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August 14, 1799 Request for accounting of monies William Simmons Tench Francis Simmons directs Francis to submit a current accounting of all monies in his hands.
July 21, 1797 Commissions on receiving and paying monies William Simmons John Chester Notification that the amount of money Chester received in commissions on receiving and paying monies for the War Department will be entered on his account
September 1, 1792 Regarding Vouchers, Monies, Mr. Read, End of War Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Discussion on vouchers and monies drawn. All calls for monies must be very explicit and accurate. Hodgdon also wishes for end to the War. Mentions Thomas Martin's wagon, which has set off for Pittsburg and has an excellent barrel of sugar on board.
March 7, 1785 Account of monies advanced while a prisoner Joseph Howell James Johnson Has not heard from recipient. Expected a few lines. Issues an account of monies advanced while a prisoner.
November 27, 1795 Monies Transmitted by the Treasurer John Mathews William Simmons Mathews has received Howell's advice relative to the monies transmitted to him by the Treasurer. He has transmitted the monies to Mr. Souff and expects the receipts soon.
April 22, 1791 Schedule of Monies John Stagg [not available] List, monies received by Captain Piatt to be delivered to Major Paterson for one month's pay and subsistence for officers and men.
October 3, 1796 Statement of monies expended William Simmons Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Cover letter for a statement of monies expended for the military establishment for each year from 1789 to January 1796, with explanatory notes.
June 20, 1798 Forwarded Abstracts for Monies Paid David Henley William Simmons Account balances, names of money due particular officers. Details of Hillis' expenses explained; Henley described Hillis' intemperance and said he was unfit for duty.
March 11, 1791 Cotton sends vouchers to Knox W Cotton William Knox Letter, encloses vouchers for monies paid.
October 18, 1799 Account statements for monies advanced from the War Office William Simmons James McHenry Acknowledges receipt of a letter directing that statements of Mr. Lewis's accounts for monies advanced from the War Office be prepared.
January 1, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Secretary at War William Simmons James McHenry William Simmons sends the following accounts to the Secretary of War: monies paid and estimated expenses for the War Department.
March 27, 1796 Enclosed Account for Commission Monies John Mathews William Simmons Mathews sends his account for commissions on monies received and paid.
May 17, 1790 Weekly Return of Monies Received and Paid Joseph Whipple Alexander Hamilton Whipple encloses weekly return of monies received and paid in the district to the 15th instant. Last letter provided incorrect amount for first moitey of invalid pensioners of New Hampshire. Amount of $1661 98/100 should have been $1660 98/100.
January 1, 1800 List of Monies Due Absentees Caleb Swan William Simmons Chart showing monies due absentees with payments made by Lt. John M. Lovell, Paymaster on the Mississippi, 1798 & 1799, for a total sum of $331.53.
December 19, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James McHenry Simmons provides McHenry the following information in reference to the Congressional Act of 20 March 1794: 1. Monies applied to the defense of certain ports and harbors. 2. Monies expended for the purchase of cannon and shot.
November 11, 1795 Estimate of monies for the War Accountant Office William Simmons Joseph Nourse Encloses an estimate of the monies required for the War Department Accountant's Office for the year 1796.
September 13, 1794 Receipts for Monies Paid Nathaniel Gorham Joseph Howell Enclosed are two receipts for monies paid [Bechet] Rochefontaine and Nicholas de Finiels.
August 2, 1797 Commissions on receiving and paying monies William Simmons Edward Carrington Notification that his account for commissions on receiving and paying monies for the War Department has been approved and that he will receive the money from the Treasurer of the U.S.
June 27, 1794 Account of Monies Advanced by the Paymaster General Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Samuel Hodgdon is charged with the $130 he received from Capt. Patrick Phelan, a sum which has been debited to the account of transfers of monies to be accounted for at the Treasury Department.
February 10, 1797 Accounts of Capt John Wade and omission of monies received William Simmons David Henley Simmons reports that there are omissions in Captain Wade's accounts for monies received.
October 10, 1796 Request for Captain Britt to refund monies William Simmons James McHenry Requests that the Secretary of War direct that balances of monies owed by Captain Daniel Britt, paymaster of the 1st Sub-Legion be refunded to the War Department
April 10, 1800 Request to pay bill out of public monies Alexander Hamilton Ebenezer Stevens Requests that Stevens pay out of public monies the amount of enclosed bull for $150 related to service mentioned in account annexed. Bill may be sent to Assistant Quarter Master General in Philadelphia.
May 1, 1787 Examination of monies advanced to recruiting service Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell has examined the accounts of monies advanced to the recruiting service and finds that there are no further payments due to Colonel Henry Bicker of Pennsylvania;
February 20, 1796 Request for Information William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Charges of monies against Elias Longhorn to be reported.
January 16, 1801 Matthew Smith's Account Cannot be Settled Without Further Receipts and Vouchers William Simmons Abraham Bradley Simmons informs Bradley that the accounts of Matthew Smith cannot be settled without receipts for the monies paid by him, and each item charged must be accompanied by a voucher of each person to whom these monies were paid.