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February 11, 1784 Settlement with Philadelphia merchants John Pierce Philip Audebert Discusses settlement with merchants in Philadelphia and other business of his office.
January 26, 1784 Merchants' Business with the Army Philip Audebert John Pierce CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Audibert 02/11/1784 which has to do with merchants advancing goods to the Army Paymaster. These merchants have agreed that the same arrangement will apply to Mr. Carlisle, a merchant who also wants to do business with the Army.
January 28, 1784 Merchants' Business with the Army John Pierce Philip Audebert CITATION Only. Cited in Pierce to Audibert 02/11/1784. which has to do with merchants advancing goods to the Army Paymaster. These merchants have agreed that the same arrangement will apply to Mr. Carlisle, a merchant who also wants to do business with the Army.
January 29, 1799 Requests Instructions to Resolve Conflict between Government and Merchants for Ships Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Reports two difficulties on statement for the ship Ganges: the difficulty of pleasing the government and merchants, and who should provide the public stores. Requests agreement and instructions.
December 1, 1794 Letter to Baltimore merchants Alexander Hamilton William Buchanan Hamilton informs two Baltimore merchants - William Buchanan and Samuel Smith - that a bill from them for $10,000 in favour of Philips & Cramond (Philadelphia merchants) has been presented and will be paid tomorrow.
January 29, 1784 Letter Citation Philip Audebert John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Audibert 02/11/1784 which discusses merchants advancing goods to the Army Paymaster. These merchants have agreed that the same arrangement will apply to Mr. Carlisle, a merchant who also wants to do business with the Army.
March 2, 1796 Request to Pay Merchants John Guier, James Smith, Thomas Howard [not available] James McHenry Bill from Caleb Swan, Gregg requests payment of $700 to John Guier, $400 to James Smith, and $100 to Thomas Howard, all merchants.
June 3, 1797 Concerning the conduct of armed convoys James McHenry Charles Lee McHenry asks the Attorney General about the proper conduct for armed convoys in protecting American merchants against searches by ships of war of belligerent powers.
September 11, 1798 Accounts David Henley James McHenry Money due Samuel Glen, agent for merchants in Baltimore, Maryland.
September 8, 1792 Indian Agressions James Seagrove Henry Knox Discussed Spanish presence in Florida and their influence over Indians. Indians have taken up the hatchet against U.S. and are committing unjust, villainous acts. Merchants are supplying Indians with gifts to win their favor. Seagrove thought reparations and penalties should be paid by merchants. Advised more soldiers should be stationed at head of St. Mary's river.
February 27, 1798 In Thanks for a Return Detailing Cannon Sold to Merchantmen William Jones John Harris Jones thanks Harris for a return detailing cannon sold to Philadelphia merchants for their ships.
April 2, 1795 Workmen Regarding Lengthy Periods Without Pay [not available] Samuel Hodgdon This letter, from armorers at New London, discusses problems caused by the fact that they do not receive pay when it becomes due. They are owed pay for several months, and lacking pay have to buy from merchants on credit, which allows the merchants to charge exorbitant prices. The armorers make it clear that there are many among them that can barely provide for their families, and that they...
February 1, 1793 Reference to Invoices from Property in Philadelphia James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Letter from O'Hara to Hodgdon. Refers to merchants in Philadelphia and Secretary of Treasury.
April 26, 1794 Pay For the Officers of the Army at the Westward Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell requests instructions from Knox as to how to pay those officers at the westward who have probably been provided goods and cash by private merchants.
March 24, 1798 Requesting information on public opinion James McHenry James Winchester Requesting information on public opinion - particularly from merchants - concerning the foreign policy of the United States, especially in light of hostility from France.
August 17, 1800 Preventing Bail for Captain Merchants, Accused of Piracy Charles Page Jeremiah Condy Page discusses the case of Captain Merchants who, having been charged with piracy, escaped confinement and was recaptured.
September 26, 1786 Enclosed clothing contract [not available] Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed copy of a contract for articles of clothing, delivered to Commissioner of Commissary Stores.
1796 Illegal capture of American vessels by the British James McHenry Robert Oliver Addresses complaints from American merchants on the illegal capture of vessels by Great Britain, in violation of the Jay Treaty. McHenry insists that the only solution right now is to have Congress make a loan to the victims of these British actions for reimbursement.
June 24, 1798 Arrived at the Door of the Ocean Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Captain Truxton describes the readiness of the "Constellation" as he prepares to confront the French pirates on the high seas.
April 22, 1799 Letter to the Superintendent of Military Stores John Steele Samuel Hodgdon States that 500 muskets and 63,500 flints have been delivered from Hamburg to Ebenezer Stevens, the New York Agent of the War Department. Also mentions New York merchants James and Ebenezer Watson, whose accounts were adjusted for freight charges upon the importation of cannon and small arms.
March 2, 1796 Requests Payment of Bills Isaac Gregg Samuel Hodgdon Gregg asks that Hodgdon pay the enclosed bills from various merchants.
April 28, 1799 [Extract of a Letter from Major Rivardi] Regarding Extra Pay John Jacob Rivardi [not available] Dispute over extra pay awarded soldiers in Detroit. Rivardi quoted multiple documents by several authors supporting his claim for extra pay, disproving Simmons verdict of "inadmissible" on Rivardi's claim.
October 7, 1796 Payment of Troops Isaac Craig William Simmons Notification that Craig must obtain money to pay troops but cannot obtain required sum from merchants and requests it from Simmons. Craig advanced J. Polhemus money to descend Ohio River.
June 27, 1800 Scarcity of Cash in Circulation, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig notes the slow down in operations to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig mentions that stores have not been arriving lately and merchants are complaining of scarcity of cash in circulation.
September 9, 1799 Certificate of merchants who examined damaged shoes [not available] [not available] Heogg, Coman and Porter were called upon by Carleton Walker, paymaster to the 6th Infantry Regiment to examine damaged shoes. They reported that some, but not all of the shoes are damaged. A separate note indicated that the certificate was received from General Hamilton 3 Oct 1799.