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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 24, 1791 Knox copies minutes from Washington's speech Henry Knox [not available] Document, minutes for the President's speech; discusses impartial justice for Indians; mentions system for national militia.
October 25, 1791 State of the Union Message, 1791 George Washington Congress of the United States President George Washington's [State of the Union] message to the the Senate and the House of Representatives in which he talks of many issues, particularly the state of relations with the Indians, the establishment of a permanent seat of government, and the means of disposing of the national debt.
May 2, 1788 Report of the Secretary at War: Indian Affairs north of Ohio River Henry Knox [not available] Report of the Secretary of War re Indian Affairs. Notes that the confederation of tribes, to oppose settlement of lands north of Ohio River is important subject. Discusses White encroachment. Indians will only accede to outright purchases of land. Attempts to claim lands by conquest will require constant employment of troops. The principle of waging war for an object which may be obtained by...
February 14, 1798 Recommended Method of Stating Your Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Stille & Ewing Letter, mentions inspection of Army uniforms; discusses mode of account statement.
September 7, 1799 Prevent the repetition of similar imprudence... Alexander Hamilton Commandants of Regiments Circular to the Commandants of Regiments: Hamilton warns of the ill effects of officers complaining in front of their men about the poor quality of articles furnished by the army. Such talk can only foster discontent among the troops. If there are complaints, they should be made by officers to their commandants who should then inform Hamilton of suggestions for improvements.
September 23, 1799 Settle the stations of those of the same grade relatively and definitively... James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry explains his conception of the process by which relative rank among officers of the same gade is to be settled.
July 9, 1788 Supplement to the Land Ordinance of 1785 Congress of the United States [not available] A supplement to an ordinance entitled An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing lands in Western territory.
[not available] Dimensions of Masts and Spars for the U. S. Ship "Congress" Unknown Author [not available] Dimensions of the masts and spars for the United States ship "Congress" of 36 guns. The main mast is proportioned by moulded breadth and the main yard by extreme breadth.
July 1, 1796 Concerning army discontent and disobedience James McHenry Decius Wadsworth Discusses military obedience and alludes to the Rochefontaine-Wilson duel. McHenry argues that the army may soon become "one huge mass of discontent and sedition" and that they must work to restore harmony and "save the corps from dissolution."
June 15, 1799 Suggests Ideas for the Timely Construction of Laboratory and Other Buildings Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Announces purchase of land for laboratory and other buildings, although it will take time before the actual use. Suggests mode for imminent construction. Realizes need for professional construction workers. Funds prevent hiring a suitable person to superintend materials and construction. Require someone who will prevent any sense of embezzlement and has architectural skills.
February 8, 1797 Discussion of Shipyard, Masts & Yardarms for Frigate, & Algerian Frigate Captain Thomas Thompson Josiah Fox Letter, discusses blocks at yard; discusses masts and yard arms re Frigate; discusses dimensions of Frigate; advises re receiving iron; mentions Algerian Frigate.
[not available] Principal Blocks for the U.S. Frigate "Constitution" Unknown Author [not available] List of the principal blocks for the U. S. Constitution with 44 guns.
March 5, 1784 Accounting matters Robert Morris John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts
March 12, 1790 Instructions Regarding Willet's Mission to the Creek Nation Henry Knox Marinus Willett Knox informs Colonel Marinus Willet of his instructions for meeting with the Creek Nation of Indians and their leader, Alexander McGillivray. His primary mission is to prevent a war and to encourage McGillivray and other Creek chiefs to travel to New York for treaty talks.
February 2, 1797 Appointment of Commissioners to Survey U.S. Boundary with Creeks, Chickasaws & Cherokees James McHenry Commissioners for Surveying of Indian Boundaries, 1797 Appoints 3 men as commissioners, and records the boundaries with each Indian nation as stipulated in respective treaties with them. Advises them to make sure they try their hardest to reconcile the Indians to the outcome of the boundary survey. Addresses the informing of Georgia and the Indian nations of the period the boundary will be run, the permanent marking of the border and the employment...
March 23, 1792 Peace Between the United States and All Natives George Washington Chiefs and Warriors of the Five Nations President Washington' s speech to the chiefs of the Five Nations in which he assures them of his desire for friendship with all Indian nations.
March 15, 1800 Request from Mr Lyman to have Mr Williams' duties and power more strongly defined at Springfield Armory Mr. Lyman [not available] Lyman conveyed Mr. Williams' request for more strongly defined powers. The superintendent, Mr. Ames, indicated that Mr. Williams has no authority regarding the internal regulation of the works. The workmen also claim they are abused by Ames.
January 18, 1787 Account of Colonel Harmar John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Informs Beatty that the most efficient method of settling Colonel Harmar's account is by a settlement with the Corps in which all of Harmar's vouchers are available and in which he is given credit for all his payments.
March 15, 1796 Information of Intrigues Concerning Land Along Lake Erie Captain Joseph Brant Israel Chapin Jr Refers to earlier discussion of lands around Lake Erie; informs Chapin that various unscrupulous people around Detroit have designs on that tract, currently claimed by the Wyandots. Asks that Chapin prevent any illegal land grants, which would only cause confusion.
July 17, 1789 Resolution Regarding the Militia [not available] [not available] Requests information regarding lands reserved for troops south of the Ohio River.
April 8, 1800 Delays in Sending Vouchers Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton warns Rice that delays in pay and muster rolls result in soldiers not being paid in a timely manner which causes discontent among them. He orders Rice to inform him of the cause of the delays in sending the necessary vouchers.
February 14, 1795 Main Order of the Army Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Kirkpatrick's order requesting stores for the Army should be sent.
November 6, 1798 Discontent & Disgust in This Territory James Wilkinson James McHenry Wilkinson comments on the discontent in the southern territory evidenced by the withdrawal of several notables to the adjoining Spanish Territory. He lists three essentials to the preservation of order: the presence of Judges, the settlement of the right of soil and jurisdiction, and the establishment of a principle by which to ascertain and fix individual rights to land.
July 18, 1794 Dimensions of masts, yards and spars for 44 and 36 gun frigates Henry Knox Tench Coxe Knox forwards to Tench Coxe the dimensions of the masts, spars and yards of the 36 gun frigates.
June 27, 1786 Unable to comply with request John Pierce Colonel Oswald Informs Col. Oswald that it out of Pierce's power to comply with his wishes until given direction by Congress. Mentions a "newspaper controversy" that makes the situation particularly disagreeable.