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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 18, 1797 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Isaac Craig Cover letter for company muster and pay rolls requested by Craig.
March 3, 1797 Muster and pay rolls. William Simmons Frederick Frye Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls. The pay is suspended until appropriations are passed by Congress
December 27, 1797 Blank Muster Rolls William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Sends blank muster rolls.
October 4, 1796 Enclosed Muster Roll for September John Saunders [not available] Encloses muster roll for September 1796.
September 14, 1795 Enclosed Muster Rolls, Extract of Instructions William Eaton William Simmons Noted the addition of a recruit not present on muster roll previously submitted, included instructions from Simmons predecessor on how to handle returns.
May 29, 1795 Request for Instructions and Blank Muster Rolls Stephen Trigg Timothy Pickering Trigg requests of Pickering some blank muster rolls as well as instructions on the correct procedure for paying his men.
August 12, 1795 Returning incomplete muster rolls William Simmons John Posey Returns muster rolls to Lt. John Posey for not being properly authenticated.
February 12, 1796 Pay, Muster, and Receipt Rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Informs Freeman that Lt. Geddes has in his possession five packages containing pay, muster, and receipt rolls.
November 5, 1795 Confirms receipt of muster rolls Peter Hagner Decius Wadsworth Acknowledges receiving Capt. Wadsworth's letter enclosing muster rolls.
November 13, 1798 Error in Muster and Pay Roll, Receipt Roll Correct William Simmons William R. Boote The Accountant's Office has examined the Muster and Pay Roll for October 1798 and the receipt for pay that Boote submitted at the beginning of the month and has found errors. The Receipt roll sent at the same time is fine. Simmons sends blank muster, pay, and receipt rolls with the letter.
October 6, 1794 Thompson's Appointment and Submission of Muster Rolls Alexander Thompson Joseph Howell Submits muster rolls and inquires about whether his new pay grade started at the date or appointment or the date of acceptance.
April 24, 1797 Muster and pay rolls Peter Hagner Stephen Rochefontaine Forwards blank muster and pay rolls.
August 13, 1796 Muster and pay rolls received William Simmons Isaac Craig Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls. Accounting matters. Asks that Craig attend to the rules of the office.
June 6, 1795 Enclosed Muster & Payroll Alexander Thompson William Simmons Thompson encloses musters and pay roll of the company under his command.
April 6, 1798 Is Dayton Authorized to Muster Recruits William Simmons Mr. Jones The accountant inquires whether Lieutenant H. R. Dayton is authorized to muster his recruits.
May 9, 1798 Explanation of Pay and Muster Roll Amount Frederick Frye William Simmons Differing totals in pay and muster rolls exist due to mistake on Asa Hall's account, extract from Hall's claim. Frye hopes that appropriation law will pass soon so Simmons is able to pay troops.
June 27, 1795 Insertion of Names to Muster and Pay Rolls Michael Kalteisen William Simmons Letter, encloses a pay roll for March and a muster and pay roll for April and May; mentions that recruiting and contingent accounts will follow.
March 1, 1796 Muster and Pay Rolls Enclosed Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Dayton sends Simmons the muster and pay rolls for the detachment under his command.
February 28, 1787 Request for muster Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Howell is organizing the papers in his office, particularly the Musters of Pay Rolls, so Nicholson is requested to send the muster which the Howell had previously given him on June 13,1785.
January 4, 1798 Regarding Marines and Seamen; manner of muster; rations [not available] Captain John Barry Mentions Marine and Sailor muster rolls. Until such time as permanent regulations for government of the Marines and Seamen are contemplated by the President of United States, house the Marines and Seamen monthly while in port. Discusses method of muster. Colonel Mentges will muster the Marines; someone with experience muster the seamen. Mentions contract to supply rations conformably to Act of...
June 2, 1796 Muster & Pay Roll Through June 1, 1796 Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Dayton sends Simmons the muster and pay rolls for the detachment under his command, correct up to June 1.
July 3, 1798 Receipt, Muster, and Pay Rolls Enclosed Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye sends receipt roll for May, muster rolls, pay rolls, and pay and subsistence receipts for various individuals.
February 25, 1797 Letter and muster rolls William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Acknowledges receipt of a letter from Sergeant Williams. Sends muster rolls.
November 13, 1795 Updates on Pay and Muster Rolls Isaac Craig William Simmons Receipt rolls enclosed, information on pay and muster rolls for troops from northern Ohio territories.
January 10, 1796 Enclosed Muster Roll and Report Edward Miller James McHenry Encloses muster roll and report of recruits.