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May 13, 1793 Bond of Marshall & Kennedy James Marshall Henry Knox Marshall and Kennedy bind themselves to provide services to the United States in exchange for the sum of $5000. Marshall has received from Samuel Hodgdon, Quartermaster, the sum of $2,500 for the purpose of purchasing horses, according to aforementioned instructions.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Thomas Marshall William Simmons Thomas Marshall William Simmons forwards sundry letters to Thomas Marshall. Simmons asks Marshall to furnish the necessary addresses.
September 27, 1789 Knox informs Carrington of his appointment as Marshal Henry Knox Edward Carrington Letter, advises re appointment as Marshall.
September 19, 1789 Ogden makes recommendation to Knox Abraham Ogden Henry Knox Letter, recommends candidate for Marshall.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Lt Col. Marshall William Simmons James Marshall William Simmons informs Lt Col. Marshall that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
December 13, 1797 CITATION ONLY James Marshall William Simmons Letter, citation only. Document gist from 01/05/1798 and 02/26/1798 letters as follows: William Simmons confirms receipt of James Marshall's vouchers. Peter Hagner informs James Marshall that an account current and the applicable receipts need to be on hand at the Accountant's Office before an examination can begin.
September 27, 1789 Knox advises Bourne of Jackson's appointment as Marshal Henry Knox Sylvanus Bourne Letter, advises re appointment of Marshall.
January 5, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with James Marshall William Simmons James Marshall William Simmons confirms receipt of James Marshall's vouchers.
September 24, 1788 John Marshall's accounts John Marshall Joseph Howell Marshall laments Howell's decision to detain final settlements on account of Colonel Woods not settling his.
May 18, 1798 [Receipt of John Marshall]. John Marshall [not available] Itemized list of items to be charged to the Indian Department.
September 30, 1788 Regarding John Marshall accounts Joseph Howell John Marshall Encloses copies of accounts settled with Colonel Wood as well as receipts. If Howell cannot close account, Marshall will be indebted and Congress will retain warrant for lands.
March 28, 1799 Marshall sends a list of persons [not available] [not available] A list of names of people in Millerstown compiled by Marshall.
February 11, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Marshall Simmons informs Marshall to expect payment from Edward Carrington.
May 10, 1797 Account and receipts needed at the War Office William Simmons James Marshall Requests that Marshall provide his account and receipts for monies received from the War Office for the pay of the Militia of Washington County so that Simmons can examine and settle his account. Cited in Simmons to Marshall, 11/02/1797.
August 5, 1791 [PRIVATE] Appointment Henry Knox Marinus Willett Discussed Willet's refusal of appointment to marshall for city and county of New York.
February 15, 1793 Hobby solicits appointment as Marshall for the District of Maine from Knox John Hobby Henry Knox Letter, asks for appointment as Marshall for the District of Maine, since the present Marshall, Henry Dearborn, has been elected into Congress.
August 3, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons James Marshall Simmons confirms that Marshall's letter was received.
November 9, 1800 Unfit Federalist for Office James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Feels the Federalist candidate for presidency is unfit for office and McHenry will not support him. Bemoaned the difference in opinion of Marshall and Jefferson and Marshall's previous statement to resign if Jefferson was elected. Addressed politics with France.
August 9, 1798 Movement of Troops Theodore Meminger Samuel Hodgdon Mentions Meminger sent an escort consisting of a sergeant, corporal and eighteen men with the marshall; a request for two nine pound guns is also made. Crew sent to Burlington and Sergt. Jewell ordered to land "on the island", Merminger awaiting orders from Hodgdon on this subject.
December 17, 1800 Receipt of John Marshall [not available] [not available] Receipt for money paid John Marshall by Captain Smith for subsistence and forage furnished Brigadier General Wilkinson and his suite.
July 7, 1792 Letter from James Marshall, Washington to Joseph Howell, Accountant's Office regarding payment to officers James Marshall Joseph Howell Marshall reports that he does not have duplicate abstracts for Captains Charles Wells, Porter, Samuel Wise. Therefore cannot make payment to individuals until copies obtained by Howell. Asks that copies be forwarded at earliest opportunity.
August 10, 1798 Recommendation of Philip Lightfoot John Marshall James McHenry Marshall recommends that Philip Lightfoot, a young gentleman of excellent character, be given a commission as a captain among the 10,000 men being raised for national defense.
September 27, 1789 Congratulations Henry Knox Clement Biddle Personal letter congratulating Biddle on recent appointment as Marshall of district in Pennsylvania.
June 2, 1791 Updates on Supplies and Contracts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Preparations to travel to Pittsburgh. Troops have arrived in Philadelphia. Notification of contract with Marshall and Acheson for stores and boats.
July 19, 1798 Bill of Exchange Drawn in Favor of John Marshall John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Bill of Exchange No. 98 for one hundred dollars has been drawn on Hodgdon in favor of John Marshall.