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May 28, 1797 Recommendation of ambassador for French mission James McHenry Timothy Pickering Discusses mission to France, recommending Pinckney as ambassador. Discusses possible opposition in the House of Representatives.
October 2, 1799 Discussion of French Mission James McHenry William Hindman Responds to letter. Reports that the mission to France is disapproved by the Federalists. Refers to French speedy return to monarchy. Hopes that he will continue to serve the public. Encloses note from Samuel Barrows.
June 23, 1797 James McHenry Comments on the Florida Boundary Mission of Isaac Guion James McHenry James Wilkinson McHenry comments on the mission of Capt. Isaac Guion to the U.S.-Spanish Florida border region, specifically to the Walnut Hills and Natchez. Commends Guion as a fine officer and expresses hope that he will not be hindered in his mission, as "the Spanish have no reason to fear."
April 10, 1800 Mission to France Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Hamilton explains that he has heard nothing of the impression made by the US mission to France but it is probably a disagreeable one. The calculation of the President as to a general peace for the winter is as fallacious as Hamilton predicted to him.
September 16, 1799 On the sudden changes in France James McHenry William S. Dana Mentions the sudden changes in France, the success of the Allied Powers, and an approach toward the restoration of the monarchy, and how this might change the President's strategy and induce him to suspend the mission. Stresses the necessity in avoiding conflict with Britain.
May 22, 1792 Assisting General Putnam with His Mission Henry Knox Alexander Trueman Knox asks Major Trueman to assist General Putnam in an unnamed but important mission for the President.
November 5, 1793 Hindering Seagrove's Peaceful Mission Constant Freeman Henry Knox Freeman worries that unless the Governor of Georgia does something to prevent the constant white incursions into Indian country, Seagrove's mission to seek a peaceful settlement with the Creeks may be in vain.
December 3, 1799 Address to Congress by the President John Adams Congress of the United States President Adams' address on the occasion of the 1st session of the Sixth Congress. Adams touches on the wars in Europe, unrest in Pennsylvania, displomatic mission to France, and relations with Great Britain. Adams calls for revision to the judiciary system. The government is one year off from moving from Philadelphia to the new federal seat in the District of Columbia;
August 5, 1799 Proposed Treaty with France James McHenry George Washington McHenry warns that a great change has taken place in the affairs of Europe since the U.S. mission was undertaken. A treaty with France cannot, with regard to trade and commerce, place the U.S. in as good a situation as it is currently in. Such a treaty will expose U.S. trade to the most serious inconveniences. McHenry finds the dilemma extremely distressing.
November 6, 1792 Details of Reconnaissance Mission on Savage Indians James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson gave detailed account of intelligence mission to determine path of savage Indians who previously assaulted garrison of Fort Hamilton. Safety of roads to frontier posts and transportation of materials compromised by savages.
May 18, 1792 Accompanying Putnam on His Peace Mission Henry Knox John Heckenwelder Knox requests that Indian expert Heckenwelder accompany General Putnam on his mission to seek peace with the northwestern Indians.
January 26, 1790 On the Wyandots, Major Doughty's peace mission, and attack by Indians within twelve miles of Danville, at Carpenter's Station Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Expresses confidence in friendly disposition of Wyandots; their influence over other tribes is considerable. Discusses Major Doughty's peace mission to the southern Indians, the establishment of a post at Mussel Shoals, the attitude of the Choctaws and Chickasaws to this event, the number of men required to man this post. Will soon be leaving for Kaskaskia. Reports on attack by Indians within...
June 16, 1791 Brandt's Mission of Peace, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox reports on the status of sundry troops and supplies as well as the mission of Joseph Brandt to be establish peace between the Western Indians and the United States.
August 2, 1799 Ill-Judged and Unlucky Mission Robert Goodloe Harper James McHenry Harper provides his assessment of American-French relations.
October 11, 1794 Responsibility for Delivering Fifty Thousand Dollars John Stagg James Alexander Stagg informs Alexander that he is responsible for delivering $50,000 to Carlisle for the pay of the militia whose mission is to suppress an insurrection on the frontiers of Pennsylvania.
March 23, 1791 Organization of the Battalion in Washington District Henry Knox John Sevier Knox outlines in detail the organization and mission of the militia batallion to be raised in Washington District.
December 28, 1795 Request for Inspection of Accounts Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman requested Simmons inspect amount handed to him by the Temporary Pay Master for expenses accrued at New York during the execution of a mission ordered by the Commanding Officer of West Point Garrison.
May 20, 1792 Mission to Wyandot Towns James Wilkinson Colonel John Harden Orders to persuade Wyandot chiefs to accompany Harden to Philadelphia to meet with G. Washington. Contingency plans included in detail if Indians do not acquiesce to request.
September 6, 1799 Illegible Text Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig document quality renders text illegible. Discusses Major Hoops and the mission to Niagara;
April 17, 1797 Compensation for an express courier Matthew Brown William Simmons Forwards a letter from an express courier employed by the Army to run dispatches to Oswego with his explanation of the mission and his recommendation as to the justness of the man's charges. Cited in Hagner to Brown, 04/25/1797.
September 23, 1794 Purchase of Two Horses William Bradford Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Ralston at Strasburg and Col. Postlethwaite at Carlise have been advanced the sum of sixty dollars each for the purchase of two horses for the expedition sent to and from Pittsburgh during the late mission into the western country.
June 9, 1791 Letter from the Secretary of War Henry Knox Butler Alerts Butler that Samuel Hodgdon is on his way to Fort Pitt and should be able to supply the campaign. There should be enough flour for Butler's post, but they will have to rely on live cattle for meat. Major Butler has been appointed to the Eastern Battalion. Colonel Proctor's mission failed, so General Scott's expedition will go forward; Butler is to send copies of Proctor's dispatches to...
April 3, 1792 Orders to Negotiate with Confederacy of Indians Henry Knox Alexander Trueman Orders to collaborate with Wilkinson on mission to Miami village to deliver speech written to inspire fear in the hostile Indians. Confederation of Indians believed to be extensive, Knox advised patience in negotiations for peace.
February 10, 1797 Spies to the Indian Lands James McHenry David Henley McHenry directs Henley to send spies among the whites who have illegally settled on Indian lands. Also discusses Army affairs in Tennessee
July 16, 1801 Davis Declines Appointment as Commissioner Henry Dearborn James Wilkinson Mr. Davis has declined the appointment of joint commissioner with Wilkinson and Hawkins to treat with the Indians south of the Ohio. Andrew Pickens is appointed as his replacement.