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January 24, 1793 Protecting Hats from Moths John Miller Alexander Hamilton Miller offers his suggestion for protecting the 1500 soldiers' hats from the depredations of moths.
April 21, 1797 Blankets for Chickasaws and Location of Post Isaac Craig James McHenry Mentioned blankets on hand and their possible use in supplements the allotment of goods supplied to the Chickasaws. Noted moth infestation as probable if the blankets were not moved quickly. Noted Gen. Wilkinson's displeasure with the site of the garrison and buildings at Presque Isle and his suggestions to move all to a more healthy location.
March 26, 1799 Injury from Moths, Etc. John Bray Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a statement of the public stores received since October 1797. Though there have been thirty different deliveries, Bray has made entries only in those cases where stores have been receipted for. Also, no entrees have been made for the several stores that have been forwarded at the request of certain officers. He is concerned that some of the clothing might suffer from injury by moths.
September 4, 1795 Supply of Ordnance and Medical Departments Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Military stores left at Bedford by militia retrieved by wagons and brought to Pittsburgh, invoice of stores enclosed. Some clothing destroyed by moths. Noted officers of Ordnance and Medical Departments did not make proper requests for articles wanted and are now in dire need of supplies, offers supplies at Pittsburgh to supplement those lacking.
July 31, 1800 Clothing Exposed to Destruction by the Moth Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Mr. McDonald is a merchant who resides at Bowley's Wharf in Baltimore and owns a line of land and water stages that ply between that city and Philadelphia. Dexter has heard that McDonald has in his possession soldiers' clothing, haversacks, canteens, wine, and hospital stores that are the property of the United States. The clothing is exposed to destruction by moths and no care is taken with the...
November 22, 1800 Blankets for the Marine Corps [not available] Samuel Dexter Requests 1102 blankets for the Marine Corps.
June 28, 1792 Letter from Robert Barr, Lexington Kentucky to Samuel Hodgdon requesting assistance for Barr's brother James Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon Barr writes to Hodgdon requesting his assistance in obtaining payment for the unfortunate adventure of the overalls. Barr was at Philadelphia, but it was the close of the session and the Secretary could not attend to any papers. Papers were transferred to the Secretary of Treasury, who apparently made no decision. Refers to Colonel Darke's letter and Hodgdon's letter he received at the Crabb...
December 7, 1785 Regarding James Bray's whereabouts during the late war James Bray Joseph Howell Bray outlines his various assignments and whereabouts in the Army during the late war in order to procure over due payment.
July 13, 1798 Quantity of Whiskey Forwarded to Fort Washington Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon discusses a number of supply matters related to Craig's post at Pittsburgh.
November 11, 1797 Extra Pay for the Treaty of Greenville, Etc. Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Dr. Brown reports that the elegant fox skin intended for Mrs. Hodgdon has been lost to the depredation of the moths. The enclosed account would have been paid long ago were it not for the death of General Wayne. Brown was promised ten dollars extra per month for tending to the Indians and $150 extra during the Treaty of Greenville but extraordinary fatigue and the heat of the weather almost...
February 5, 1785 Pay due and accounts Abraham Dehuff Joseph Howell Discusses pay due and encloses an account. Includes memorandum of money received from states.