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December 12, 1800 Various wants for the new post James Bruff Samuel Hodgdon Letter from Capt. Bruff to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, regarding a long list of wants for a new post.
November 26, 1795 Military Updates and Relations with Creek Indians Timothy Pickering William Eaton Establishment of post for trade with Creek Indians on the St. Mary's River in Georgia, recently passed laws regarding military coups, new peace with Indians discussed.
June 10, 1799 Necessary Goods for the Creek Factory Edward Wright John Harris The post will leave before Price is able to enclose a complete list of goods required by the Creek Factory. A full list to follow shortly. He stated in this letter that they are in want of many articles.
December 19, 1798 Regulations Respecting Extra Allowance to Officers. James McHenry [not available] Explains the regulations applying to extra allowances to officers. For example, officers shall receive in addition to their legal pay $1.25 extra pay for man and horse per day to sleep at a place which is not a military post. Fifty cents travelling expenses are allowed for an officer detached from one military post to another which he may reach the same night, not to exceed forty miles distance....
May 21, 1799 The House of Panton and Leslie of Pensacola James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Requests Hamilton to issue orders to military stationed near the recently vacated lands of the Spanish that allow traders to peaceably collect debts owed them.
March 10, 1797 Quartermaster Harragan Safe, Recovered by Indian John Wilkins, Jr. James McHenry Harragan found after being lost on Glazie River. Wilkins stated he would happily continue on at his current post, providing the new military bill admit him to the post.
March 21, 1798 Establishing a Military Post at Palmyra, Tennessee Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Referring to a letter from Morgan Brown, Collector for the District of Tennessee, Wolcott recommends the establishment of a small military post at Palymyra in Tennessee which is located on the Cumberland River.
January 2, 1784 Quartermaster's Request for Guidance Worsley Emes Samuel Hodgdon Captain Worsely Emes sends a letter to Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, seeking guidance for relinquishing his duties in his present post.
April 27, 1795 Manning the Post at Presqu' Isle Thomas Mifflin Timothy Pickering Governor Mifflin responds to Pickering's opposition to the post at Presque Isle by explaining how it could be adequately manned by state militia paid by the General Government.
August 23, 1784 Sale of Powder Donaldson Yeates Samuel Hodgdon Discusses sale of powder in the U.S. military stores.
July 6, 1793 Recruits for Post at Wheeling Henry Knox Lieutenant Col. Clarke Reiterated orders from previous letter (28th ultimo) to proceed with construction of post at Wheeling, updates on number of recruits to staff post en route from Pittsburgh.
May 23, 1797 Military & Quartermaster's Stores for the Post at Niagara James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon This is a list of eighteen military and quartermaster's stores, including the amounts required of each, that must be furnished to the post at Niagara.
November 26, 1795 Master of a Trade House to Serve the Indians of the Southwestern Territory Timothy Pickering James Byers Secretary Pickering appoints James Byers as the factor of a trading house in the Southwestern Territory, which has been established by Congress as the second of two experimental trading posts set up to supply the Indians with goods. Sets forth instructions on the running of the post, covering pricing, the objective of maintaining friendship with the Indians, medium of exchange (money or peltries...
September 12, 1794 Provisions for New Jersey Militia Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Requested information on what to provide the militia currently staying at Hunt's post.
August 26, 1796 Financial Documents Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed vouchers of provisions issued to militia, will include expenditures for the third quarter by the next post.
January 3, 1800 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig informs Samuel Hodgdon of his intent to send returns by next post. Craig also mentions Pittsburgh's public commemoration of General Washington.
January 25, 1799 General Command of the Post on the Lakes John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton While effusively praising Hamilton, Lt. Col. Hamtramck asks that he be given the general command of the post on the Lakes.
November 26, 1795 Master of Trade House to Serve the Creek Indians of Georgia Timothy Pickering Edward Price Secretary Pickering appoints Edward Price as the factor of a trading house on the St. Mary's River, GA, which has been established by Congress to supply the Creek Indians with goods. Sets forth instructions on the running of the post, covering pricing, the objective of maintaining friendship with the Indians, medium of exchange (money or peltries [pelts] only), whom to contact in the Georgia...
October 3, 1797 Remit a Post Note for Horse Purchased William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons requests Hodgdon remit a post note for the amount of the horse purchased by Captain Lewis. Bill for horse was drawn on War Department account by mistake.
March 17, 1792 Recommendations Henry Knox Henry Lee Notification that letters of recommendation were received and resulted in several appointments. reimbursement for defense of Kentucky to arrive with next post.
March 21, 1792 Instructions to General St. Clair Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Post near the Miami Village is an intimidation tactic against aggression by Indians. Knox presumed the post would be a source of jealousy for British officers in neighboring territory, advised against military engagement with Great Britain.
January 23, 1784 Report Desired on the State of an Army Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Nathaniel Irish Request for an account of the state of the post (military store/magazine) under Captain Irish's direction and a request for an account of his expenditures.
March 30, 1798 Expresses Gratitude for Post Note for John Stagg John Stagg William Simmons Letter, mentions post note for $37.75 received March 2, 1798.
July 16, 1792 Letter to the Commissary of Military Stores James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Largely illegible letter from General Wilkinson to the Commissary of Military Stores. Mentions orders of iron.
June 4, 1792 Traveling Expenses Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Tench Coxe Enclosed traveling expenses of the Secretary of War. Expenses incurred visiting military posts. Charges still pending;