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April 1800 Request for Issue of Musket Ball Cartridges John Harris Major Nichols Directs issue of musket ball cartridges to the bearer.
February 14, 1794 Request for delivery of musket and rifle powder, lead and musket ball; on the transportation of clothing Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Requests that Hodgdon send one hundred barrels of best proof musket and rifle powder, lead and musket ball to Major General Wayne. Is apprehensive about the means of delivering the clothing.
November 20, 1798 Depositing boxes of musketball cartridges John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Reporting a deposit of twenty-four boxes containing over 30,000 musket-ball cartridges.
September 2, 1793 1350 Musket Cartridges Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to deliver to Capt. [William] Kersey or order the amount of powder, ball, paper, and thread that will be sufficient to make 1350 musket cartridges.
April 19, 1799 Order for Proof Ball and Powder Oliver Wolcott John Wilkins, Jr. Encloses an order from the Secretary of War for the delivery of proof ball and powder, asks that the articles be forwarded to Thomas Annely at Harper's Ferry.
April 24, 1794 Ammunition for recruits marching under Ensign McClean John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Recruits marching under Ensign McClean need ammunition for guards. Request powder, ball, paper, to make musket cartridges, along with flints.
December 13, 1797 Request for Delivery of Musket Components James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs delivery of musket parts for manufacture.
March 12, 1790 Musket Cartridges William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War that everything agreeable to his instructions are now ready. There is an insufficient amount of musket cartridge paper and other items.
November 15, 1800 Simmons Writes Ball to Request Forwarding of his Authority or Contract, as well as Duplicates of his Vouchers William Simmons Robert Ball Simmons wrote a letter to Ball on the 16th of October acknowledging receipt of Ball's letter dated October 2nd, along with the accounts and vouchers for his supplies. Simmons requested the authority or contract Ball was operating under, though he is yet to receive a reply. Simmons now writes to request that, due to the fire at the War Department, Ball forward the duplicates of all his vouchers...
October 16, 1800 Simmons Chastizes Ball for Operating With an Expired Contract and for Neglecting to Furnish Receipts William Simmons Robert Ball Simmons notes that the has received Ball's letter of the 2nd of October, which contained his account and vouchers for supplies during 1800 for different recruiting parties in the state of North Carolina, the sum of which has been claimed for $1926 and 36.5 cents. However, before those accounts can be executed it is necessary for Ball to produce the authority under which he made the supplies as...
February 8, 1793 Return of Powder, Arrival of Ammunition, Availability of Lead Isaac Craig Henry Knox Encloses return of powder. Lead and musket ball sent to Legion Ville and will soon be worked up into cartridges. Mentions a Frenchman from Sandusky offering lead for good terms when considering the cost of carriage from Philadelphia. Captain Slough's detachment expected tomorrow.
January 30, 1799 Inquiry into and Request for Issue of Musket Stocks to Musket Manufacturer Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of 1,000 musket stocks to the Treasury Dept., for use by a musket manufacture contractor.
January 28, 1799 Inquiry into and Request for Issue of Musket Stocks to Musket Manufacturer James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 1,000 musket stocks to the Treasury Dept., for use by a musket manufacture contractor.
April 4, 1798 Boarding Pikes and Musket Cartridges for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver 24 boarding pikes to Lieutenant Mullowny for the frigate "United States" and one box of musket cartridges with ball to Lieutenant McRea for the Marines on board the same ship.
January 6, 1795 Request for Pay Daniel Ball Samuel Hodgdon Ball asks Hodgdon to forward Ball's pay, as well as the pay of Colonel Henley if that has not already been done.
April 10, 1800 Request for Account Information or Refund William Simmons Griffith James McRee Simmons requested accounts of Robert Ball, Contractor in North Carolina since they were never submitted by McRee. Ball's draft for $1,000.00 from Secretary of War was pay a few days since. The magnitude of monies advanced to Ball and McRee made Simmons request for receipts urgent.
September 15, 1797 Request for Delivery of Musket Barrels, Ramrods, & Bayonets William Joseph John Harris Letter, directs delivery of musket barrels, etc.
August 10, 1797 Request for arms and articles for crew of frigate Constitution at Boston [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Request to Samuel Hodgdon to deliver arms and ammunition stores for the frigate Constitution at Boston.
June 21, 1797 Request for Delivery of Musket Barrels James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs issue of musket barrels etc to complete muskets.
December 13, 1797 Articles to be Manufactured into Muskets for the Marines James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to furnish the Purveyor Tench Francis with the following articles needed to manufacture 180 muskets for the Marines: musket barrels, musket stocks, sets of mounting, musket locks, musket bayonets, and musket ramrods. The muskets are to be manufactured according to the specifications of Lieutenant McRea of the Marines and returned to the store when completed.
March 14, 1799 Musketball Cartridges On Hand John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Harris has on hand in his books 35,937 musket ball cartridges, 19 to the pound.
March 18, 1797 Delivery of Muskets and Musket Parts Multiple Authors John Harris Directs issue of musket barrels for completion of muskets.
May 31, 1797 Delivery of Musket Parts James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver musket barrels, etc., to be made into muskets by John Miles.
March 25, 1795 List of Quarterly Returns Robert Quarles [not available] List of quarterly returns of the ordnance and military stores at Point of Fork arsenal.
July 18, 1799 Discusses Problems with Pistol Barrels and Proving Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Believes that Mr. Dana's claims about the proof of the pistol barrels is unnecessarily severe because the caliber of the pistol is smaller than the Charlottesville musket. Discusses size of proof balls. Warns that proofs were unfinished and barrels are rough when ordered which causes a reduction and weakening. Speculates about other reasons for miscalculations. The pistol making in Philadelphia...