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August 31, 1798 Mrs. Death's Monthly Allowance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Though possibly mistaken, Hodgdon has provided Mrs. Death with her usual monthly allowance.
March 16, 1798 Mrs. Taylor's Application to Receive Her Husband's Monthly Allowance, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter, discusses payments made to ship carpenters; mentions Mrs. Taylor's application for her husband's allowance.
May 24, 1791 Discussion of Expenses Surrounding Transport and Storage of Military Stores Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses sum charged for removal of stores; discusses monthly allowance to keep public stores.
August 13, 1792 Invalid pensioners for the State of Connecticut Henry Knox William Imlay List of invalid pensioners returned by the circuit court of United States to William Imlay - the Commissioner of Loans - for the State of Connecticut. Specifies monthly allowance.
March 5, 1792 Monthly Pay Scale of Army Congress of the United States [not available] Account of monthly pay with individual amounts listed.
January 13, 1796 Commissioners' allowance for treaties Timothy Pickering John Jay Letter from the Secretary of War to the Governor of New York. Secretary Knox discusses the allowance paid commissioners for holding treaties with the Indians.
February 1, 1793 Monthly Returns, Packets of Correspondence, Powder, Flints and Cartridge Paper Isaac Craig Henry Knox Discusses monthly returns. Flints not the proper size. Powder to be sent to Legionville. Cartridge paper is nearly expended.
June 1, 1785 Monthly returns, request for instructions on discharge and reenlistment of men, and matters of pay Josiah Harmar President John Dickinson Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmar submits monthly returns. Requests instructions regarding discharge and reenlistment of men for three years. Reduction in officers pay considered parsimonious. Soldiers pay, provided regular monthly or weekly payments, is sufficient.
February 8, 1797 Forwards Monthly Quartermaster Returns Samuel Henley James Wilkinson Forwards monthly return of quartermaster's store, January 1797. Reports of ordnance and military stores sent to General Wayne and Captain Butler. Sends news.
March 5, 1800 Will Send Copies of Monthly Charges with Next Post David Henley William Simmons Sends list of monthly charges in next post. Announces departure of wagons the following day.
January 14, 1800 Allowance of Double Rations Caleb Swan Alexander Hamilton Swan wants a clarification of the regulations that explain what description of command is authorized an allowance of double rations.
February 1, 1796 Delay of Submission of Monthly Returns from Navy Yard Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon Caleb Gibbs, clerk at Charlestown Navy Yard, reports that an injury to his hand prevents his transmittal of monthly returns.
January 15, 1799 List of Virginia invalid pensioners James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses list of invalid pensioners belonging to the State of Virginia, with the monthly allowances to each, to the Commissioner of Loans in Virginia.
September 5, 1796 Request for Monthly Stoppages of Pay to Balance Debt to United States John Jacob Rivardi William Simmons Rivardi owes $420 to the United States. He would like to have $25 held back from each paycheck and credited towards that debt.
November 13, 1799 Monthly Returns for Quarter Master Stores David Henley James McHenry Forwards monthly returns of Quartermaster stores to US troops for September and October 1799.
January 17, 1786 Concerning a Claim for Pay John Pierce Mons. Desdevan Discusses Desdevan's claim for pay and certain allowance for his service in the Revolutionary War.
May 13, 1799 Conflict with a contractor over allowances James McHenry Jonathan Rhea Addresses the issue of a contractor named John Bray who is refusing to furnish quarters for troops at his current allowance at two-and-a-half percent, holding out for his former allowance at five percent. McHenry states that if he continues to refuse to work at that allowance, a replacement be sought after.
March 17, 1798 Monthly pay on men on frigate Constellation War Office [not available] Monthly pay of the petty officers, seamen, ordinary seamen and marines on frigate Constellation.
October 25, 1797 Questions Regarding Allowance of Inspector William Simmons James McHenry Simmons noted that law of Congress provided an inspector and authorized the Brigadier to chose him from the Captains and Subalterns. Maj. Cushing was appointed to position of inspector and claimed his allowance was stipulated by Act. Simmons requested info on allowance or emoluments since pay was suspended.
February 7, 1800 Allowance for Clerk James McHenry William Simmons McHenry gave his approval for the employment of a clerk to assist E. Stevens. Authorized allowance to pay said clerk equal to salary given in New York.
August 1, 1798 List of Virginia invalid pensioners James McHenry John Hopkins War Secretary encloses a list of invalid pensioners belonging to the State of Virginia, with the monthly allowances to each, to the Virginia Commissioner of Loans.
May 11, 1798 Statement of monthly pay for Petty Officers James McHenry Captain Samuel Nicholson Encloses statement of monthly pay of petty officers.
August 15, 1799 Regarding Allowance Certificate of Hugh McAlister. William Simmons [not available] Simmons notes that McAlister's certificate for allowance could not be paid.
July 5, 1797 Monthly Instead of Quarterly Returns, Etc. Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon Gibbs had thought that returns were due on a quarterly basis so he waited to submit them. Now that he realizes that monthly returns are expected, he will respond accordingly. Enclosed is the return of the Navy Yard for the month of June along with the appropriate receipts.
August 11, 1799 Subsistance and Allowance for Recruiting Officers Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton "...Some of my officers are so distressed for money that I have been obliged to procure a loan to enable them to go on with the recfruiting service. Their expenses in continually removing from post to post has entirely exhausted their resources and I trust it will be convenient at all events to send on at least their subsistance and allowance for recruiting."