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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
[not available] Memorandum Relating to Haversacks for Gunners Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Memorandum regarding suppliers who might have a haversack for gunners in store, or who might make them.
August 29, 1795 Request for memorandum William Simmons John G. Coffin Asks John Coffin to send a memorandum of his account to the Accountant's Office.
April 3, 1799 Memorandum William Simmons [not available] Memorandum enclosed in Simmons to Hamilton, 04/26/1799
November 3, 1788 Colonel Dunlap's memorandum Doctor Johnston Joseph Howell Doctor Johnson asks if Howell will answer Colonel Dunlap's memorandum by the first stage, direct to the care of Major J. Nicholas.
November 5, 1788 Regarding pay of Major Dunlap Joseph Howell Robert Johnson Discusses memorandum from Major Dunlap regarding pay.
December 2, 1799 Memorandum of supplies wanted at Detroit David Strong Samuel Hodgdon Encloses memorandum of supplies wanted; requests that the articles be forwarded to Detroit early in the spring.
1789 Officer's Pay Memorandum Henry Knox [not available] Memorandum, officer's pay and subsistence.
February 15, 1797 Enclosing a memorandum on British block house James McHenry Robert Liston Encloses a memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
[not available] Memorandum of Books for Sale Offered to the War Office and to General Wilkerson John Nancarrow Jr [not available] John Nancarrow offers to sell books entitled Architecture Hydrolique and Science of an Engineer
1797 Memorandum regarding travel itineraries James McHenry [not available] Memorandum regarding travel itineraries.
[not available] Boats for Horses [not available] Major Sutherland Memorandum for Major Sutherland to inform Col. Hodgdon that the boats are not sufficient to carry the horses. Three more boats are needed and an attempt will be made to get Capt. Shafer's boats as well any others that can be found.
January 4, 1791 Verification of Payment Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Burnsides Certificate of payment due doctor paid by Colonel Walker. Record taken verbatim from memorandum book.
February 15, 1797 Memorandum on the construction of a British block house James McHenry [not available] Memorandum on the construction of a British block house in American territory.
October 5, 1796 Memorandum of Armorers in New London and Springfield Thomas Holt [not available] Memorandum, monthly pay at New London and Springfield Armories.
January 29, 1798 Memorandum: Suggestions from The Secretary of War Relative to Naval Affairs James McHenry [not available] Memorandum, discusses War Department expenditures; discusses budget appropriations; mentions construction of Frigates.
July 1792 Regarding Accounts and Payments Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Mention William Knox, Mr. Colesworthy, and memorandum of two swords, which shall be attended to. Encloses a number of vouchers. Laments that present Quarter Master General refuses to advance money to pay off the old account. Mr Rease is displeased with pay offered.
December 16, 1789 Knox documents the delivery of warrants to Hamilton Henry Knox [not available] Memorandum from Knox documenting warrants delivered to Alexander Hamilton.
November 29, 1784 Memorandum of ordnance on Dorchester Heights Samuel Hodgdon Unknown Recipient Memorandum of ordnance on Dorchester Heights; lists ordnance;
August 20, 1784 Pay issues regarding Lt. Col. Murray Unknown Author Unknown Recipient In this unsigned memorandum, the author addresses pay issues regarding Lt. Col. Francis Murray. Murray was a prisoner and was released and has made claims based on the Resolve of January 1781.
July 7, 1794 Fortifying the ports and harbors of the United States Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Letter from Secretary Hamilton to Secretary Knox, regarding an act of Congress a month prior appropriating a further some of $30,000, in addition to the $76,000 already granted for the purpose of fortifying certain ports and harbors in the United States, making together $106,000. Hamilton requests that Knox furnishes him with a memorandum of the manner in which the sum is to be apportioned.
November 11, 1800 Memorandum Listing Purchases at the Military Store [not available] Samuel Dexter Memorandum of Order for articles received from Samuel Hodgdon.
December 17, 1794 Purchasing land for fortifications Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Secretary Hamilton informs Secretary Knox that no general Instructions have gone from the Treasury to the Collectors relative to the purchase of the lands on which fortifications might be erected. Encloses a memorandum of all the cases in which cessions and purchases have been made. The treaty for the purchase of the land on which the fortifications are erecting at Baltimore has been suspended.
February 14, 1798 Recommended Method of Stating Your Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Stille & Ewing Letter, mentions inspection of Army uniforms; discusses mode of account statement.
May 13, 1795 Memorandum of sundries delivered at the Portsmouth Navy Yard Edmund H. Quincy [not available] Memorandum of sundries delivered at the yard before the 20th December 1794 as received by the constructor of the Frigate building in Portsmouth New Hampshire received and entered May 20th, 1795.
March 1796 Memorandum on Indians and military affairs James McHenry [not available] Memorandum discussing treaty with Indians; recruiting service; army pay and ration, and other military matters.