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April 1, 1799 Request for Issue of Medical Instruments & Supplies James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of medical instruments and supplies which are listed in an accompanying return [not included].
May 14, 1798 Request for Issue of Medical Supplies & Oakum for Western Troops James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of medical supplies and oakum for use by troops at various posts on the Mississippi.
August 16, 1799 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Medical Officer Recommendation James McHenry John Adams Acknowledges receipt and filing of recommendations for Dr. David King to be appointed medical officer.
August 14, 1800 Medicine, Medical Supplies to Detachment at Winchester, Virginia Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Letter, discusses medicine and medical supplies. Sent an assortment of medicine to Major Cass detachment at Winchester Virginia. The apothecary will not like methods of making returns. Will need more medicine before winter. House is partly finished and wishes to see Hodgdon at Harpers Ferry.
June 8, 1799 Response to Request for General Account of Military and Medical Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Expresses concern about feasibility of an account of expenditures for military and medical supplies. The general return requested by Hamilton will be completed as soon as possible, though he has little assistance and much to do and will require two weeks' time for one clerk. The necessary documents are vague.
June 19, 1799 Circular to the Commandants of Regiments Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton stresses the importance of maintaining and submitting accurate returns. He also emphasizes that no money should be paid to a recruit without his undergoing a medical examination.
June 2, 1800 Payment for Medical Services Rendered, with details William Simmons Thomas Welsh Simmons notified Welsh his accounts and vouchers for medical supplies and services rendered the Company of Capt. Gates and several recruiting parties in Boston were examined and Welsh will receive reimbursement from Johnathan Jackson. Reimbursement for cost of fuel was denied per order of Sec. of War.
June 24, 1799 Notification of Recommendations for Medical Personnel for 13th Regiment James McHenry John Adams Notifies Adams of the recommendations for several men for medical appointments [likely a surgeon and surgeon's mates] to the 13th Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Taylor. Asks for permission to make the appointments.
May 12, 1798 Request to Inspect Medical Supplies on the Ganges and the Hamburgh Packet James McHenry Doctor George Gillaspy Gillaspy is to inspect the medicine chests and instruments on the ships Ganges and Hamburgh Packet and report on their state. He should also get an estimate of medicine, instruments and hospital stores for three months for the Ganges from the surgeon of that ship.
April 19, 1798 Spanish Have Evacuated Their Posts, Etc. Isaac Guion James McHenry Among other matters, Captain Guion announces that the Spanish troops have evacuated their posts at Walnut Hills and Natchez. The buildings and posts were left in the same state as when they were occupied by His Majesty's troops. American troops are much in want of clothing and medical supplies. The Indians also want to know when supplies will be sent to them.
March 17, 1800 General Orders pertaining to agents of Quarter Master Department William North [not available] Strictly outlines what temporary provisions and housing will be provided and how troops will conduct themselves. Discussed regulations governing building barracks and submission for reimbursement.
September 29, 1800 Accounts for Medical Aid Samuel Dexter William Simmons Medical aid should be offered to officers by the public. If at his post but there is no aid available, an officer should be permitted to seek and secure the best medical aid at the public expense. Officers on furlough are not entitled to publicly funded aid, as they have temporarily and voluntarily withdrawn from their contract with the public.
May 4, 1797 Delivery of Hospital Stores James McHenry John Harris Orders to purchase and ship medicines and medical instruments for hospital at Norfolk.
January 21, 1799 Encloses Bill for Medical Establishment Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Encloses draft of a bill for the medical establishment, including detail regulations. Comments on another bill of military appropriations.
May 25, 1799 Reports Delivery of Clothing; Questions Accounts for Medical & Military Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Encloses requested return. Regrets that his plan is not in complete operation. Reports that clothing has been delivered to the quartermaster to forward to the respective regimental paymasters. The Quartermaster General is to account for all such stores. Asks who is to be responsible for all medical and military supplies, as well as for all posts, forts, and garrisons.
March 4, 1801 Certification of payment; Benjamin Gale, Concord New Hampshire for quarters, stove and fuel furnished Captain Greene, Lieutenants J.W. Kelly and Moses Levett, 16th Regiment William Simmons [not available] Certification of payment; Benjamin Gale, Concord New Hampshire for quarters, stove and fuel furnished Captain Greene, Lieutenant J.W. Kelly [Nelley], and Lieutenant Moses Levett, and recruits of 16th Regiment, for carriage of clothing to Concord New Hampshire, and recruits to Oxford, and medical aid furnished Captain Greene.
August 12, 1799 Regarding Medical Appointments, & Lack of System in Evaluating Medical Staff John Adams James McHenry Adams approves the medical staff appointments made by Colonels Hunnewell and Rice, but believes one doctor to merit a surgeon's mate appointment, rather than one as surgeon. Expresses desire for a system to evaluate medical personnel on competency and experience.
November 29, 1800 Account of Doctor Boswell William Simmons William Meeker Received account of Doctor Boswell for medical aid and medicines furnished detachment under Captain Jonathan Taylor.
March 23, 1798 Letter Citation John Pierce James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Wilkinson, 05/25/1798. Discussed a resignation, receipt of documents from various officers. Request for clothing and medical supplies.
December 24, 1795 Pay & Subsistence of Robert Lee and medical assistance for sick soldier William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $323.26 is due Lieutenant Robert Lee of the 2nd Sub Legion, being his subsistence from Jan. 1 and his pay from June-Nov. 1795 and for medical attendance of a sick soldier.
September 4, 1795 Supply of Ordnance and Medical Departments Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Military stores left at Bedford by militia retrieved by wagons and brought to Pittsburgh, invoice of stores enclosed. Some clothing destroyed by moths. Noted officers of Ordnance and Medical Departments did not make proper requests for articles wanted and are now in dire need of supplies, offers supplies at Pittsburgh to supplement those lacking.
November 26, 1792 Treasury Circular to the Supervisors of the Revenue. Alexander Hamilton Supervisors of the Revenue Hamilton describes the arrangements for supplying provisions and other necessities to the recruiting locations in Maryland during the year 1793.
August 7, 1797 Furnishing Supplies for the Recruiting Party at Windsor Jonathan Steele Nathaniel Brush The Secretary of War has directed that arrangements must be made for furnishing supplies for the recruiting party stationed at Windsor in Vermont. Brush is to obtain a contract for the acquisition of provisions, Quartermaster's articles, and medical assistance. Proposals for contracts have been solicited by advertisements.
December 26, 1793 Supplies for the Recruits at Albany Alexander Hamilton Philip Schuyler Since there is to be a recruiting station at Albany, Hamilton asks his father-in-law Schuyler to engage a contractor to furnish supplies for the recruits. The number of provisions supplied will be based on the return of the principal officer who will specify the number of men for whom rations will be required.
November 6, 1790 McKnight forwards bill for medical care to Knox Charles McKnight Henry Knox Letter, discusses medical services provided and cost.