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March 2, 1798 Muster Roll for February 1798 Griffith McKee William Simmons Enclosed is the muster roll for February 1798 and the muster roll returned to Mckee for pay rolls up to March 1. Daniel Millar's receipt for his pay up to the time of his discharge from Capt. Kalteisen's Company is also transmitted.
August 10, 1795 Returning muster rolls William Simmons Samuel Tinsley Returns Capt. Tinsley's muster rolls to him for non-compliance with established procedure.
July 29, 1788 Muster rolls of Virginia Line T. Merriwether Joseph Howell Muster rolls of Virginia Line forwarded.
September 23, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Henry Gaither Cover letter for two packages of blank muster and pay rolls.
April 7, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton Simmons informs Lt. Dayton that he needs to obtain authorization from the Secretary at War to muster his men.
September 1, 1796 Blank Muster & Pay Rolls William Wilson William Simmons Wilson encloses the muster and pay rolls for the detachment under his command and requests blank muster and pay rolls for future use.
January 25, 1794 Enclosed Muster and Pay Roll Henry Lee Henry Knox Muster and Payroll for scouts in the Western territories.
August 3, 1796 Muster and pay rolls Peter Hagner William Willson Acknowledges receipt of his muster and pay rolls. Money for the pay will be forwarded by Nichols Fish, Supervisor at New York.
December 13, 1793 Muster, Payrolls and Detention of Pay Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Discusses officers at the Upper Posts of Ohio River. Should be enabled to make out authentic muster and pay rolls. Wants to put that part in train without delaying Captain Crawford's return as they are much in want of money. If they do not execute, the detention of pay will be their fault.
May 5, 1795 Muster and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig William Simmons Pay roll of artillerists received. Muster and pay rolls for Capt. Heths and Maj. Howes detachments enclosed.
November 21, 1795 Confirms receipt of pay and muster rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges the receipt of Freeman's letter enclosing Capt. Frye's pay and muster rolls.
June 17, 1796 Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolls with Abstract Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls with abstract.
August 2, 1797 Notification of Desertions, Muster Rolls Enclosed Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye encloses his receipt, muster, and pay rolls, and lists soldiers who are on furlough or have deserted. One of the deserters is in fact believed to have drowned, but they are not certain.
September 4, 1798 Muster and Pay Rolls for Niagara John Jacob Rivardi William Simmons Rivardi encloses muster and pay rolls for the garrison at Niagara. The men need to be paid, especially those who have been discharged. Rivardi asks for the current price of rations.
September 3, 1794 Call to muster and inspect militia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Secretary Hamilton requests that the Governor of Virginia appoint someone to muster and inspect the militia called out by order of the President, and that the records be transmitted to the War Office as early as possible.
September 3, 1796 Pay and muster roll William Simmons William Willson Acknowledges receipt of pay and muster roll for August. Money for the pay will be forwarded by Nicholas Fish.
August 10, 1796 Muster roll and pay roll William Simmons Edward Miller Notification that he is returning Miller's muster roll to be sworn to before he can act on Miller's pay roll.
January 5, 1798 Discussion of Instructions from Comptroller for Accounting Muster Rolls Stephen Rochefontaine Nehemiah Freeman Letter, discusses extract from the instructions of the Comptroller to the Paymaster General regarding signing of muster rolls.
October 5, 1796 Lieut. Guimpie to Transmit Muster and Receipt Rolls Jonathan Robeson William Simmons Robeson encloses receipts for the pay for himself and his men for August and September. Pay and muster rolls will be transmitted by Lieutenant Guimpie.
September 14, 1795 Returns incomplete muster roll Peter Hagner David Thompson Returns Ensign Thompson's muster roll to him because it lacked a signature.
January 20, 1797 Muster and Pay rolls William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay roll of Blackburn's detachment. Comments on the rolls.
May 12, 1797 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Isaac Craig Acknowledges receipt of muster, pay rolls, and accounts. Discusses the account of Lieutenant Polhemus.
August 16, 1797 Enclosed Muster Roll for Capt. Fleming's Detachment of Infantry Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Encloses a muster roll for the detachment under Captain Fleming for July 1797, follows up on an account with a printer in Newburgh for advertising deserters.
February 21, 1795 Missing Muster & Pay Rolls of Crawford's Detachment Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Upon examining the pay and muster rolls of Captain Crawford's detachment, Howell can find none for the month of October 1794. The missing rolls should be sent on by the next post.
February 6, 1797 Muster and pay roll William Simmons Frederick Frye Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay roll. Money for the pay will be forwarded by Nicholas Fish, federal supervisor in New York.