letter sent by Lt. Freeman that contained pay, muster and receipt rolls.
December 21, 1795 Encloses blank muster and pay rolls William Simmons William Graves Encloses blank muster and pay rolls for William Graves at Norfolk; upon completion, Simmons requests that Graves return them to the office.
October 20, 1796 Muster roll and pay roll William Simmons George Fleming Informs Fleming that he must send in to the War Department Accountant's Office a monthly muster roll of the detachment of the 1st Sub Legion and a monthly pay roll.
January 5, 1801 Simmons Informs Davis that the Muster Rolls Indicate Ray and John Followell Never Rendered Service William Simmons Davis Simmons informs Mr. Davis that there is no evidence that Messrs. Ray and John Followell participated in General Scott's expedition of 1794. The muster rolls outweigh any certificates that may be provided, and thus Simmons cannot satisfy any claim made for services rendered by these two men.
June 1, 1794 Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolsl, Request for Pay Bezaleel Howe Joseph Howell Captain Howe discusses his account.
September 10, 1795 Confirms receipt of pay and muster rolls William Simmons Frederick Frye Confirms receipt of a letter from Capt. Frye containing pay, muster, and receipt rolls.
April 4, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Frederick Frye Simmons informs Frye that his muster and pay rolls have arrived and that payment will be delayed until appropriations are passed by Congress.
May 13, 1799 Muster, pay, and receipt rolls received Peter Hagner William R. Boote Informs Ensign Boote that the Accountant's Office has received his letter enclosing muster, pay, and receipt rolls.
December 29, 1795 Letter from the War Department Accountant William Simmons David Thompson Testy correspondence with Ensign Thompson; mentions receipts, bounty and muster rolls. No receipts, no settlement.
January 5, 1798 Discusses Refusal of Captain Ingersoll to Sign Muster Roll Certificate Nehemiah Freeman Stephen Rochefontaine Leter, discusses Captain's Ingersoll's refusal to sign muster roll.
May 2, 1798 Updates on Muster and Request for Information on Personal Letter Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses muster and receipt rolls for his detachment and others. He hopes to send receipts soon. He has daily applicants for recruits but no recruiting money. In a post script he asks after a letter he sent to Caleb Swan.
May 26, 1797 Muster Rolls Required for Settlement Forwarded Jesse Lukens William Simmons Upon settlement of his accounts, there was a remaining balance due Lukens for his services in the sublegion. Was not paid out due to "want of evidence" of Lukens being mustered, but he referenced a muster roll that was submitted to Simmons that stated such.
January 13, 1797 Muster and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls, noted enclosed of Maj. Toamy. Additional rolls from Fort Franklin, Le Boeuf, and Presque Isle to arrive soon.
June 4, 1798 Explanation of Previous Letter David Hale William Simmons Hale felt no error was made by him regarding accounts. Enclosed muster roll show date of muster for Isaac Williamson and John Henry Aymor.
December 8, 1797 Incomplete Muster Rolls Isaac Craig James McHenry Muster rolls for Lewis and Pierce's companies not yet complete therefore Craig cannot submit paperwork to McHenry. Commander-in-Chief arrived yesterday.
July 8, 1794 Muster Rolls of the Recruits Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Three months muster rolls of the recruits have been forwarded for which the pay should be sent as soon as possible.