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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 5, 1796 Muster and pay rolls Peter Hagner William Wilson Acknowledges receipt of muster roll and pay roll. Muster roll returned.
November 9, 1797 Enclosed Muster and Pay Roll Philip Williams William Simmons Williams encloses his muster and pay roll for the months of September and October.
December 6, 1797 Authorization to muster troops James McHenry William R. Boote The Secretary at War authorizes Ensign Boote to muster the troops. Encloses blank muster rolls.
January 6, 1798 Enclosed Letters Regarding Muster Roll Account, Rochefontaine, Ingersoll Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Letter, encloses two letters on the subject of muster rolls.
June 10, 1796 Enclosed Muster Roll, Four Additional Recruits Uriah Springer James McHenry Encloses a muster roll which includes four new recruits.
November 5, 1795 Incomplete muster roll Peter Hagner Horatio R. Dayton Informs Lieutenant Dayton that his muster and pay rolls have been received, but that the muster roll is incomplete.
April 1, 1794 Report on accounts; duties as Muster Master, and lack of free time due to work Colonel Robert Hays David Henley Discusses accounts and pay as a muster master. Laments how busy he is; cannot devote a day in a month to private business. Mentions muster rolls and procedures. Indians have done a good deal of mischief. Mentions the matter of settlements and General Robertson.
November 10, 1794 Muster Roll with Recruits Noted John McClallin Joseph Howell McClallen is enclosing a muster roll, dated November 1st, which he forwarded to Captain Thompson, on which the recruits are noted.
May 2, 1798 Absence from Muster Roll Explained John Saunders William Simmons Saunders explains that he missed the last muster due to very important personal business and asks to be considered as present.
January 29, 1798 Order to muster recruits James McHenry William R. Boote The Secretary at War orders Ensign Boote to muster his recruits and transmit the muster and pay rolls to the Accountant's Office.
November 30, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Robert Rowan Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls. Money for the pay roll plus an additional sum of pay was forwarded to Lt. Vischer.
September 1, 1796 Enclosed Muster and Pay Roll Jonathan Robeson William Simmons Robeson encloses muster roll for August and a copy of the July pay roll.
July 25, 1795 Muster Roll of Recruits, Etc. Decius Wadsworth William Simmons In addition to including a muster roll of all his recruits, except those sent to West Point, Wadsworth notes that on his June muster roll he included a man sent in pursuit of deserters who was absent for such a long period that he himself was considered a deserter. He has been added to the current muster roll which should replace the one already sent. Sergeant Clark's expenses and his vouchers...
December 18, 1797 Request for Directions on Proper Method of Signing Muster Rolls Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman is having difficulty getting the muster rolls signed. He will send his accounts in a few days.
October 2, 1795 Muster and Pay Rolls for August & September Samuel Tinsley Timothy Pickering Enclosed muster roll and receipts.
November 14, 1795 Concerning muster and pay rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges the receipt of his letter mentioning muster and pay rolls.
January 20, 1797 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Isaac Craig Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls.
May 14, 1796 Muster and pay roll William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton Acknowledges receipt of Dayton's muster and pay roll and requests information on a soldier.
December 2, 1795 Muster & Pay Roll for Dayton's Men Horatio R. Dayton William Simmons Enclosed is the muster and payroll for the men under Dayton's command through November 1795. Captain Wadsworth's men were on their way to West Point so they are not included on Dayton's muster and payrolls.
October 11, 1794 Enclosed Muster Rolls for Aug and Sept. Cornelius Sedam Joseph Howell Sedam sends the muster rolls for August and September, and states he will be obliged should Howell send the pay.
October 2, 1796 Enclosed Muster Roll for Recruits Edward Miller James McHenry Encloses muster rolls for the recruits for the month of September.
January 26, 1795 Necessary Alterations & Additions to Your Muster Joseph Howell Richard S. Blackburn Howell is returning Captain Blackburn's muster of the detachment under his command with the necessary alterations and additions noted thereon. In making out the new roll Blackburn should include his own Company as part of the detachment muster.
December 22, 1794 Lt. Hale's Muster Roll Joseph Howell David Hale Lt. Hale's muster roll is being returned so that it can be made to conform with the instructions of the Secretary of War. Tthe muster must be certified on oath as being a true statement of the men under his command.
August 10, 1795 Returning incomplete muster rolls William Simmons John Posey Returns Lt. John Posey's muster roll to him because it is not complete.
November 5, 1796 Muster and pay rolls William Simmons Joseph Guimpe Muster roll returned for swearing before a magistrate. Pay roll must be made out.