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March 29, 1797 Pass for Merchant at Michilimackinac War Department [not available] Directs the commander of the post at Michilimackinac to not restrict the bearer, a merchant, in his travels.
December 5, 1789 Letter of Introduction for a West Indies Merchant Henry Knox J. Langdon Refers the recipient, of Portsmouth, to a merchant who will soon be sending a ship from the West Indies to Portsmouth.
April 23, 1798 Inquiry into purchase of vessel "American" belonging to Henry Phillips merchant [not available] Henry Phillips Offer made by the War Office to buy the merchant vessel "America." The "America" is owned by Henry Phillips and is capable of being moulded with 6 or 9 pounders. Asks for the lowest price and a description of the vessel stores.
April 21, 1796 Requests Payment to William Kirkland, Merchant Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins requests $200 for William Kirkland, merchant of Georgia on his way to New York. The sum Hawkins intimated in letter to McHenry 20 March 1796.
March 31, 1798 Present Location of Frigate United States Impedes Movement of Merchant Vessels James McHenry Captain John Barry The frigate United States is blocking the coming and going to merchant vessels. McHenry suggests that it be moved to either one opposite the rope walks or some other place as soon as possible, unless to do so would be risky.
August 11, 1800 Captain Merchant's suspicious arrival in Alexandria Samuel Hodgdon Jeremiah Condy Captain Merchant arrived in Alexandria under such suspicious circumstances as to warrant his confinement and that of his crew. Hodgdon wishes for Condy to go to Alexandria and accept the property on behalf of Hodgdon.
October 2, 1797 Receipt of Robert B. Jameson, Merchant Caleb Swan James McHenry The receipt of Robert C. Jameson, merchant, for the sum of five hundred dollars for the pay of the Army up to the 30th of September 1797.
June 12, 1798 Requests Defense of US Merchant Ships against French William Hindman James McHenry Outlines clerkship duties. Refers to bills of direct tax and to authorize defense of US merchant ships against the French.
September 24, 1789 Regarding Society of Cincinnati and Federalist Matters Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, mentions the Society of the Cincinnati; recommends Federalist merchant.
July 14, 1798 Bond of John Patterson, James Seagrove and William Hunter. [not available] [not available] Copy of bond for holding galley at St. Marys Georgia. States that John Patterson, shipwright, James Seagrove merchant, both of St. Marys, and William Hunter, merchant, Savannah, are bound to United States for $3000.
May 2, 1794 Memorial of John Leamy Edmund Randolph [not available] The Secretary of States asks the rest of Washington's cabinet whether any steps should be taken upon the enclosed memorial of John Leamy, a Philadelphia merchant.
August 19, 1800 Charges of Piracy Jeremiah Condy Samuel Hodgdon Capt. Merchant is facing charges of piracy though Condy doubts his guilt. If the charges are upheld, it is doubtful that the vessel and its cargo will be released. If the charges are proven false, Merchant will regain possession of the vessel and its cargo. Samuel Hodgdon's son is involved.
September 28, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Joshua Meals, Merchant, Augusta Henry Gaither Joshua Meals [In quotation marks], letter from Major Gaither informs merchant Joshua Meals that Gaither will leave for the Oakmulgee next day and will need to furnish James Seagrove with a guard, pack horses and will likely have to accompany Seagrove himself in order to provide protection from several parties of militia.
August 8, 1796 Muster and pay roll William Simmons Alexander Gibson Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay roll of Captain Gibson's Army recruits. Arrangement made to pay a merchant on Gibson's account.
May 4, 1798 Request for payment to Alexander Bilsand Philadelphia merchant Edward Price James McHenry Request from Edward Price to Secretary of War for payment of $100 to Alexander Bilsland, merchant of Philadelphia under direction of Benjamin Hawkins Temporary Agent of Indian Affairs South of Ohio.
December 11, 1794 Copper mining Jacob Mark Alexander Hamilton New York City merchant Jacob Mark writes that the directors of Schuyler's Copper Mine have raised sufficient bar to enter into contract for the delivery of 50 tons refined copper by the last of May next.
April 16, 1800 Capturing of merchant vessels James McHenry John Adams Letter to the President of the United States regarding the belligerent capture of neutral merchant vessels, particularly by Great Britain. The letter addresses neutral vessels carrying enemy goods, seizure of cargo, and the delivery of deserters from British Vessels.
December 30, 1794 Conversation with French Minister Edmund Randolph Alexander Hamilton Secretary of State Edmund Randolph mentions French Minister Jean Antoine Joseph Fauchet, and the latter's request for the right to arm merchant vessels for the purpose of defending them and their cargoes.
April 10, 1794 Payment to Eleazer Williams Nathaniel Gorham Eleazer Williams Gorham pays Eleazer Williams, merchant at Springfield Massachusetts $300, agreeable to advise of Joseph Howell.
July 20, 1799 Certificate of John Dyer Mercier John Halsted [not available] Certificate respecting John D. Mercier, formerly of Canada, asserting that he was a successful merchant in Canada before siding with the Americans during the revolution.
August 1, 1793 [COPY] Specifications for Removing Guns Henry Knox Phineas Bond Repairs and modifications made to the merchant ship must be removed. Guns and port holes specified.
October 24, 1798 Repairs and Improvements to Ports John Jay Alexander Hamilton President authorized the use of money for repair and improvements to forts in New York and appointed Hamilton to superintend the execution of it. Jay requested all information required to commence repairs be gathered and given to President before next session of New York Legislature.
August 14, 1800 Address Me at "Georgetown, Columbia," Etc. Jeremiah Condy Samuel Hodgdon Condy will take the necessary steps to complete Hodgdon's wish respective to honest, worthy, and grateful Captain Merchant. In the future he asks Hodgdon to address him at "Georgetown, Columbia" instead of "Washington." The delay in Hodgdon's recent letter, delayed Condy's trip to Alexandria.
October 28, 1790 Contract for Army Rations Alexander Hamilton Theodosius Fowler "Alexander Hamilton for and in behalf of the United States of America, and . . . Theodosius Fowler, a New York merchant, have mutually covenanted and agreed that Fowler shall supply and issue as many rations as shall be required of him for the service of the United States, during 1791 at the Western Army Posts."
July 16, 1796 Enclosed Muster and Pay Rolls, Etc. Alexander Gibson William Simmons Gibson certifies receipt of money for the recruiting service, encloses his muster and pay rolls. He asks that Simmons pay a Philadelphia merchant for Gibson's credit.