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[not available] Estimate of the Pay Due the Militia of the State of Tennessee [not available] William Simmons Estimate of the pay due the militia of the state of Tennessee for services performed in Mero district between the first day of May 1996 and thirteenth day of June, 1797
June 23, 1796 Authorization of Pay or Remuneration for Militia Services James McHenry John Sevier James McHenry informs the Governor of Tennessee that while he may call on the state militia for emergency defense of the frontier, he ultimately needs to notify the War Department and President on the circumstances surrounding the deployment of the militia and the numbers deemed necessary. No pay or remuneration for militia services can be authorized without the consent of Congress or the...
July 28, 1797 Accounts Current and Abstracts of Payment made by Capt. W. Richard Stephen Hillis William Simmons Hillis encloses William Rickard's accounts for acting as paymaster. The Tennessee accounts have been delayed because of the amount of work involved in trying to pay the militia.
February 6, 1796 Enclosed Act Regarding Pay of Militia Isaac Shelby Timothy Pickering Kentucky State Legislature passed act regarding pay of militia, as a consequence Shelby enclosed pay rolls for state militia. Details on rations supplied.
August 1, 1797 Secretary at War writes to the Governor of Tennesee regarding militia James McHenry James Wood Secretary McHenry informs Governor Wood of the federal mandate to raise, equip, organize, and keep in readiness a body of militia fit for action.
October 7, 1794 [COPY] Missing Mail William Blount Henry Knox Has not heard from the Cherokees or Creeks since they passed the Tennessee (river?), and waiting on an express from Cumberland. Militia has turned out "with unusual alacrity," and the remaining troops to arrive by Saturday.
April 25, 1794 Decision on States' Payment of Militias Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Does not find any authority given by law to make payments to a state for the services of militia, on different principles from those which govern in other cases. Therefore conceives that the practice which has been pursued must continue, and state must pay until settlements are made.
August 13, 1796 [Copy of Instructions from the Sec. of War to Stephen Hillis Deputy Paymaster and Storekeeper in the State of Tennessee south of the Ohio] James McHenry Stephen Hillis Divides various departments and describes respective duties.
December 11, 1797 Request for Information Regarding Petition of State of Tennessee Thomas Pinckney James McHenry Committee of the House of Rep. requested Pinckney seek out information regarding the Remonstrance and Petition of the State of Tennessee. Information needed from McHenry to determine what relief can be given per request.
September 22, 1794 Massacre of Indians in Tennessee William Blount Henry Knox Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory (Tennessee) writes that he has been informed of a detachment of the militia of Mero district, by order of General James Robertson, has lately pursued the trail of a party of Indians to the Tennessee River. The militia then crossed over and destroyed the towns of Nickajack and Running Water, killing upwards of 50 Indians and carrying away twenty...
September 25, 1794 Return of articles forwarded to State militia Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Letter to the Supervisor of New York, requesting that he furnish a complete return of all the articles that he will by that time have forwarded for the State militia. Requests "substantial accuracy."
October 14, 1798 Keep the Militia of Georgia in that State James Jackson James McHenry Jackson objects to the President's calling into service the Militia of Georgia because such an action would leave that State and its citizens unnecessarily vulnerable to invasion. Since ordering northern troops into Georgia would expose them to unhealthy conditions, it seems reasonable to man the State's garrisons with local militia rather than having them sent to posts outside the State.
February 20, 1800 Claims for Militia Services in the State of Georgia James McHenry Thomas Jefferson McHenry is submitting to the Senate copies of a report made to the House of Representatives relative to claims respecting militia services in the State of Georga. It will include the claim for compensation by Jonas Fauche respecting the services of the Troop of Militia Dragoons which is intended to present the true situation of all the claims of unauthorized services stated to have been performed...
April 9, 1794 Solicitation for troops in Tennessee Henry Knox George Washington The Secretary of War encloses to the President a letter from Doctor White of the Southwestern Territory (Tennessee) soliciting permanent troops for protection of the citizenry.
November 13, 1799 Quarterly Return of Tennessee Quartermaster Stores, July-Sept. 1799 David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Forwards quarterly returns for July, August, and September with the Quartermaster's Department for the state of Tennessee.
October 9, 1792 Support of Militia Against Cherokee War Henry Knox George Washington Received notification of declaration of war against U.S. by Cherokee Nation. Know consulted with the Sec. of Treasury and Sec. of State who unanimously agree that Gov. Blount should be afforded the "most ample powers" to draw for the militia for defensive protection of state. Noted all offensive measures will be reserved for Congressional approval.
March 21, 1794 Claim of Virginia for Pay of Militia and Scouts Joseph Howell Henry Knox The State of Virginia's claim for the pay of militia and scouts cannot be settled because of insufficient documentation.
August 13, 1796 Regarding Instructions for Cooperating with Stephen Hillis, New Tennessee Paymaster & Storekeeper James McHenry David Henley Attaches a copy of the instructions to Stephen Hillis, new paymaster & military storekeeper for Tennessee. Asks Henley to inventory all public stores which he has care of, and deliver said inventory to Hillis. Directs Henley to receive all of Hillis' receipts and reports as paymaster, review them, and pay out money as necessary. Asks that, if Henley "still" wishes to resign, that he give ample...
May 12, 1794 Accounts of the Militia of Virginia Joseph Howell John Pendleton Instructions are provided for Pendleton, Auditor for the State of Virginia, to settle the accounts of the militia for their service in defense of the frontiers of that State.
January 29, 1799 Recommendation of Capt. Kirkland James Cochran Alexander Hamilton Based on prior military experience him in the state militia, Cochran recommends Capt. Kirkland for service in the [Eventual] Army.
January 30, 1799 Subsistence Due Tennessee Officers David Henley James McHenry Estimate of the subsistence due the Officers of the 3rd and 4th United States Regiments in the State of Tennessee from August through December 1798, which sum is $1680.30.
September 16, 1795 Concerning remitted funds William Simmons Governor Robert Brooks Informs Governor Brook that the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jackquilin Ambler, will be remitted funds from the federal government for services rendered by the state militia.
March 20, 1799 Suppressing the Insurrection in Pennsylvania James McHenry Thomas Mifflin To suppress the insurrection now existing in Pennsylvania, the President will deploy a military force composed partly of the state militia of Pennsylvania. Governor Mifflin should hold the militia in a state of preparation to march within the week under the command of General MacPherson.
November 27, 1793 Estimate of Supplies Furnished to the Militia of Georgia Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox Since the 1793 accounts of the Contractor for supplying the troops in Georgia have not been received, Wolcott is uable to provide an estimate of the supplies furnished to the militia under the orders of the Governor of Georgia [George Mathews]. He can state the amount advanced for the supplies of the troops of the United States and the militia in that state and the contingent expenses incurred by...
January 2, 1799 Abstract of payments made by the agent of the Department of War in the State of Tennessee Stephen Hillis William Simmons Stephen Hillis forwards abstract of payments made by the agent of the Department of War in the State of Tennessee on account of the recruiting service and an abstract on account of the hospital department.