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November 21, 1800 Delivery of Stands of Arms for Recruiting Service Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of stands of arms for recruiting service.
April 12, 1798 Request for Gunner for Frigate Constellation Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for gunner for Frigate Constellation.
June 16, 1794 Arms & Clothing Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam has received the arms and clothing by the sloop Philadelphia, Capt. Bond, Master.
July 5, 1793 Delivery of Money, Clothing, Arms, Powder, and Lead Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Sends $2500 for public use in Quarter Master's Department. Provides guidance for drawing future sums. Reports on delivery of clothing, arms, powder, lead.
July 3, 1785 Report on Small Arms Maintenance William Price Joseph Carleton Reports on the cleaning and repairing of arms at West Point.
November 1, 1794 1500 Stands of Arms Shipped to Captain Fleming Michael G. Houdin Samuel Hodgdon Houdin notes that he has shipped on board the sloop "Sukey and Peggy"--David Smith, master--1500 stands of arms agreeable to the order of Captain Fleming of West Point. He observes, however, that in spite of his attention to the matter, the arms may not be in as good a order as he received them because of the necerssity of employing journeymen for their care. Without Houdin's consent, Charles...
December 25, 1794 Horses and Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Horses sold, arms arrived in disorganized manner, return for arms to be made out shortly.
August 12, 1797 Delivery of Arms and Accoutrements Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to deliver arms and accoutrements.
December 29, 1786 Arrangement for Arms Cleaning William Price Henry Knox Discusses payment of Mr. Morrow for prior services, who wishes to be paid partially in old arms out of the government stores, and also a future contract for the same person to clean weapons -- specifically 480 French carbines that need such service.
March 7, 1799 Receipt for shipment of clothing, arms, and military stores Staats Morris Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for shipment of clothing, arms, and military stores shipped for Fort McHenry on board the Schooner Sally; came safe to hand and articles correspond with invoice, but quantity falls short of what is needed. Includes account between the US and Albert Coffin, master of the schooner.
[not available] Monthly pay for men on United States frigates War Department [not available] Monthly pay of petty officers, Seamen, ordinary seamen and marines on board frigates of United States.
July 28, 1792 Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the deployment and outfitting of some of his forces, the need for rifle uniforms, and the punishment of a difficult young man named Lieut. Smith.
June 18, 1799 Recalls Arms Samuel Hodgdon Ebenezer Stevens Refers to letter from Alexander Hamilton to the Secretary of War. Questions recent order of arms--by whom they were ordered, when, where, and to whom they were received. When recalled, the arms will be taken into Stevens's possession.
June 25, 1800 Iron not delivered and the search for other supplies Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Hamilton Letter, discusses replacement of contracted iron not delivered. Messr's Jolly disappointed Hodgdon in the rolled iron. Has directed Inspector of Arms Mr. Nicholson to look for procurement of an immediate supply. A vessel can sail to Hartford for transport.
June 20, 1799 Reports Loan of Arms to New York; Requires Receipt and Return Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Refers to loan of arms from Houdin's store to New York. Asks Houdin to thank whoever delivered and received the arms. Requests receipt and all particular information. Reports his intention to collect the arms immediately.
October 31, 1799 Returns of clothing and quarter master stores John F. Gordon Samuel Hodgdon Encloses two returns of clothing and quarter master stores wanted for the 15th Regiment of Infantry. States that there are considerable deficiencies of shirts and woolen overalls, a problem as the weather gets colder.
March 24, 1784 Work on arms Samuel Hodgdon Superintendent of Finance Estimate for work on arms.
June 21, 1797 Stands of Arms Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Stands of arms at various military installations in the United States as of April 1, 1797.
November 28, 1797 Request for Delivery of Uniforms, Arms & Accoutrements James McHenry John Harris Letter, directs delivery of uniforms, arms and accoutrements,and more.
June 25, 1799 Repairs of Small Arms at West Point, Etc. Joseph Cranch Samuel Hodgdon Cranch provides a detailed discussion of supplies and repairs at West Point. He apologizes for not writing sooner but he has been afflicted by a long and dangerous illness.
March 17, 1798 Monthly pay on men on frigate Constellation War Office [not available] Monthly pay of the petty officers, seamen, ordinary seamen and marines on frigate Constellation.
February 29, 1796 Completing the Arms, Responsibility for Repairing Them Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wolcott points out that the payment to the purveyor should include the cost of completing the arms but the cost of repairing them constitutes a separate responsibility to be born elsewhere.
September 17, 1798 Delivery of Suits, Arms, and Accoutrements James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, arms, etc.
April 8, 1800 Transfer of Pay to Pay Master General William Simmons Thomas Underwood Pay of subsistence was received and forwarded to appropriate authority, Pay Master General. Amount sent by Underwood to Office was forwarded to Swan.
April 28, 1786 Certificate for Cleaning Arms William Price Henry Knox Price's transcription of a certificate issued for cleaning 500 stand of arms in store at West Point