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May 9, 1800 Velocity of the Pace During Marches Vicomte De Noailles Alexander Hamilton [In French.] The Viscomte discusses the French approach to regulating the velocity of the pace during marches.
March 18, 1800 Pace of Marches Alexander Hamilton John H. Buell Discussed the tactics employed by the infantry regarding pace and spacing during marches. Details of different forms employed by France and England.
February 6, 1797 Account of Staats Morris Related to Sundry Expenses. William Simmons Staats Morris Morris's account primarily related to his travel expences to New York, Philadelphia, and other destinations and assisting various detachments in their marches.
September 12, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John King Simmons explains why he rejected a claim made by King for reimbursement of monies expended for the transportation of provisions.
June 20, 1792 Troop and Supply Movements Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses various troop and supply movements and urges Wayne to be sure that stores are protected from the Indians while being transported. Horses have been purchased and rifles are being forwarded to Pittsburgh.
November 30, 1798 Instructions for Payment of Indian and Accommodations for Troops Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed letter delivered by Wyandot Indian yesterday with letter from Isaac Williams of Sandusky directing payment of Indian. Quartermaster General will not admit the charge, so Craig requests instructions on how to handle payment. Requests final destination of Miller's detachment that marches for Pittsburgh in order to provide appropriate accommodations. Water level of Allegheny river is...
April 26, 1794 Movements of troops to Pittsburg John Stagg Isaac Craig Reports that recruits preparing to march for Pittsburg to descend Ohio River for Fort Washington. Ensign McClean marches from Philadelphia to Carlisle. A Captain and 40 men are ordered from West Point to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Mentions recruits in Virginia under Captain Heth also ordered to Pittsburg.
December 21, 1793 Money Requested; Proper Estimates Henry Knox Isaac Craig Will attempt to obtain money requested by Craig, but notes that Craig did not provide a precise estimate of objects requested. Captain Cooke's detachment marches from Carlisle. Worries that Ohio River might be closed. Wants to know dimensions of buildings erected at Wheeling. Approves of Craig coming to Philadelphia as long as he has leaves business to a worthy substitute.
October 10, 1791 St.Clair sends update on activities to Knox Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter, describes potential site for post; discusses state of supplies; describes progress of St. Clair's campaign; discusses recruit's term of service.
September 17, 1792 Report from Fort Washington James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson reports on the state of his troops, his opinion of the intentions of the Indians and the possibilities for negotiations, the disposition and state of his troops, and his recommendations as to the future operations of the army.
August 28, 1794 Report of Battle at Fallen Timbers, and Subsequent Destruction of Indian Property Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Reports victory in battle with Indians and British (Canadian) militia on Aug. 20 [Battle of Fallen Timbers]. Describes battle in detail, including tactics, officers and units recommended for bravery, killed, etc. Notes that Legion remained in area for three days, destroying Indian houses and fields, while the British garrison remained complacent within the fort at Roche de Bout. Reports large...
February 22, 1791 Decisive Action Against the Indians on the Frontier Henry Knox George Washington Henry Knox's report to the President discusses the coming year's goals of peace in the frontiers and explains in detail how best to meet those goals, using both peaceful and military measures. He provides an in-depth analysis of the force required and the cost involved in taking decisive action against the Indians along the frontier, and the potential political and military implications of the...